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Online Harassment




23 thoughts on “Online Harassment

  1. It occurred to me that if Mel hadn’t stopped by the blog and asked me how I knew her sister-in-law was black, she may have thought I was the person who named her in this post.


    She gave me a chance to explain how I arrived at the fact on my own. Had she not, she could have assumed wrongly, I was part of the above conversation.

    We are usually wrong in our first assumptions and I encourage everyone to keep in mind that who you think is behind this account or that account may be totally wrong.

    • “Programs, programs, get your programs, can’t tell the players without a program.”

      And at this point I confess to needing one with lots of simple diagrams showing who’s connected to (or alter-ego-ing as) whom, and how, although I may want to avoid looking too closely into why..

  2. Posted in the reply to a wordpress blog, polite as can be disagreeing with the facts of the Kendrick Johnson case using real live`s lessons. My comments went to Moderation and then this appeared: “Do Not contact me any further. You may consider this a formal cease and desist. Thank you.”

    They also took their twitter private.

    Must have struck a nerve.

    Maybe it was my comment yesterday reminding what libs can`t control they destroy?

    • LOL Tony. What blog were you posting at? Or do you want to say?

      I consider myself a liberal but have to admit what I’m seeing from democrats in the United States is disturbing. I live in Canada and will vote against the liberal candidate if I like the character of another candidate more. At 50 years old, it’s important to put someone with character in power as opposed to what party they stand with.

      We are human after all and every party and every team has it detractors and bums.

  3. Thank you for your comforting words Nettles18

    I have never been anything but an Independent; I vote issues, not party. Heck, I`m left of Liberals on some positions.


  4. I have notoriety! and am a bully!! according to: <>

    All I did was point out to Teacherunedited the name of one of her favorite college advisors was the same as one of the characters in the Kendrick Johnson drama.

    She folded like a wet tissue and disappeared!!!

  5. I have dishonored myself and made a posting error and some part of my post didn`t…

    Recap: Mamakajiwin said yesterday in a twit, Teacherunedited was scared off by bullies.

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