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Open Discussion – May 2, 2014


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  1. A fresh thread for WarRoom discussions has been created. Please don’t post twitter discussions there as many of those who read and participate here don’t follow twitter.

    I’ve created another password protected thread entitled “TwitterLand” to host the discussions of the conversation on twitter. Please post that topic there.

    WordPress adds “Protected” to the beginning of any thread that needs a password to be viewed by visitors. Be sure when posting that you are posting private discussions in the Protected threads and public posts in the Open Threads.

    Thanks to all who participate here. It was one year ago that I opened this blog for like-minded individuals to discuss the Zimmerman case. I have enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to continuing our journey together to make life somewhat more bearable.

  2. On July 26, 2013 just days after the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case, Merritt Landry, a white homeowner in the New Orleans area, shot what he thought was a burglar, in the head. That turned out to be a black unarmed teenager standing about 30 feet from Landry’s door.

    The family of the injured teen, has been telling the press that their 15 year old son, Marshall Coulter was still undergoing surgeries, including removing a part of his skull in December and that he was having difficulty talking, walking and eating.

    The DA has been having trouble getting a Grand Jury to indict the homeowner on an attempted second degree murder charge. It has been before 2 GJ and both could not get enough votes to indict.

    Here is the DA talking about his disappointment in February 2014 when the Grand Jury failed to give him the go ahead.

    So it came as quite a shock today, when news broke that the teen that had been shot in the head, was arrested today for burglarizing another home!

    You will note in today’s article, the press has dropped their pattern of reporting a teen by his first name, and this teen is referred to by his last name, Coulter.


    Hat Tip to Lexi for today’s breaking news article.

    • That’s kinda like a case over in Little Rock, thug teen got killed by Police Officer. Twice it was mistrial. Third time the Pros decided they don’t think will ever get a jury to convict.

      I say THUG because, he was. He had a record. With weapons also. And when he got shot, officer said he was coming at him. They didn’t prove he was or wasn’t in court. BUT the judge would not let the defense tell the jury that the 15 yr old had a gun in the seat, the car was stolen … the reason the police were called is he and 2 others were breaking into vehicles. This was in the WEE hours of the morning. SMH. Sad a person is dead, but these parents in both these situations are big part to blame. Parents don’t parent..

  3. This cracks me up. Blackbudderfly has an article up about Jehovah Witnesses and Mormans to stay away from her house. What is funny to me is this comment and response! ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING Their bs about guns and SYG 😉

    2dogsonly | 05/02/2014 at 9:49 am
    Xena, you must not live in a SYG state but couldn’t you borrow our line….Screams through door..” I am in fear of my life and may have to shoot”. That should remove you from their list.;-)

    Xena | 05/02/2014 at 6:41 pm
    LOL@2dogsonly. Illinois just passed conceal carry this year. While I laugh about your comment, there is serious concern. To be awakened from sleep by such disruption and the dog being agitated, is reason to fear that someone is on your property who should not be. When you’ve told them to go away and still want you to open your door, puts them in a position of being shot.

    I thought of a sign;
    “Bullet the Pit Bull greets everyone who has not been invited.”

    • So if you live in Illinois it’s okay with these people if you freak out when someone’s pounding on your door in the middle of the night, but if you live right next door to Detroit it’s different?

  4. Jordan!!!
    LMBO… someone else getting banned for life…

    Ben Affleck Banned from Playing Blackjack at Hard Rock Casino After Getting Caught Counting Cards

    • This is a couple blocks from my home. We heard the siren Friday night. LOL

      The parents had been warned by police he was advertising the party on social media. Parents should have followed up.

      • What kind of parenting skills would permit him to even consider doing such a thing? Could it be that he has mental issues that influenced his ability to know right from wrong? Or is this just a “bad” kid that has no respect for his parents, property or himself? Who supplied the alcohol?
        Did you see any of the tweets? “The raucous Brampton hoedown was discovered by police on Twitter, where it was being promoted under the hashtag #MansionParty.”

  5. OLE Christi O’Connor hasn’t made a post since Feb 25, 2014…. hopefully she got the message, no one cares what lies she wants to tell… or MAYBE she was told to, wouldn’t that be nice 😉

  6. Man oh Man… some people are just plain out Race Hustling wannabees. Give themselves MADE UP AWARDS and share back and forth with a couple of followers. It is such a sad thing that they don’t even know what the HELL they are talking about! Have a letter counter on their “blahawg” so looks impressive I suppose. Content is nothing but pure trash/lies… NO BUDDERFLY THIS ISNT THE MAN WHO AVOIDED ARREST BY CLAIMING FL SYG AS HIS DEFENSE!!!! YOU WEARY EYED RACIST.. YOU MUST BE THINKING OF SOMEONE ELSE!

    From BlackBudderfly7 Xena May 4, 2014
    “My first thought when hearing that Zimmerman was suing NBC for editing his NEN call, causing the public to believe he is racist and putting his life in jeopardy, was WHAT?!?!?! Isn’t this the man who abandoned his home, job, and went into hiding the day after he killed Trayvon Martin? Nothing that NBC reported in March 2012 is responsible for what Zimmerman did on February 26 and 27, 2012. NBC may have taken Zimmerman’s words out of context, but that is not what resulted in him going into hiding.

    Isn’t this the man who avoided arrest by claiming Florida’s stand your ground as his defense? And, isn’t this the man who was arrested after Angela Corey’s office investigated and found sufficient evidence to charge him with 2nd degree murder? Nothing that NBC reported is responsible for that.”

  7. The fact that TM died and that GZ endured what he did, is horrible enough. But for this person who by his supposed count of 260 times on TV, bailing George out of jail, all that… and the Traybots hated Frank T. calling him a liar and everything/anything. But now, that supposedly by a no account person who works for media, who isn’t going to write up a story just in her words “tweet about their conversation”, so we are suppose to believe her. OR HIM lol. OH traybots want to cling on it because and only because that’s what they want to hear. Never mind they didn’t believe him before. DUH ok, if didn’t believe before for the same reason why believe him now? Simple AGENDA.

    And if Frank T got information from a person of the court, IMHO, (don’t believe) but if he did, he should be charged with interfering in the case.

    This is just beyond stupid.

      • Taffe’s comments, as related by News13 reporter John Davis, are incoherent.

        Taffe seems to be equating racial profiling with second-degree murder, which of course, was not the issue before the court. To the extent that this news report reflects Taffe accurately, it would suggest that he has a flawed understanding of the law, at best.

        Reporter Davis erred in not asking follow-up questions to define how Taffe explains his conclusions in view of the contradicting facts.

        • The reporter with News13 was NOT who interview/had conversation with Frank T, it was Frances Robles who use to be with the Miami Herald. She tweeted about it but said she wasn’t going to write about it. So this News13 article is second handed info from F Robles. And Robles would not answer questions via tweets.

      • In the video provided by Sanford Watch –

        – Taaffe does not say that GZ should have been convicted.

        Taaffe may have said it off camera. The video may be incomplete. This might just be another example of sloppy reporting. Too hard to tell here.

        You would think that such a sensational turn-around by Taaffe would have been included in any video.

          • “27 06/27/2013 FREE HEARING NOTES BY JUDGE NELSON”

            Has she got her paws in every case tied to the incident…?

        • The way the video is cut, Taaffe replies “absolutely” to a question we do not hear.

          Instead the reporter states that Taaffe’s opinion has changed as to non-guilty verdict, and then the Taaffe clip is played.

          There is a lack of context, and perhaps some ignorance on the part of the reporter since the verdict dealt with what took place from time of the tragic face to face confrontation between GZ and Trayvon Martin.

          • ole use old video trick lol Frances Robles is who had this “revelation” interview/talk with Taffe. Few days ago he had said he had big news and was going to be coming out at OS… never happened…. lol

          • IIRC early on when we were introduced to Taaffe, he stated he knew George from the neighborhood, not really friends, so he would not know his tendencies, nor much else about him, just that George walked his dog and was a friendly neighbor.

            • question, did George ever described Taffe as a friend or show any deference to him, I think not. The whole time Taffe was out there I never once thought he knew anything about George or the defense, he was just shooting from the hip.

                • thx

                  what the heck kind of person is Taaffe, seriously, how does an supposedly ordinary person develop a addiction to being in the media?

                  loose cannon might be a mild description, he seems delusional

                  • Hooson: Are you implying that Frank lied to the FBI?

                    He is, for sure, a strange fellow but based upon what I have seen, he is definitely in George’s court. He means no harm unless something has happened recently that I have not heard about.

                    He says he gets no money for his time on various shows, but I am curious to know who pays for his travel expenses? Oops… and his drinking binges?

                    • Jordan I not speaking for Hooson, but if what Robles tweeted and on that Ch13 is really what Frank told them, one only has to wonder, if he did. Wanting attention is what I figure, but he could surly be in for more trouble than expected .. who knows what tomorrow will bring lol

                    • Jordan –

                      If what Taaffe is saying now is accurate and true, then, what he told the FBI earlier cannot be true.

                      My own speculation is that what he told the FBI was fairly accurate, if perhaps, embellished a bit in GZ’s favor.

                      The FBI interviews were done by competent individuals whose goal was to ascertain what this (or any) witness really knew or could give pertinent information to aid the investigation.

                      The recent TV news interview did not have the same goals.

                    • I have not kept up with this so on.. I have not heard of his comments. This is my sole source of news about George.

  8. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! TO ALL the Moms, Dads that fill the role as Mom, Aunts, Grandma’s. Loving friends who are there and fill in as role model. I salute and send you a big loving hug! For those with Moms or children in Heaven, you in my thoughts and heartfelt prayers. Thankful that GOD put that person in your live to make a lifelong impression on your heart! Have a wonderful Day… all year long… And to the first time Mommys.. may you enjoy this day and savor the moment… your in for an awesome ride! HUGS!!!♥♥♥

    • Nicely stated Mimi! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this today. I hope you enjoy it. Our family is having a BBQ with the kids buying and cooking the food and the Dads volunteering to do clean up. It’s gorgeous weather here today. Whatever you do, I hope it’s a great day for everyone. ♥

  9. Not too long Frank Taaffe had a donation page set up to help George.

    Look at this… Frank wanting $$$ for Frank??? Sounds like Fred…

    Donate to the Frank Taaffe Justice Fund
    George Zimmerman needed your help. You came through. We need to keep the pressure on the media. I have the media contacts, and you know I stand for the small guy. I fight these big media people and sway the court of public opinion toward the truth.

    I fly around the country fighting for the little guy, and none of these media outlets give me a dime. I do it because it’s the right thing to do and the media seems to gain ratings off of having me on — probably because I tell it like it is, no matter what people think of me.

    Some may like me, others may not. But one thing is for sure. Donate to the Frank Taaffe Justice Fund and your money won’t go to waste. You need your case talked about in the media? I’ll be there. All donations are greatly appreciated, and it could be you someday, where you need Frank the Tank. http://www.therealfranktaaffe.com/donate-frank-taaffe-justice-fund/

  10. SO, if Frankie was having a meeting with OS, why didn’t they “report it”? And Frances Robel isn’t gonna write it up??? 😉 Yep I dare to say there is more to this story. What I do notice is, nothing here about stuff Robles tweeted….

    From Frank Taafe fb page:

    Frank Taaffe
    May 5.
    Today I’m meeting with the Orlando Sentinel to disclose the information that’s just how I knew what the Zimmerman verdict was and what was going on in the jury room prior to the announcement of the verdict this should launch full-scale probe by the FBI.

  11. This new mess with Taaffe warrants recalling that Taaffe has always had ulterior motives since the beginning:


    “Zimmerman said O’Mara told him that neighbor Frank Taaffe had texted, saying a benefactor had offered to pay for Zimmerman’s legal defense if Baez, referred to in the conversation as “JB,” was involved.

    “What did O’Mara have to say about that?” the family member asked.

    “He said, ‘If you want him you can have him, but I will excuse myself,’ ” Zimmerman answered.

    Baez declined to answer questions from the Sentinel Tuesday.

    Taaffe confirmed that Baez wanted to represent Zimmerman and had tried to reach him.

    “I can’t go into detail,” he said.

    Taaffe would not identify the benefactor.”

  12. Hooson, there wasn’t any more room above, but the comment you asked, I was asking Jordan if he was aware of the supposed interviews that Taaffe had with Robles last week, what all this is about. Wasn’t sure if he knew, that would be why the conversations about the prev FBI stuff was being talked about reference to possible lying to FBI.

    May 13, 2014 at 12:18 am |
    Do you know about the supposed remarks last week from Taaffe

    May 13, 2014 at 12:23 am |
    Arkansas –
    I am not quite sure what you are referring to??

  13. Arkansas –

    As to Taaffe and Robles recently, I was vaguely aware, but not comfortable with having any real facts at hand.

    Robles is at the NY Times, and NY Times has bigger fish to fry, on a daily basis, than Taaffe, an individual who had no practical relevance to a criminal case now concluded, save the sideshow on HLN.

    My observation re the FBI was simply that his present views on GZ, as reported in a sloppy newscast, was in very sharp contrast to some of what he told the FBI early on in the GZ investigation.

    Whatever decision eventually emanates from the Justice Department, is is safe wager that it will not be based on any of the Taaffe positions.

    Always bear in mind that we, the amateur litigator/investigator types on the outside, do a lot of speculating, because a lot of the time we don’t have sufficient knowledge of the facts nor the context in which those facts should be viewed.

  14. Well the only way to put them out of business is for people to follow the law! Don’t blame the private companies, stupid lady! Don’t see her bitching about not enough jail space for criminals~

  15. I would like to share this with everyone reading. If you have had a loved one living in ARKANSAS that has passed… check this link.

    Arkansas Auditor of State
    Losing a loved one can be devastating enough, but finding out that person had a life insurance policy that never reached its beneficiaries can make the situation even more painful. That’s why Auditor of State Charlie Daniels has been working to get over $8.7 million in abandoned policy benefits from the insurance companies to the rightful beneficiaries like Wincie Gladish and Verona Spatz.

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    At that point, Auditor Daniels worked with the auditing companies and the life insurance companies to get those policies turned over to the Arkansas Unclaimed Property Division. From there, we’ve been working hard to get the list of policy owners out to the public through our website, Facebook, newspaper ads and local media interviews so that the owners, beneficiaries or heirs can claim these presents from the past.

    I hope this clears up any misconceptions you may have about our Past Presents program and I hope you’ll share this video and the lists of owners with your friends and family so that you can become an Arkansas Treasure Hunter.

      “As long as I got breath in my body, you guys that are fatherless will always have a father in me,” he assured the teens.

      Pine Bluff youth march to stop violence

      Macy Jenkins 7:03 p.m. CDT May 16, 2014

      PINE BLUFF, Ark. (KTHV) – The Non-violence Youth Summit celebrated its 11th year on Friday, when parents and children marched through Pine Bluff saying “no” to violence.

      “I’m walking to stop this violence in these streets,” said teenager Erik Washington.

      Sponsored by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission and the Department of Human Services, the summit travels to different parts of the state each year. This year, it drew teenagers from as far as Jonesboro and El Dorado.

      “We’ve come a long way today from what Dr. King was advocating for, and we still have a long way to go,” said Tracy Martin.

      Martin lost his son Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Florida teen who was shot and killed, nearly two years ago.

      “As long as I got breath in my body, you guys that are fatherless will always have a father in me,” he assured the teens.

      In crime-plagued communities like Pine Bluff, community members know some mothers who hae had to bury their sons.

      “He walked out the store and got shot five times,” said Shirley Randle about her teenage son, who was killed in 2009.

      “There have been 809 days since the death of Trayvon,” Martin said. “I think what keeps me going is speaking to the youth as we did today.”

      He encouraged them to start making small changes in their lives and not running away from responsibility.

      “I’m really afraid of them having that lack of education, feeling as if they are a statistic, you know every child is valuable,” said DuShun Scarbrough, Executive Director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission. “Everyone has that ability to reach beyond his starting point and matriculate in all endeavors.”

  16. “As long as I got breath in my body, you guys that are fatherless will always have a father in me,” he assured the teens.

    In what ways will he be a father to “you guys?”

    I have yet to see any evidence that he was ever a father to anyone, and especially to his son Trayvon. He and Sybrina continue to follow Obama’s lead to “honor” and “memorialize” a representative example of thuggery.

    • I was thinking how he might help in a realistic manner: How about trying to reunite those fatherless teens with their real fathers?

      Does anyone know the current status of the various “trust” funds they set up?

      • In the town where he was speaking… it is a very very crime ridden town. Hell sadly a large percentage of the kids don’t know who their fathers are. I thought it was rather odd.. that the Department of Human Service was one of the SPONSORS ! That ought to be a tell tell sign right there.

  17. How long does it take for you to scroll down to the bottom of this page?


    How long would it take just to read the headlines?

    How on earth are we going to get out of this mess? I feel so bad for all of those families who lost their insurance and for those who cannot afford a plan now.

    There is no way that this thing can be repaired. It was doomed from the start and the lying bastards all knew it.

    Roberts also sold us down the river because he also knows this is not constitutional.

  18. Hi all
    I was reminded of the case of Theodore Wafer/Renisha McBride.
    No news since the end of April… new judge and trial set for July 23.

    Does anybody have a link to Court Docket etc for this case… It’s not much but it can be an indication of any legal maneuvers.


    The moment you become true to yourself, is when you truly become happy and break free from the restraints that hold you back. Kind words cost nothing, and smiles are free. Have a productive week and take time to enjoy the little things life has to offer

    copied from Facebook…

    • Thanks for sharing it here. I’m trying to work up the nerve to look at photos. I’m not very brave when it comes to stuff like that but Vicky tells me the pictures tell the full story.

        • Well, I looked… and Nettles, I already advised you 😉 photo 1 is ME pic of face, 2 is side view of head, which IMHO #2 proves the reason he looks like he does was NOT from beating. Shows skin slippage beginning. #3 proves that the Chump/King ME lied, and it is graphic autopsy of the neck. but this is the one that ME said didn’t happen. So if the KJ warriors wanna talk the talk, man up and look, proof is there. THE FIRST 2 PICTURES OF KJ ARE PRE AUTOPSY AND NO WHERE NEAR AS GRAPHIC IMHO AS THE POST AUTOPSY PHOTO THE FAMILY CHOSE TO WEAR ON CLOTHING AND POST ON SIGNS. They really have issues using that picture.

        • OK, I looked! Yes, without a doubt the dissection of his neck shows the 2nd M.E. lied. I’m not surprised as he was bought and paid for by the family for a certain finding and he delivered it…..for money.

          • OK, think I got it. KJ family wants KJ to be the “next Emmitt Till” So does Tracy Martin, even said so, wants it in History books that TM is. SOOO to up one on the Mar~uns, the Johnsons used the post autopsy pic of KJ.. Sick son of a britches!!!!

            this tweet made me realize it. ** only comment by be is in ref to the pic of ET and the death pic of ET.

  20. WELL, People are finally seeing the light… er maybe not a good choice of words 😉 Didn’t he already use that trick? And 2 people split the bill paying the Elec company directly… yet people sent in forced/guilted donations????

    Tues May 20, 2014
    This is our 1035th post. Please make a donation today. There have been only four donations this month totaling $45 and that is beyond depressing. Please help us keep the lights on.


    • May 21, 2014

      Execution of murderer/rapist halted cause’ injection may hurt him

      by Mark Eiglarsh

      What do you believe is the appropriate sentence for a man who murders another man in front of his children, then kidnaps and rapes his ex-girlfriend, and then shoots at a cop? Probation? Kidding. Many believe that the ultimate sanction should be imposed for those series of abhorrent offenses. Well, that’s exactly what the judge did. Russell Bucklew is currently on Missouri’s death row and was scheduled to die last night. What saved him?

      Justice Samuel Alito of the U.S. Supreme Court temporary delated the execution of Bucklew literally two hours before a lethal cocktail was to be injected into his veins. The Court is reviewing his case today. He can still be put to death by 12:01 Thursday as his death warrant is still in effect. If he exhausts all his appeals by then, he will be killed by the State of Missouri.

      So what did his lawyers argue to successfully get the brief stay? They alleged that a rare illness that Bucklew possesses would make a lethal injection excruciating, and thus, a violation of the Constitution. Because the State couldn’t show that Bucklew’s allegation was incorrect, they put the execution on hold. The justices wrote, “Bucklew’s unrebutted medical evidence demonstrates the requisite sufficient likelihood of unnecessary pain and suffering beyond the constitutionally permissible amount inherent in all executions.” They further wrote, “The irreparable harm to Bucklew is great in comparison to the harm to the state from staying the execution.”

      Allegedly, Bucklew suffers from a cavernous hemangioma, a medical condition which creates big masses in his neck and head. He argued that the tumors could prevent proper circulation of the drugs, which would prolong his death and cause him extreme pain. That extraordinary pain that he would allegedly suffer, his attorneys argue, would violate the constitution’s protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

      Naturally, the mother of Bucklew’s murder victim was very upset by the last minute delay.

      I’m shaking my head on this one. What’s uncontroverted is that his crime was atrocious and cruel. What’s also not in dispute is that a Missouri jury determined that prison was too good for him and that he had to die. What has halted that process is that the injection of lethal drugs may cause him some pain, more than permitted under the law? What? I’m sure the victim’s family is losing sleep over that, passionately crying, “Please don’t cause him any extra pain!” (That’s what’s called “sarcasm”) Let me just say this, I think its more “cruel and unusual” to all parties involved to delay this execution based on these grounds then to proceed as planned. I’m sure there are those who would make the argument that the death process should hurt a lot more than it does. Regardless of the ultimate decision by the higher court, I do hope they decide this one quickly and justly.

  21. Just checking on Ben Kruidbos case: here are last entries on case: so I wonder if there was a hearing on May 19th?

    53 — 4/29/2014
    54 — 4/29/2014
    55 — 5/7/2014
    56 — 5/8/2014
    5/8/2014 NOTICE OF HEARING (AMENDED) 05/19/14 @ 3:15PM RM 705
    57 — 5/8/2014

  22. This is a heart warming story! JOSTENS the company that does SR RINGS and stuff…

    VILONIA, Ark.(KTHV)- It was a special day for sophomores at Mayflower and Vilonia High Schools. The class of 2016 learned that they will share another common bond after their towns were devastated by an EF-4 tornado.

    Class rings are the mark of school pride and accomplishments. Thursday, Jostens revealed to sophomores at both Mayflower and Vilonia that their class rings will be taken care of.

    Josten’s Sales Rep, Rick Harrell said he’s proud to work for a company that gives back.

    “At these two schools there’s almost 350 sophomores and their class rings this year are free.”

  23. SO will Tracy and Sybrina be sending DD a grad present?? hell should send her on a trip 😉 they got the funds! Chump did you send one??? Shit all those people giving her high 5’s she outta be rolling in dough….. That’s Retarted.. SIR

    Ok, gonna try to type this without busting out laughing… It is Graduation time of year and was wondering about Racheal Jeantel …. OMG cant do it…. i wish i could make this cursive writing just for fun!

    • SMH… read from bottom up… look at dates.. rest in peace… to- I feel blessed. and thanks for having me in magazine lol

      Ms.Rachel Jeantel ‏@MsRachel_94 · Nov 17
      #FashionQueens Yea baby!

      Ms.Rachel Jeantel ‏@MsRachel_94 · Nov 12
      Shout out to @WendyLWilson_ of @essencemag for including moi 😘 in the December issue! Love it boo Thanks so much!

      Ms.Rachel Jeantel ‏@MsRachel_94 · Jun 17
      I feel bless for everything even good n bad

      Ms.Rachel Jeantel ‏@MsRachel_94 · 26 Feb 2013

    • So wonder how much $$ that Radio hosh Tom Joyner had to pay the tutor to help Rachael get out of HS?? And pass her SAT??? ROFL no its not a test to see how long can sit, That’s Retarted Sir! … wonder how much that tutor is going to COST Mr Joyner in a medical disability lawsuit! Probably a nut case by now!

      • Assuming that Jeantel has a severe learning disability, why make fun of it?

        It seems that she did not even want to be involved in the whole legal mess to begin with.

        • “It seems that she did not even want to be involved in the whole legal mess to begin with.”

          It does seem that way. But she had a long time to step forward before a ‘legal mess’ even existed. Why didn’t she? Surely that early on she didn’t even consider TM’s death would become national. Why not step forward and tell what she knew?

          • Jeantel was a teenager and grew up in very narrow social millieu. I don’t expect her to act like a mature 30 year-old. Even a lot of 30 year-olds don’t necessarily act maturely.

            I would think that the natural inclination, in her circle of friends, is to have as little to do with the police as possible especially when the tragedy took place away from Miami.

            The only chance we amateurs had to make an assessment of her was when she was on the stand, and then in several of the subsequent TV interviews.

            And to step forward, and tell what she knew? What did she know? She knew very little.

            • “And to step forward, and tell what she knew? What did she know? She knew very little.”

              I respectfully say this. WE don’t know what she knew. She lied, multiple time on some very important stuff. That we DO know. And because of it a man could potentially went to prison for rest of his life. She made choices. Yes she was a teen by age, but she knew wrong from right. I don’t think anyone expected her to act 30. This was a very serious matter. A tragedy happened and she hindered the process.

        • Personally, I don’t think she had a severe learning disability. JMHO.And I agree, she defiantly didn’t want to be there, but she-again JMHO was part of the problem and for that I do not give her a pass. She defiantly isn’t stupid, very street smart. Old enough to know right from wrong.(19 1/2) Her part in that whole mess was wrong. And I don’t think the double standard that she/ TM supports think they can use slur word and ok, even those towards other races, yet if someone else says or alludes to something… its racist, Sorry no free pass from me. She has a speech problem that I can over look no problem. But her cocky attitude and ghetto talk… that’s why I say the tutor will have a nervous breakdown.

  24. Tennessee bringing back the Electric Chair… if people thought about paying the price then maybe they wouldn’t do such horrific crimes!

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee has decided how it will respond to a nationwide scarcity of lethal injection drugs for death-row inmates: with the electric chair.

    Republican Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law Thursday allowing the state to electrocute death row inmates in the event prisons are unable to obtain the drugs, which have become more and more scarce following a European-led boycott of drug sales for executions.

  25. Never Would Have Guessed!!!!


    Captain Kangaroo passed away on January 23, 2004 at age 76 , which is odd,
    because he always looked to be 76. (DOB: 6/27/27 )
    His death reminded me of the following story.

    Some people have been a bit offended that the actor, Lee Marvin,
    is buried in a grave alongside 3 and 4-star generals at
    Arlington National Cemetery His marker gives his name,
    rank (PVT) and service (USMC). Nothing else.
    Here’s a guy who was only a famous movie star who served his time,
    why the heck does he rate burial with these guys?
    Well, following is the amazing answer:

    I always liked Lee Marvin, but didn’t know the extent
    of his Corps experiences.

    In a time when many Hollywood stars served their country
    in the armed forces often in rear echelon posts where they
    were carefully protected, only to be trotted out to perform
    for the cameras in war bond promotions,
    Lee Marvin was a genuine hero.
    He won the Navy Cross at Iwo Jima There is only one
    higher Naval award… the Medal Of Honor!

    If that is a surprising comment on the true character of the man,
    he credits his sergeant with an even greater show of bravery.

    Dialog from “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”:
    His guest was Lee Marvin….
    Johnny said,”Lee, I’ll bet a lot of people are unaware
    that you were a Marine in the initial landing at Iwo Jima ..
    and that during the course of that action you earned
    the Navy Cross and were severely wounded.”

    “Yeah, yeah… I got shot square in the bottom and they gave me
    the Cross for securing a hot spot about halfway up Suribachi.
    Bad thing about getting shot up on a mountain is guys getting
    shot hauling you down. But, Johnny, at Iwo , I served under
    the bravest man I ever knew… We both got the Cross the same day,
    but what he did for his Cross made mine look cheap in comparison.
    That dumb guy actually stood up on Red beach and directed his
    troops to move forward and get the hell off the beach..
    Bullets flying by, with mortar rounds landing everywhere and he
    stood there as the main target of gunfire so that he could get his
    men to safety. He did this on more than one occasion because
    his men’s safety was more important than his own life.

    That Sergeant and I have been lifelong friends. When they brought
    me off Suribachi we passed the Sergeant and he lit a smoke and
    passed it to me, lying on my belly on the litter and said,
    “Where’d they get you Lee?” “Well Bob….
    if you make it home before me, tell Mom to sell the outhouse!”

    Johnny, I’m not lying, Sergeant Keeshan was the bravest man
    I ever knew.
    The Sergeant’s name is Bob Keeshan.
    You and the world know him as Captain Kangaroo.”

    On another note, there was this wimpy little man
    (who passed away) on PBS, gentle and quiet.. Mr. Rogers is
    another of those you would least suspect of being anything
    but what he now portrays to our youth.
    But Mr. Rogers was a U.S. Navy Seal, combat-proven in

    Vietnam with over twenty-five confirmed kills to his name.
    He wore a long-sleeved sweater on TV, to cover the many
    tattoos on his forearm and biceps.
    He was a master in small arms and hand-to-hand combat,
    able to disarm or kill in a heartbeat

    After the war Mr. Rogers became an ordained Presbyterian minister

    and therefore a pacifist. Vowing to never harm another human and also dedicating the rest of his life to trying to help lead children on the right path in life… He hid away the tattoos and his past life and won our hearts with his quiet wit and charm..

    America’s real heroes don’t flaunt what they did; they quietly go about their day-to-day lives, doing what they do best. They earned our respect and the freedoms that we all enjoy.
    Look around and see if you can find one of those heroes in your midst.
    Often, they are the ones you’d least suspect, but would most like to have on your side if anything ever happened……. Jus sayin

    • Thank You Tina. I should have know better lol I read it on fb! Nettles will you please delete my post, as I do no wish to pass on wrong info. Thanks again Tina!

  26. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have the SEALS yet when Rogers would have been that young.

    Back then they had the Underwater Demolition Teams, commonly called Frog Men because of the SCUBA flippers.

    • unitron: You are mostly correct but I believe that National Navy UDT Seals is correct. I am not 100 percent sure. I do know for sure all 3 names mean the same guys.

      My father was one of the first. I have posted his story before but it’s too lengthy to do in great detail tonight. Here is a short version.

      Suffice it to say that much of what he did remains classified.

      I had not read anything significant until recently and it is not complete nor completely accurate according to my Dad. He will be 90 next Tuesday but his memory is better than mine. Here it is:


      His small unit was on Omaha Beach two days before the actual invasion. That happened because the invasion was postponed for a day due to bad weather. They were supposed to be picked up a few hours before it started, so they had to find a place to hide with no food or water, no guns and no means of communication, not knowing what had happened and not knowing what to do except stick together and survive, while hoping they would be picked up. I have a difficult time imagining their fear. (forgive the runaway sentence.) Only a few were killed because they refused to leave the beach.

      If you find an account of this, will you please let me know?

      By the way, Rogers was born in 1928 and was only 17 when WWII ended.

  27. That’s okay, ArkansasMimi. Snopes is a good reference to look out for things like that.

    Hope everyone is feeling good today.

  28. OMG! Have to laugh, because who is stupid enough to let a 4 yr old PLAY with an important document. ESPECIALLY a passport, that you will need to get back home!

    A dad only identified as Chen was detained in South Korea after his 4-year-old son drew all over his passport, Metro reports.


    The family was traveling in South Korea when the man’s son allegedly decided to give his dad a beard and practice his drawings of animals on the important documentation.

    Chen posted the photo with a plea for help on Chinese social networking site Weibo because he was reportedly told he would not be able to fly back with his family.

  29. I lost my Mom and felt the need to share this. It’s a post by my sister at the CaringBridge website. She delivered the most powerful eulogy ever at her funeral.


    Sweet sweet Cora

    By Joyce Runion — May 20, 2014 10:59am

    My dear precious sweet mother has joined our precious Savior in heaven. She fought right up to the end…..didn’t want to let go. Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with such a relentless spirit. She truly struggled to let go. It pained me to watch her toil with each breath. It was such a nice relief to see the calmness and peace come to her face when she decided to let go. She passed at 8:20 this morning. My brother and I stayed right beside all night….never left her side. I knew she did not want to die alone.
    How joyful it is to know that she is now our guardian angel and will once again regain her duty to care for her loved ones. Just knowing that she is watching over us every day helps with pain and sadness. I know she is happy to see her fellow family members and other loved ones as she rose to the heavens above this morning. God had a special greeting for this special lady…I am sure.

    She was a truly amazing woman in so many ways. Such a frail and fragile looking beauty but so filled with determination and tenacity. She amazed us all with her ability to overcome insurmountable obstacles due to the many issues….physically and mentally.
    So many times few thought she could come back from some of the diseases that plagued her…..double pneumonia..severe GI bleeding with 7 blood transfusions…..the flu on Christmas Eve which was the beginning of her Hospice journey….several UTIs….broken hip requiring hip replacement and the most devastating of all the issues…the dental problems which probably resulted in her demise. Through it all she continued with her always sweet and positive demeanor…showing so much grace and gratitude for anything anyone did for her…even some unpleasant invasive medical endeavors. She would always say thank you at the end and often shake their hand with her gentle touch.
    We had an amazing Hospice team who never left us but stayed with us all the way…right up to the end. They treated my mom with great respect but more so with so much love and care. Surely they made the journey a little bit easier. I am forever grateful to each member of our team….Lisa…Sadie…Whitney…Chaplain Beade…Libby…Eddie and anyone else who filled in for our team members. Thank you Agape hospice.
    Thank you all for your many prayers…we could feel them all as they covered us in so many blessings. Thank you all who took the time to read this journal. It means an awful lot to know you cared and thank you for the many supportive comments which often helped me get through the day. Blessings to you all.

    • Beautiful! Jordan, I send my most heartfelt prayers for you and your family. I am positive your Mother was a true blessing to all who came in contact with her- I feel that in reading the post from your Sister, and your speaking of her from time to time. May God wrap you all in HIS loving arms and give you the strength and comfort you need tonight and all the days ahead. I know there is nothing that can take away the pain or sadness, but know that WE do care… Big Hugs and in Christian Love, Mimi

  30. Thanks to everyone who replied to my Mom’s passing. She was a very special lady. I was amazed that kids I had not seen since high school were there. They all loved her…. and especially her amazing desserts like applesauce pie… It truly is the best thing I have ever tasted in my life.

  31. H/T to VP for this link on twitter

    George Zimmerman is working with Will Smith to bring his story to a movie set to release next Spring.

    “George Zimmerman is slated to receive a shade under $3.2 million from Overbrook Entertainment for his role as a consultant. No further details have been given regarding the totality of Zimmerman’s role with the production.”

    [Edit: this turned out to be a hoax.]

  32. Hi everyone- hope everybody is doing well.
    Has anyone heard anything new about the little girl, Jahi Macmath? I can’t find much of anything since March, and it seemed she was still hooked to a ventilator. Her mother said she is “still asleep”. Such an odd story and I haven’t thought of it in a while, then it just popped into my head. Sorry if I’ve missed updates on the subject.

    • Her uncle is mad because they wont give her an honorary diploma for 8th grade. School said has had too many complaints about anything displaying Jahi. This was today lol

      *** what does Kermit the Frog have to do with anything lol!

      “Now McMath’s family has reached out to school officials to ask the public charter school to award McMath an honorary certificate at its eighth-grade graduation ceremony Friday. McMath’s uncle, Omari Sealey, tweeted Tuesday afternoon that school was resisting, saying that officials “said they received too many complaints about displaying anything about Jahi McMath.”

      Later Tuesday, he told a Bay Area News Group reporter that he had been in communication with the school’s executive director, Lisa Blair, and that Blair and members of the school’s board of trustees would discuss the matter on a phone conference Wednesday.

      “It would be an awful shame not to grant Jahi McMath an honorary 8th Grade Graduation Certificate when Kermit the Frog has an honorary Doctorate from Southampton College in New York,” Sealey added via text.


      • That Charter EC Rheems, is being closed due to low enrollment and LOW student performance. The religious folks behind this charter school have been feeding at the trough of racial grievance for decades.

        • Well looks like she is going to get her diploma. I feel sorry for the other students who’s special day will be overtaken by this. Not fair to them.

        • I guess she is going to get her honorary diploma. Now I can understand if she had been going there since K, I have known kids who died mid year getting acknowledged. But in this article…. how the hell has she completed most of her work? It reminds me of TM saga, where he was set to graduate… She had surgery on Dec 9th, so schol was in what 4 1/2 month at most?

          On a Facebook page set up for the teen, family members wrote Tuesday that Jahi has completed most of her eighth-grade work and should be recognized at graduation ceremonies this spring at E.C Reems Academy of Technology and Arts in Oakland.

          “Jahi should be graduating from the 8th grade this month but it may not be possible for her to make it to the ceremony, as she is fighting to recover,” the family wrote. “Please take a minute of your time to call the school and let them know we want them to acknowledge Jahi McMath.”

            • Yeah, they’re pretty bad. First clue it’s not true is they haven’t supplied video to support the claims. It’s a con/scam. But some people will still fall for it.

              What I don’t understand is how they are making money (unless there’s some other goal) if they truly are keeping her body alive. Isn’t that kind of care expensive? Who’s paying for it? It’s difficult to imagine the donations are enough to pay for it. Is someone (sucker?) donating the money/resources? Maybe it’s a long term investment? I can’t figure out how they think they can ultimately profit monetarily or otherwise.

              • Well they are suing that’s the long term goal. Uncle has gotten his name out there and using it in his endeavors. Even if someone is donating it still expensive. What about Mom housing, she said she staying with Jahi..

    • Here’s the (current) text of the Florida statute regarding retraction requests:

      770.02 Correction, apology, or retraction by newspaper or broadcast station.—

      (1) If it appears upon the trial that said article or broadcast was published in good faith; that its falsity was due to an honest mistake of the facts; that there were reasonable grounds for believing that the statements in said article or broadcast were true; and that, within the period of time specified in subsection (2), a full and fair correction, apology, or retraction was, in the case of a newspaper or periodical, published in the same editions or corresponding issues of the newspaper or periodical in which said article appeared and in as conspicuous place and type as said original article or, in the case of a broadcast, the correction, apology, or retraction was broadcast at a comparable time, then the plaintiff in such case shall recover only actual damages.

      (2) Full and fair correction, apology, or retraction shall be made:
      (a) In the case of a broadcast or a daily or weekly newspaper or periodical, within 10 days after service of notice;

  33. Some of you may have read about a fund-raiser on twitter known as Team Veronica to raise funds for a single mother dealing with cancer. It was learned the woman lied to her fundraisers. The whole thing was a lie on her part. Here’s the story of her arrest.


    As a person who deals with cancer, this woman’s actions are infuriating. She has made it that much harder for anyone legimately asking for help.

    • It is annoying. 😦

      It is a sad fact that is demonstrated often that some people have “no conscience”.
      I simply could not tell lies so blatantly as many seem to be able.

  34. Awww Leatherhead is allowing budderfly to post on his blawg again 😉 hasn’t allowed it since Feb 1. He hasn’t been getting his beg $$, he pushes the racial agenda every chance he gets hoping to get back his groupies. May not work now that he has told people he likes living as he does. Most of his dweebs went to budderflys but not even they post there much anymore. Leatherhead.. think your dumpster has been emptied.. ROFLMBO push that race card… think you done lost the race…

    • This is a good example of minorities bleeding the rest of us to get money they do not deserve. And they do it arrogantly as if the the rest of us are stupid. Imagine doing this to your own child. Is the girl still being monitored?

  35. iamomari
    12 hours ago
    Bitter/Sweet Moment. Proud of my sister @marvsmisses and the rest of the family for doing such a good job of keeping it together. It’s tuff knowing Jahi was suppose to be in one of those cap & gowns

  36. I have the Cashill book and Lisa Bloom’s book on Kindle but from what I understand neither book has done all that well in regards to sales or real buzz beyond the initial promotion. I just think people have already made up their minds what happened and don’t see the need to be told any different from what they already believe.

    • The problem with these books is that they provide no new information that folks who followed the case closely don’t already know.

      What I want to see is a book with all of the behind the scenes info… the stuff that didn’t make the headlines and wasn’t presented in court.

      I would especially like to see the photographs taken of the evidence confiscated from TM by the MDS-PD, the videotaped deposition of Rachel Jeantel, transcripts of the Crump deposition, the rest of the ABC audio recording, etc…

      • NOW THATS what I want to see too 😉 but I guess $ will be saved because I dare say we will never see….unless….

        • Since it’s considered ‘work product’ (photos and depositions) doesn’t it technically belong to George Z…???

        • Where is MOM’s book? Didn’t he promised one? IDK.

          There is a LOT of information that has never been revealed. For certain, the public needs to see concrete proof of prosecutorial misconduct and eventually all of the bad guys should be held accountable. Not holding my breath because MOM may have also violated some laws.

  37. I reduce my price because it is not about making the money. I want people to read the book. Also, I am an unknown so a reduced price is helpful.

    I challenge EACH of you to read the book BEFORE you draw your conclusions. You will obtain information that the public has not been told by the media or the prosecutor. You will have evidence of a cover-up. However, if you do not read it, then your commentary has no credit. I give facts. Will you do the same? If I am wrong in my book, call me out on it. I base my book on the facts and nothing but the facts so you will be hard pressed to call me out. You may differ with my opinion, but you cannot differ with my facts. Facts the public has never been told.

    jordan2222 said it best “There is a LOT of information that has never been revealed. For certain, the public needs to see concrete proof of prosecutorial misconduct and eventually all of the bad guys should be held accountable.”

    I fill in this gap. I tell the public. If anyone is serious about finding out about this, then they will purchase the book. Bloom could not tell it because it would be career suicide for her.

      • I am saying that Bloom will not do anything that will destroy her career or black ball her. In fact, I do not believe she knows the facts that I reveal. Most people do not dig as deep as I have to find the truth. It is A LOT of work and I do mean A LOT. I almost quit writing a few times because the workload was so heavy, but I made a promise to Trayvon.

        • Since you do not believe that Bloom knows the facts that you say you have revealed, how do you know that Bloom would not have availed herself of them had she known about them?

          • Hooson1st, I will make that sample change you recommended. As for the second part, Zimmerman is neither logical nor has common sense as I prove in my book. I will use an example in the sample book to show that. Also, Zimmerman chose to kill Martin after the call. He did not intend that when he spoke to the police.

    • This is a general reply – not to anyone in particular.

      Anyone who says anything must back it up with evidence and facts. I have done my research. I do not rely on what someone said, including the Martins and their attorneys. It has to be supported with factual information. The evidence and facts do not support Trayvon Martin attacking his killer.

      I will reply to requests as long as they are NOT presented in an adversarial and attacking manner. Otherwise, the request will be ignored and you will not receive a reply from me. I will not engage in unproductive communication. I have shared with you all some of the contents of my book. I have even extended the contents at a request of one of the contributors on this page. Thank you again for that suggestion. If you want to know the facts and evidence that I use for all of my assertions, purchase the book.

      If you disagree with something I have said, then present your facts and evidence to dispute it.

      • I don’t think anyone here is going to be buying your book. You’ve utterly failed in defending anything you’ve asserted with actual evidence and facts. If anyone wants to read the unsupported theories in your book they can read them on the Trayvon support pages where you got them from. Many of us here are already quite familiar with them. They provided us with a great deal of entertainment a while back. 🙂

  38. More than making a lot of money from this book, I want people to READ it and know the truth. I believe there is enough information in there to REQUIRE justice and change. We all need “Good luck” if we will at least have the truth made known to Americans. We can differ in opinions, but the facts are indisputable. I provide the facts to support/show the government covered-up the first degree murder of Trayvon Martin.

    As far as getting a good review, I don’t know where or how to start. I would imagine that it is very tough to reach the right people for that. Plus, I am an unknown and first time book author. I was told that since Americans tend to forget things quickly and don’t like to re-visit anything that is disheartening, I would have a hard sell. This was greatly disappointing to me. My saving grace was that writing the book did heal me of my hurt and anger.

    • “I reduce my price because it is not about making the money. I want people to read the book. Also, I am an unknown so a reduced price is helpful. ”

      If it’s not about making money why did you start out by charging $39.95 for a pdf version of your book? That’s ridiculously high. Or for that matter why charge at all?

      “More than making a lot of money from this book, I want people to READ it and know the truth. I believe there is enough information in there to REQUIRE justice and change.”

      Wait, now it is about making money? I can imagine the contradictions, illogical analysis and outright BS in your book if this is a sample.

      (I’m assuming the poster actually is the author for the purpose of conversation)

    • Gina –

      If you want people to purchase your book, it helps if you give them a reason to do so.
      You attempt to do just that by offering a “sample” from your book.

      The sample(s) you offer, really offer nothing. In your sample, you need to do more than allege something that has not been alleged before.

      You make some very precise allegations, which you tell us are based on facts. You don’t offer a “sample” of that.

      For example, you state :

      ‘…The criminal justice system ignored the truth of the forensic evidence, threw logic and common sense out the window, and did not care that the world saw them do it… ‘

      Why not give the potential purchaser of your book a good “sample” for why that is true? Bear in mind that when you make definitive statements as to what logic may dictate, it can backfire.

      For instance,, wouldn’t logic and common sense suggest that a murderer intent on murdering would not call the non-emergency number, identifying himself in the process and who he was following, and then ask the police to come quickly?

      So, put yourself in the shoes of potential purchasers, who probably already have a view – pro or con – Zimmerman or Martin. Give them a good reason to believe that you can provide new perspectives on the case that would be worth their time and money.

      • Hooson1st, I will make that sample change you recommended. As for the second part, Zimmerman is neither logical nor has common sense as I prove in my book. I will use an example in the sample book to show that. Also, Zimmerman chose to kill Martin after the call. He did not intend that when he spoke to the police.

        • From your perspective, have you been able to determine when and why Zimmerman changed his mind and decided to kill Martin in that approximately 3 minute interval between his last communication with the dispatcher and recording of the gunshot?

      • I am glad I did it. I have no regrets about that. That was the best thing I did for me. I tackled a monumental problem and did an excellent job at it. I always knew I could do it. It was A LOT of work though. I mean a ton of work. I knew I could handle it since I am used to handling extremely large projects alone. My best reward was my healing. Money can’t buy that.

  39. Hi Gina, I got this snippet from your site:

    “The prosecutor told jurors his key witness Rachel Jeantel could be lying to them!”

    They were softening the blow… she was not a credible witness and there was no hiding the fact from the jury. It would have inevitably come out during cross examination that she had lied under oath to the prosecutor during his initial deposition with her.

    There’s also a little thing called suborning perjury… the prosecution was between the proverbial rock and a hard place. They knew she would lie on the stand (and she did) but they had no choice but to put her up there.

  40. They did not “know” she would lie on the stand. They said she made false statements when giving her witness statement. Her reasons for doing so had no evil intent behind them. On the other hand, wait until you find out the lies the prosecutor, O’Mara, Zimmerman, and many witnesses told. Those lies are what led to Zimmerman being found not guilty. Rachel told the truth about what happened. This has been proven. The prosecutor did not show the proof to the jurors.

      • “The prosecutor told jurors his key witness Rachel Jeantel could be lying to them!”

        So this claim of yours is a lie. They simply informed the jury that she had lied in the past. Makes sense since it would be smart of them to get ahead of the fact she had already lied under oath. They had to have known the defense would use it to impeach her.

        Does anyone have a link/timestamp of where the prosecution actually talked about this in court? I’m sure they suger coated it as best they could.

        • I do not like your tone Coreshift. It wreaks of disrespect. If you want any further communication with me, then you will have to speak to me respectfully.

          This is the truth. I provided additional evidence in my sample book and of course in the complete book. He did not “simply” inform the jury. The prosecutor threw the case and I showed that.

          • So you consider it disrespectful to point out you are misrepresenting (lying) facts? Wow, you came to the wrong blog.

            You want to show that the prosecution threw the case. That they were part of a conspiracy.

            So you essentially claim they sabotaged their key witness by telling the jury she could be lying to them. And you then present that as some of your ‘evidence’ of their sabotage/conspiracy.

            But here’s the thing: That’s not what they did. They tried to mitigate the damage of her lying under oath knowing it was going to come up. They tried to make her seem as believable and honest as they could in spite of her lie. You even essentially admit that in your earlier post.

            “They said she made false statements when giving her witness statement. Her reasons for doing so had no evil intent behind them.”

            I’m pretty sure this is an example of the rest of the ‘evidence’ you present in your book.

            • Coreshift, lying means deliberately telling an untrue statement and that is what you said. My statements are true and I do not deliberately tell false information. Since this is your approach to dialogue, I will not oblige.

              I have not “admitted” anything. There is nothing to admit. I said her reasons for doing so were not evil. This is my last statement I will make to you.

              • Did you write this statement?

                “The prosecutor told jurors his key witness Rachel Jeantel could be lying to them!”

                Presumably you have a link to the video and a time index where the prosecution says this. You have, after all, thoroughly researched and documented the case. Post it. If not for me, for others that would like to see this ‘fact/evidence’ for themselves.

                If you cannot show where the prosecution tells the jurors that Jeantel could be lying to them then I, and I believe everyone else, must assume that you are lying.

          • ” It wreaks of disrespect.”

            Allow me to suggest that you acquaint yourself with the difference between “reeks” and “wreaks”.

  41. This piece right here tells you everything you need to know about the motivesand deliberate misinformation by Gina McGill:

    Black Self-Hate
    Leave a reply

    Black people have to fight against hating themselves. This is true all over the world. In Africa, many are using skin whitening cream to appear more attractive. We are treated badly, we think, because of our race, our color, our physical features. This is what the non-black person who desires to control you wants you to believe, and many do believe it. The truth is that you are treated badly because it was a way to control a group of people.

    But why would someone be so unloving and treat another worse than they would treat their own dog? The person wants control and power. This is most important not love. Some value love over control, but this is not most people. Accept this reality.

    However, the black person comes to hate his race, his very body because his race and his body brings him pain and mistreatment and abuse. He is not treated as an equal. There are laws to help protect his rights, but that only works if the non-blacks in control choose to enforce the law. The law was not enforced in the Trayvon Martin killing. So, he will try to escape this pain by trying to become anything but black. He will try to look white as much as possible because whites are treated equally. He will try to act as white as possible to fit in. Hoping and praying this will end the abuse or at least decrease it. He does this because he does not know how to stop the abuse and mistreatment any other way. He feels powerless to change this.

    This anger does not disappear. This frustration remains, but it must find an outlet. If it is not released against the abuser, then it is released against the self. If it is not used to make others respect you, then it is turned against the self. Instead of hating the abuser for the abuse, the person now hates himself. Since he cannot change the abuser, he believes if he changes himself, he will no longer be abused. Does this sound familiar to you? This is the same pathology as a couple in an abusive relationship.
    This entry was posted in Uncategorized on June 18, 2014. https://ginamcgill.com/2014/06/18/black-self-hate/

    • Rusty you said: “This piece right here tells you everything you need to know about the motivesand deliberate misinformation by Gina ”

      Will you tell me what YOU think my “motives” are and what “deliberate misinformation” you believe I provide?

  42. Some fatal flaws in Gina’s book:
    2. The attorneys for Trayvon Martin’s parents have already publicly admitted that race played no role whatsoever and anyone who thinks race was a factor is wrong…. right here on video

    • It was believed that GZ’s actions alone were enough to win a conviction and I agree with them. This does not mean what GZ did was not race related. Also, many believed bringing race into the situation would cause greater division and a lesser chance of conviction.

      I do not rely on what someone says. They have to back it up with facts. I base my conclusions on the evidence and facts. He racially profiled Trayvon Martin.

      I did not listen to all 19 minutes of this video. If there is anything else you would like me to address, please indicate the time location in the video.

        • In fact, I did go ahead and listen to it. You make wrong assumptions. You have not read my book; yet claim to know it contents. There is no way to have an intelligent discussion with you. I ask you to tell me what you believe my motives to be and what misinformation you accuse me of giving and you provide nothing. I see clearly what your attitude is and your mind is closed. I am done on this issue.

  43. Another issue that renders the claims of Gina McGill’s book fatally defective is the fact that there was certain evidence that was sealed from public view as required by law and depositions are not public record in Florida. Depositions are typically hundreds of pages long and contain sworn testimony taken under oath. We know from the pre-trial proceedings that there are at least 60 such depositions.

  44. Yet another issue that renders the claims of Gina McGill’s book fatally defective is the fact that Trayvon Martin’s parents and their lawyers have already been told to their faces by the Senate Judiciary Committee which supervises the Department of Justice that Trayvon Martin’s civil right were not violated in any way shape or form and there is zero evidence of a hate crime ….. video right here

  45. Gina

    The additional material you put on your website is helpful in the sense of expounding on the opinions you have about this case.

    In another sense, it invites further questions as to the nature of the factual support for your opinions.

    Your passion for Trayvon comes through loud and clear. Your scientific and academic background is on display in the manner that you have chosen to tell this story. However, most of your potential readership is not going to be scientifically inclined and so much of what you have to offer may be lost on them.

    In reading through your revised “sample” text I again looked for some of those facts that are as yet unknown to the rest of us. I did not find any. Perhaps, I may have overlooked something.

    If you want your book to sell, you have to offer a “teaser”, a reason for the potential buyer to believe that they will learn something new, something that is fact-based, something other than another opinion.

    Since your effort is basically a self-published book, you don’t have all the background support (i.e., publicists and publishing network connections) that Lisa Bloom had, for example, in pushing her book. So you have to offer more than eye-catching assertions initially.

    I can understand that you want to keep all the juicy new facts in the book and not give them away for free on the internet, but you might consider giving one clear example of an incontrovertible but unknown fact to document an assertion.

    You state that “The Sanford police knew within 24 hours of Trayvon Martin being killed that Trayvon Martin was standing when he was shot, but they decided to cover it up.” That certainly would be an interesting revelation if it could be factually demonstrated as it would provide credibility to the validity of your other assertions about this case.

    At another point you refer to the testimonies of Mary Cutcher and Selma Mora as “being the first” to speak to Zimmerman. It is not clear, but you may have meant that they were to first to speak to him after the shooting.

    Witness John Good was the first to speak to Zimmerman, this being prior to the shooting, before Mr. Good went back into his home to call 911.

    Witness Good also observed Martin to have been on top of Zimmerman and testified that the person on the bottom was doing the yelling. This certainly supported what Zimmerman told the police, yet you earlier assert as “not true” – the statement of Police Chief Lee “that witnesses supported” Zimmerman’s version of events.

    The potential reader with more than a passing knowledge of this case would wonder why you would showcase Cutcher and Mora, who observed Zimmerman after the shooting, but not mention Mr. Good, who was a far more important (imo) witness in this case, and on that basis may conclude that your literary effort is lacking in probity.

    Likewise on the topic of “who was on top” you mention witness Sudryka as saying “she saw the bigger man (Zimmerman) on top”. But objectively should you not also note that she testified that the person in the “dark clothes” was on top (i.e., would have been Martin, Zimmerman was in red).

    You may have explained these apparent contradictions/omissions elsewhere in your text. But, as presented on your website it has the effect of undermining the credibility of your effort.

    These observations are offered in the spirit of constructive dialogue.

    • May your example serve as a guide to others.

      Well, perhaps I should only focus on the academic and scholarly people because the book’s approach is from a very analytical perspective. I even thought about doing that today.

      One fact I shared on my website is that there was more than one person involved the night Zimmerman murdered Trayvon. I have photos of the person and other information on the others in the book. I believe I stated that on my website. I will double check. This was my “teaser” as you put it. Perhaps I will put it in bold.

      If I said this is proof, the bad guys would find a way to sue me. I will not put myself at risk for anyone. These are corrupt people and like I said, it is my “opinion”. Can’t be sued for that. You decide if it is opinion or not. My opinion is that it is based on facts and logically sound so it is true.

      You are correct. I don’t have publicists or network connections so most of America will never know my book exists. Someone may come across it one day in the library. I have been told that I would have to go around and put the book in front of people’s faces to get them to think about Trayvon Martin again. I am not going to do that. I have kept my promise to Trayvon by completing the book and made it available. Writing the book has healed my soul. Other people have purchased the book and have been quite satisfied. Yes, I want more to read it. However, I can learn to live with what I have right now and focus on other things.

      This statement, “The Sanford police knew within 24 hours of Trayvon Martin being killed that Trayvon Martin was standing when he was shot, but they decided to cover it up.” has proof to back it up. I will make this statement in bold on my website. I tell people what I have inside. My name is on the line here. My credibility is at stake so I am not going to say something that is not true.

      In the sample, I selected certain pages to exhibit so you do not have all of the information. The Mary Cutcher and Selma Mora statements are very clear in the book regarding when they spoke. Good did speak before the shooting, but I did not say he spoke to Zimmerman. There is no proof of his words being directed at Zimmerman at that time.

      Yes, John Good made an untrue statement. Again, I provide the facts to back that up in my book. I am not going to explain everything in the sample. I showcase Cutcher and Mora because their statements were proven credible. John Good’s were shown to be false. I explain WHY his statements are not credible with facts to back it up.

      There is independent evidence that Martin was never on top of Zimmerman. The prosecutor kept that information from the jurors.

      The person deciding to read this has the choice of doing the research himself or being satisfied with what he already has. I will give some thought to your other suggestions. However, at this point, I am not inclined to make anymore changes. If that means no more sells, then so be it. I want to get the book into the hands of Trayvon’s father and mother. They have connections that I don’t have. They can use the information in the book if for no other reason than having credible evidence to show Zimmerman committed first degree murder against Trayvon Martin and the police along with the prosecution helped the defense to cover it up.

      • //This statement, “The Sanford police knew within 24 hours of Trayvon Martin being killed that Trayvon Martin was standing when he was shot, but they decided to cover it up.” has proof to back it up. I will make this statement in bold on my website. // there is zero evidence whatsoever to support this claim and it is fully refuted by the work Dr Vincent DeMaio

        //There is independent evidence that Martin was never on top of Zimmerman. The prosecutor kept that information from the jurors.// no there is not

        //Yes, John Good made an untrue statement.// No, head did not

        //There is no proof of his words being directed at Zimmerman at that time.// actually yes there is

        // I showcase Cutcher and Mora because their statements were proven credible// yeaa Cutcher is so credible that during Cutchers 911 call she tells the dispatcher the black guy is standing up walking around after the gunshot. DERP!

        As I said previously Gina’s assertions in her book are demonstrably 100% WRONG

        • The doc dumps DID NOT indicate this. If you think so, prove it and show me.

          By the way, I have updated my website so anyone can take a knowledge test about the case and receive a FREE murder cover-up book based on your knowledge. If this group is true to its name, “Know truth…”, everyone should ACE it! This is not a challenge. It’s a fact!

            • Ah. I was not clear. Let me re-phrase. Did you know Trayvon Martin had physical possession of a blunt that night before he was killed? Blood tests could not tell when he had last smoked. I am not talking about that here though. I am talking about physical possession.

              • There is all kinds of evidence to suggest Trayvon was smoking weed quite a bit while in Sanford,

                1) There are his text messages that he hid the weed on his person so it wouldn’t be found by the bus driver. He tells someone by text it was wrapped.

                2) The night before he died, his cousin Stephen texted a photo of himself saying he was high #AF (as fuck). In police statements we learn he was with Trayvon the night before.

                3) Mr. O’Mara told the court in the authentication hearing that texts showed Trayvon used all the weed he took to Sanford and he was texting to get more.

                4) Our buddy Diwataman put this video together that suggests Tray had someone buy him blunts the night he was killed.

                Some opine that Tray did make it back to Brandy’s porch that night and dropped his blunts off along with a wallet. His father and Brandy both talked about Tray being out on the porch and there was talk about $22 in his wallet. Ron Fulton (his Uncle) told the Miami Herald about the $22 in his wallet in an interview he gave the day after his funeral.

                I’m not sure why you are bringing this up now and how it’s relevant to anything. The levels of weed in Tray’s body were so low, the defense decided not to bring it up in front of the jury. Why do you bring it up now. Are you trying to stir some debate and heat about the book?

              • Nice play on words Gina. “that night before he was killed”. That would be Saturday night, and his cousin said they smoked dope. So I would think yes, he had physical possession.

            • Thanks Nettles and Cassandra! just saw. Funny what I have noticed about ole Gina. Every time someone answers her “challenge” or corrects her, its a “I wasn’t clear” bit .. ROFL I sure Chumps and CO have no desire either other than possible Libel statements… AND who in their right mind would go to her website and enter in personal info??? Naw not interested, thanks anyway Gina ALTHOUGH… part of me would buy it just to let the Lovely People here tear it apart, bit by bit 🙂 but Gina mite cry. She already stomped her feet at those on twitter

          • Why should people who read discovery materials as they were made available waste our time on your knowledge test when you repeatedly demonstrate considerable lack of knowledge and are in denial about well known facts?

            rhetorical questions do not need a reply.

          • re the test

            Gina –

            I don’t think that anyone will ace the test, unless they accept fully your statement of the facts, and accept your reasoning.

            You have yet to provide one new provable fact in your discussions here.

            You did offer as a fact the assertion that there was “more than one person involved the night Zimmerman murdered Trayvon”.

            What “involved” means, and what “more than one” means is left to our imaginations.

            You did not prove this but imply that proof of this is to be found in your book.

            It may well be that you are correct, but so far, as far as this blog is concerned, it is an uncorroborated assertion. In order to stimulate interest in your book, you have to give something to the potential book purchaser to get them to buy your book.

            Some people might be tempted to buy the book because of the truly astounding allegations that you provide. I suggest that one good provable and proven fact from the array of facts that you have collected would pique true interest in your book.

            One weakness I have noticed in what you have put on your book’s website is that, although a lot of the facts and data are presented in an academic format, it does not seem that you have applied the scientific method to your analysis.

            It is not on your website right now, but in an earlier version, iirc, you presented part of your parsing of Zimmerman’s phone call with the non-emergency dispatcher.

            In addition to interpreting what Zimmerman actually said, you drew negative inferences from other things that he did not say, but which you say that he should have said. (once again, if I have recalled correctly from what had been on your website)

            Your inference is not part of the fact base, but represents a skewering of the facts of the telephone conversation as recorded.

            Yet, for example, when it comes to Rachel’s testimony, you credit her testimony. At the end of her trial testimony she stated that she heard Trayvon say several times , “get off, get off” before the phone went dead.

            However, earlier on, in her interview with attorney Mr. Crump, when her memory was presumably fresher, she never mentioned this. She stated, that after what sounded like someone pushing Trayvon, the phone went dead.

            It is not clear how you tackle the issue of the differing versions of Rachel’s recollections nor De La Rionda’s leading questions in his first encounter with Rachel.

            I point this out not to argue that your interpretation is wrong, although I believe it to be so; but that it seems that you are using differing standards to evaluate the evidence depending on whether it furthers your thesis or conflicts with it.

            • Excellent points. There is differing standards to Gina’s evaluation of the evidence.

              I read before she began she had to get over her anger at what GZ did. I suggest she sit quiet and see if she has not written an emotional response for her feelings rather than a scientific one based on the evidence in the case.

              The timeline nails it for me. George saying “Shit he’s running” and Rachel saying Trayvon started to run and the phone went dead, happened within 7 seconds of each other.

              So Trayvon was at the side of the Lauer home when he ran and 4 minutes later he punched GZ in the face at the same spot.

              He put GZ in fear of great bodily injury and he died as a result.

            • The book is based on factual verifiable information. My opinions are based on the facts and my reasoning is solid (logical). The lies have been exposed and many hidden truths revealed.

              I do not have the publicity to make my book widely known. However, people are buying the book.

              If you have done your research, then you know Zimmerman lied about what took place and that it was murder. If you have not or want to know, you are welcome to purchase my book. I already gave you some facts that clearly show what Zimmerman said happened did not happen when I provided the revised sample you requested AND I answered your follow up questions. If you want more information, purchase the book.

              I have found there to be more negativity here from many people in this forum than a desire for objective discussion. This is my final post.

            • “Yet, for example, when it comes to Rachel’s testimony, you credit her testimony.”

              Speaking of Rachel’s testimony, did you read the Washington Post article about Rachel and her “village” of mentors…???

              Very, very interesting bit of new info concerning Rachel’s testimony 😉


              “She felt attacked, and it showed. “Yes, sir,” she would answer sarcastically. At one point she threatened that she wasn’t coming back for further testimony.

              The next day, Vereen drove Jeantel to DSW to buy a low-heeled shoe. He told her to be more polite and not to elaborate on questions that could be answered with one word.”

              —————————— she violated a court order:

              When court recessed for the night, Judge Nelson specifically instructed that Rachel was “not to discuss [her] testimony with anybody, and that includes the lawyers because [she was] still considered to be on the witness stand. Ok. So it’s not proper to talk about what you have testified or what you’re going to testify.”

              ————————– then she lied on the stand about it:

              “You feeling OK today? You seem different than yesterday. Did someone talk with you last night about your demeanor in court yesterday?” – Don West

              “No.” – Rachel Jeantel

      • F- for analytical ability. It seems that everyone who told the truth and supported Zimmerman is lying, but the lying Racheal Jeantel is the only one to tell the truth.

        There was never any support for anything stated by Racheal Jeantel.

  46. //One fact I shared on my website is that there was more than one person involved the night Zimmerman murdered Trayvon. I have photos of the person and other information on the others in the book// zero evidence of this delusional nonsense as well


  47. //They can use the information in the book if for no other reason than having credible evidence to show Zimmerman committed first degree murder against Trayvon Marti// no they cannot for the following reasons 1) by law they can only use what is in the official case file 2) double jeopardy prohibits further litigation 3) The not guilty verdict guaranteed Zimmerman immunity under FL 776.032 and 4) your book is made up entirely of of unsupported delusional nonsense that has been dis-proven over and over

  48. //They have to back it up with facts. I base my conclusions on the evidence and facts. He racially profiled Trayvon Martin. // Zero evidence to support this claim as well and if even he had so what…. only agents of the government are legally prohibited from racially profiling. A private citizen can profile as much as he or she wishes.

  49. Well, I looked at the free sample of Ms. McGill’s book.

    Lots of accusations, including one new to me that there were others hanging around the mail kiosk (apparently laying in wait for Martin), but no actual evidence to back up any of them is made available unless and until you pay for the book, assuming there is any actual evidence.

    With so many different accusations I’d think including the evidence for just one of them in the free sample would do more to help sales than hurt them.

    I know that if there were something there to provoke a “Wait a minute, she just might have something there” response from me, I’d give the purchase a lot more serious consideration.

    Right now it’s like being told that this new band has a great album out, and getting to see the track list, and maybe even a reviewer’s opinions, but being denied so much as a 10 second actual audio clip.

  50. Both Gina and Jose Velasquez’s “research” consisted of nothing more than plagiarizing nonsense spouted on axiomanesia as far back as two years ago

    Lisa S • 2 years ago

    I want to believe the part about it sounding like more than one person against 1. I believe Frank Taafe was assisting. I may never let that go no matter how the trial ends.

    Barbara Allen • 8 months ago

    This witness 20 is Jeremy W.. Not John Good. I guess he had not heard himself on those 911 tapes before he said all this. Under sworn testimony. His version to the SPD differs from the one he gave FDLE. Real Justice Now believes he is involved. His own words on the 911 call that Jenna was already on when he came in to tell her to call. Listen for yourself!

    GlennTX • 11 months ago

    Why didn’t the police ask Jeremy why he said “he warned him he’d shoot him” during Jennifer’s 911 call at the 1:30 mark?

    S.K • a year ago

    If you listen to John good’s interview with police same voice pattern and fluidity as Jeremy Weinberg voice is distorted. Before cops realized the death was recorded and that John is an accomplice not a witness. He must have tried to pretend to be John manalo. To frame him. Jenna asked for the pic to be taken.

    S.K • a year ago

    If you listen to John good’s interview with police same voice pattern and fluidity as Jeremy Weinberg voice is distorted. Before cops realized the death was recorded and that John is an accomplice not a witness. He must have tried to pretend to be John manalo. To frame him. Jenna asked for the pic to be taken.


    Eva Malloy • 2 years ago

    It was one gun shot Lisa. the first noise was Jermemy entering the home and the door slamming.In the beginning of the call, she’s on her patio watching, Jeremy is outside, thats why you hear Trayvon so loud and close saying “Please Im begging you!!!!” Once Jeremy comes in the home you hear him talking & whispering in the background, as a matter of fact, after the gunshot you can hear Jeremy whisper to her at 53 seconds, either ”HE WARNED ME” or ”HE WANTED ME TO”..?..?..?… but i cant make out the rest. Jeremy was definitely outside, he knows more than he’s letting on. Something very fishy about him and Mrs HomeOwners association president. Also on George Zimmermans non emergency call, right after the gun cocks and he says “ok” he’ll stop following Trayvon, you hear him opening someones patio door and knocking 3 times. that door was either Johns (20) or witness 11.

    Jessica Courtney Eva Malloy • a year ago

    It sounds like Jeremy said “he warned me he’d shoot ’em”.

    elynnc Jessica Courtney • 11 months ago

    I hear “he warned him he’d shoot him”

  51. “…Martin, who was on his way home from the store carrying a pack of Skittles and an ice tea…”


    Gina, do you even ~know~ what’s wrong with this statement?

  52. “This is a book of facts. My opinion is based on the facts in the book. My opinion is that the facts show a murder cover-up. You may or may not agree with my opinion, but the facts I present are indisputable. The facts are the truth. Using facts, obtained from the police and prosecution documents, ”


    OH MY, I REALLY GOT A GREAT LAUGH FROM THAT STATEMENT 😉 … SO MUCH to say but.. where to start. Other than starting with, FACT > not a complete work of research…

  53. “Zimmerman had several people working with him the night he killed Trayvon Martin and I have included the photos of those people”

    Well technically, this is true. Dispatch worked with George getting LEO on the scene because of GZ call of suspicious person (which I am positive is not the first suspicious person call ever, lol but some people seem react as if it were) The witness called his wife for George; George friend came to the PD and brought George change of clothing and took him home when released; LEO worked with him getting his statement of what happened; Fire/Rescue worked with George to check out his injuries and documented and also there are photos of Georges injuries caused by the perp TM, which provided facts of his injuries.

    “I have included photos taken ON the night of the shooting of events occurring”

    Photos of the night of the event are out there, and FREE. AGAIN PLAY ON WORDS… YET she wants to make it sound like there are pictures/video of the actual REAL TIME CONFRONTATION ENDING WITH THE SHOOTING. AND THAT SHE – GINA McGill HAS IT! Smh

  54. “The law requires jurors to consider who began threatening a person first when a person is killed and the killer claims self-defense. Zimmerman following Martin in his car and then exiting it to chase after Martin are very threatening. Usually, if a person is the first aggressor, he cannot claim self-defense if he kills someone. In Zimmerman’s case, the judge EXCLUDED this exception to self-defense so jurors could not decide if Zimmerman was an initial aggressor. This was unjust, corrupt, and outrageous.
    What her decision meant is that Zimmerman could have run up to Trayvon Martin, slapped Trayvon Martin in the face, kicked Trayvon Martin in the leg, stabbed him in the back, claim self-defense AND still be found not guilty!”

    ROFLMBO… so much of your statement is taken out of context that this isn’t even worth time because you want to pick and choose, not use ALL the FACTS, whatever they may be, but I do want to say this…

    “Zimmerman could have run up to Trayvon Martin, slapped Trayvon Martin in the face, kicked Trayvon Martin in the leg, stabbed him in the back, claim self-defense AND still be found not guilty!”

    In this case, TM came back (after running away behind the building) and approached and confronted George and hit him first upside the head, knocked him to ground and bashed his head on concrete, that is why he was found Not Guilty. George shot TM in Self Defense in fear of his own life. But in your scenario – which didn’t happen by George – TM could have been holding a gun on George, so he would still be NOT GUILTY, if he did those things again, out of fear for his life, he is using self defense to possibly save his own life.

  55. Well done all! If Gina would go back and read every detail in this blog covering all the facts and information over the last 2+ years, she would still not see the truth or believe it. Too bad, because it might enable her to write a comprehensive and interesting book. I still hope GZ will find a way to do it, because THAT I would buy. Second best would be O’Mara, but I honestly believe he could never actually tell all the details because of his position as a lawyer.

        • Life has been interesting lately!! My husband will need an operation for an enlarged prostrate, in about 2-3 weeks. I have another grandchild on the way. Other than a sore right side of my body everything is fine….

          • Hope hubby will do well with his surgery. And congrats on that new grandchild on the way. I’ve been seeing lovely pics of Australia on twitter, and makes me think of you As you can see not much new with us – still lots of foolishness going on here of course LOL. Latest is Benjamin Crump’s current railroading attempt in Ferguson MO. Watching that play out on news and twitter. He’s using the same playbook as in Zimmerman case – create racial strife and ruin lives Really disgusting 😦

            • I am following what is happening in Ferguson. It has not taken very long to debunk the “witness” and that includes the autopsy done by Baden that actually corroborates Wilson’s story rather than Dorian Johnson’s made up story.

              It is the exact playbook, right down to “all we want is an arrest”…..

                • Yes. What is more we are aware of the tactics of the BGI. They are using the same modus operandii for the shakedown…. “All we want is an arrest”. They need an arrest so that Browns mother can sue the city or the State because her little darling was involved in a strong arm robbery, injured a police officer and caused him to have a fracture around his eye, and after attempting to charge the police officer he ended up dead!!

  56. Gina made a statement a while ago to the effect that if you haven’t read her book then your comments have no credibility. Technically she is correct.

    However, she has also set up her own website to promote her book.

    It is not unreasonable to assume that she has endeavored to have her website present a positive message about the merits of her book, to advertise its strong points, and to invite the interested parties to purchase her book.

    It is also reasonable that inferences as to the quality and accuracy of the book in question can be drawn from the promotional material offered at the website.

    Since the author of the book and the author/responsible party for the promotional website are one and the same, it is not unreasonable to assume that the scholarship evident in the latter would be found also in the former.

    Accordingly, since, in this instance,we have additional material in the form of the author’s promotional website, comments from readers who have only read the website are not precluded from making creditable observations concerning the book, as long as those observations are linked to statements made by the author in her promotional material.

  57. ROFLMBO!

    Gina McGill ‏@ginamcgi · 8h
    Dr. Bao should have told the truth. Only when he was fired did he threaten to tell the truth in order to get $100 million from the State.

    growing wiser‏@darrell_carter · @ginamcgi well some people are asking why are you selling your truth instead of giving it free.
    6:28 PM – 25 Jun 2014

    Gina McGill ‏@ginamcgi · 36m
    @darrell_carter Get it FREE! Do your research. Or save yourself time and benefit from my efforts. You among many others got it for free!

    Gina McGill ‏@ginamcgi · 35m
    @darrell_carter I gave you the book for free. Did you tell folks that?

        • see she deleted the second tweet before it got posted here! I remb Nettles saying it is preserved her, if posted PRIOR to tweet being deleted from twitter. So I quickly copy pasted. just wasn’t fast enough on the tweet link lol

          • Just as Gina deleted the $1.99 book offer for one hour yesterday. Thanks Coreshift for getting copy.

            She deleted right at the hour because that’s when I saw it and deleted before I could bring up this page lmbo!

            Hat Tip to CORESHIFT

      • The thing about donating profits is that there actually have to be some.

        Which means that there have to be some profitable sales.

        Which means that there have to be people with the money to spare who consider the product worth the asking price.

        I’m not sure there have been as many of those as the author expected.

        I sympathize with what is no doubt considerable disappointment on her part, but sometimes commercial publishing ventures succeed and sometimes they don’t.

  58. Why even mention you were going to donate something, then delete it, then make comments of not going to donate? lol she is something else…

    Gina McGill ‏@ginamcgi · 9h
    Since the Trayvon Martin murder cover-up book is set up to be given away for free or reduced cost, no profit donations will be made.
    12:12 AM – 30 Jun 2014


    • Too much to hope that she will EVER “Get justice”
      I mean “GET” what “Justice” is!!
      Justice is justice. it is NOT “justice for…. a particular person” (to the exclusion of all others)
      It is NOT justice to convict an innocent man.

  59. I would suggest that Gina send a copy of her book to Reverend Sharpton and another to the folks at thegrio.com. They might be interested in promoting her book.

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