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Open Discussion – June 18, 2014


What’s on your mind today friend?


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      • That’s good to know, although I was really talking about geographically nearby friends that would provide an excuse/reason to step away from the PC and head into the Big Blue Room.

        But mostly I was just being a smart-ass in my reply to him.

        : – )

        • I missed the start of this 🙂
          I’ll be your online friend too, unitron. 🙂

          For the sake of sanity I find it best to not ALLOW people to be enemies online… nobody is worth that much mental effort.

          • It started with this

            ” Retweeted by Annette
            Law of Self Defense @LawSelfDefense · 6h

            Only 9 followers to go before I hit 3,800. Anybody have nine friends? :-)”

            and I replied

            unitron ‏@the_unitron 4h

            @LawSelfDefense @Nettles18 If I had 9 friends I wouldn’t be wasting my time on Twitter. : – )

              • Great cartoon, Rumpole. Meanwhile, it looks like you got scooped*

                *Scooped (USA) – Someone else in here beat you to the story. [See nivico June 19, 2014 at 1:47 pm]

                Don’t forget to update your many followers at RT! Have a nice day.

      • Is there really any doubt that she will… 😦

        She forced him to drop his case against the prosecutors before she would allow the case against NBC to proceed, and now she’s going to throw the NBC case out.

        She’ll be overturned on appeal… again.

        She needs to be removed from the bench.

        • Yes, by all means Judge Debra Nelson: throw the entire case out. We expect no less from you. Then the Court of Appeals will kick your fat ass just as the jury of George’s peers have done. Actually, I hope it unfolds that way.
          Bottom Line: George Zimmerman WILL prevail, and he will become a millionaire, tax-free.

        • I agree… that woman does not belong on the bench… and her reasoning is stupid. Zimmerman was not a public figure when the defamation occurred.

  1. So a monster-sized news organization lies about a private citizen, upending his life and turning him into a public figure, and now is arguing that what they did is not so bad because he is a public figure? Was that at all challenged during the hearing? And could NBC have actualy escaped consequences if they had lied about a real public figure? By NBC’s argument, we are all at risk of this happening — that’s why that FOIA request is a “public interest” matter. As is at least one major media-figure’s conflict of interest.

    • Their whole argument that George Z should have personally notified them within 10 days of the ‘error’ is a moot point as well…

      They admittedly knew about the ‘error’ as it was being widely reported by other news media what they had done, they fired those responsible, and yet they never aired a retraction. There’s an interview with the then NBC Universal President admitting that they wouldn’t air a retraction because it would hurt ~their~ credibility.

      Clearly the intent of the law is that the news organization needs to be given notice and an opportunity to correct an ‘error.’ They were and they didn’t.

      If this were any other judge…

  2. Mainstream media rides again…. failed to report Z man filed for rehearing on the points judge nelson dismissed:


  3. too much going on to pay a lot of attention these days. What with the IRS scandal, ISIS and in Oz there is a Royal Commission into union corruption…. you never know where that is going to lead!! Of course my life offline has been very busy of late… and by the end of the year if all goes well I am going to be a grandmother again!!

    • I’m starting to lose trust in the Beasley Firm…

      First, part of the suit was dismissed because they forgot to list Burnside as a co-defendant and the statute of limitations ran out, and now they’re claiming they haven’t had time to prepare (the suit was filed in December of 2012).

      No wonder O’Mara distanced himself from the case. It looks like a malpractice suit in the making.

      • The bit about not having “enough time” is curious, but not novel. We don’t know what has been going on behind the scenes.

        One part of the lawsuit was dismissed, yes, but “without prejudice”. It can be refiled.

        The odds against Zimmerman prevailing were always long, and remain so.

        O’Mara “distancing” probably has nothing to do with Beasley, and a lot to do with prudence. A good lawyer will handle his/her cases dispassionately. He will not get “married” to his client, and does well to not get “married” to the case. Life goes on.

        O’Mara accomplished what he set out to do.

        Perhaps the Zimmermans, as clients, were not always the easiest to deal with.

  4. Good Morning Everyone.

    I wanted to let you know that I’m leaving on 2 weeks vacation tomorrow to visit family and friends in Ireland and Scotland.

    During vacations, I don’t take any technology with me. I leave my phone and computer at home. I told my family if the plane crashes, they will hear about it. If it crashes going there, know I died looking forward to some fun. If it crashes coming home, know I died happy after enjoying a great vacation.

    I apologize in advance to anyone who gets inconvenienced as a result of the blog going without admin. support for 2 weeks.

    My work life and my social life all seem to need the computer, so for my mental health, I like to unplug during vacations I appreciate your understanding.

    I hope you all have an awesome 2 weeks and I look forward to connecting with you again when I return on July 13 (anniversary of verdict).

    Be well. ♥

  5. Judge Nelson threw the whole suit out, ya’ll 😦


    In her ruling, issued shortly before 9 a.m. today, Nelson wrote that that’s where Zimmerman’s suit fell apart.

    “There exists absolutely no clear and convincing evidence that defendants knew that the information published was false at the time it was published, or recklessly disregarded the truth or falsity of those statements. …,” she wrote.

    She went on to describe Zimmerman as having “pursued a course of conduct that ultimately led to the death of (Trayvon) Martin.”

    • So, if NBC did nothing wrong, why did they fire the people? Oh I guess now those people can appeal their firing because they didn’t do anything wrong huh. I think that having Judge Nelson was a conflict of interest on this case.

      I sure hope they can appeal this, from the USA article it seems they can. Having said what she did (as describing what she her opinion is) seems out of place to me. She made Geo drop his contempt case to pursue the libel case, which also wasn’t right, JMHO

      • “Zimmerman had made himself a public figure long before the shooting, she wrote. In 2010, when the Sanford Police Department refused for weeks to arrest the son of a white police officer who had punched and broken the nose of a homeless black man, Zimmerman publicly protested.”

        This part gets me, too…

        The way that Tugboat’s good deeds and goals have been used against him by the prosecutors and now the judge is shameless.

        ZOMG… George Zimmerman was enrolled in college. Guilty!

        ZOMG… George Zimmerman helped start a Neighborhood Watch group. Guilty!

        ZOMG… George Zimmerman called 911 to report burglaries in his neighborhood. Guilty!

        ZOMG… George Zimmerman fought for justice for a minority homeless man.

        I guess if George wants to improve his image with these people and all of his detractors, maybe he needs to knock up a few women, rob a convenient store, and go on welfare. They’ll be lining up around the block to defend him then.

    • This part really floored me. Sounds like something from Angela Corey or BDLR – in case we had any doubt about Judge Nelson’s mind-set:

      She went on to describe Zimmerman as having “pursued a course of conduct that ultimately led to the death of (Trayvon) Martin.”

  6. So If I am reading this correctly, there will be a meeting on Wed July 2? This is on Ben Kruidbos case.

    57 — 5/8/2014
    58 — 5/23/2014
    59 — 5/29/2014
    60 — 6/18/2014
    61 — 6/26/2014

  7. Unfortunately for Zimmerman, the libel laws are stacked against him and other victims of libel and slander here in the U.S. The interests of freedom of speech and expression outweigh the libel considerations.

    Judge Nelson’s ruling is based solidly on libel law. Once the determination is made that he is a “public” figure, all the rest is fairly academic. If appealed, the ruling would likely be upheld with another summary judgement.

    Judge Nelson makes a sliver of a factual error at pp10-11 of the ruling where she quotes from exhibit 9 that Zimmerman’s statement referring to Martin’s race (“he’s got his hand in his waistband. And he’s a black male) was made “with no prompting from the dispatcher”.

    This is not true. The emergency call clearly shows that Zimmerman initially made no reference to any race, then when asked by the dispatcher as to what race, replied with an unsure assessment (“he looks black”). Then when Martin approached closer, Zimmerman clearly identified Martin as being black.

    Judge Nelson ignores the clear context that this was not an unprompted comment, but was directly tied to the previous question on race from the dispatcher. However, it is doubtful that this provides sufficient reversible error warrant vacating the summary judgement.

    • It seems to me it’s her determination of his being a public figure at the time of the broadcasts is what will be challenged.

      Her essential argument is that because he advocated for Ware, became a member of the neighborhood watch and killed Trayvon, that he injected himself into racial and safety issues and therefore became a public figure.

      That sounds very dangerous to me. It suggests to me that anyone that advocates for something, or expresses an opinion that others can witness, is a public figure. That would essentially mean everyone. But IANAL.

      “Based upon the undisputed facts as stated herein, this Court finds, as a matter of
      law, that Zimmerman became a limited purpose public figure. He voluntarily injected his
      views into the public controversy surrounding race relations and public safety in Sanford
      and pursued a course of conduct that ultimately led to the death of Martin and the
      specific controversy surrounding it. Delia -Donna v. Gore Newspapers Company, 489
      So. 2d 72 (Fla. 4th DCA 1986). Moreover, Zimmerman’s shooting of Martin rendered
      him a public figure in the ensuing controversy. Madsen v. United Television, Inc., 797
      P.2d 1083, 1085 (Utah 1990), Berry v. NBC, 480 F.2d 428, 431 (8th Cir. 1973). See also Ruebke v. Globe Commc’ns Corp., 738 P.2d 1246, 1251-52 (1987); Talley v.
      WHIO TV-7, 722 N.E.2d 103, 107 (Ohio Ct. App. 1998); Friedgood Id. at 241”

      BTW, I put up an OCR version of her judgement here:


      • Again, IANAL, but this just doesn’t seem to fit.

        “Gertz established further general criteria for determining what constitutes a “public figure.” Public figures are viewed as being in either of two basic categories: (1) those persons who have attained special prominence in the affairs of society and thus assume a “public figure” role involuntarily; and (2) those persons who have thrust themselves to the forefront of public controversies in order to affect the outcome of those controversies.[6]”


        George never attained special prominence because of Ware or the neighborhood watch program. He was also never in the forefront of ANYTHING.let alone thrust himself to the forefront. He was literally a nobody. Not even a mention of him in any media, national or local, prior to the Trayvon incident.

      • Coreshift –

        I think you are correct that there is wiggle room as to whether Zimmerman fits neatly within the category of “limited public figure”.

        There is a considerable public interest in the court’s refining exactly what constitutes a public figure in this increasingly litigious age and one in which the internet has considerably expanded the opportunities for libel and slander.

        • MORE than “wiggle room” surely?
          By no stretch was GZ a “public figure”, by any reasonable definition, before the TM incident. The shonkey reporting in question was about that incident. That incident is the ONLY reason GZ might now (or then) be described as a “public figure”
          This dopey ruling means that EVERYBODY involved in a crime incident immediately becomes a “public figure”???
          Beyond that… we are not talking about some negative detail inadvertently released to the public (“slipsies”) We are talking about a DELIBERATE falsifying of information that was inserted into an already “inflamed” situation. There was already what amounted to a “Lynch Mob” threatening violence and death to GZ .
          If this ABC thing is not GROSS defamation then nothing is.

              • As I tried to explain on Monday just as my internet service went down, back in 1927 the National Broadcasting Company’s radio network was divided into two networks, the Red and the Blue, and then in ’42 it wound up divesting itself of the Blue network, which a while later wound up becoming the American Broadcasting Company, so they’ve been not the same company for nearly three quarters of a century.

          • It’s a crummy deal, I agree, but reasonable people will disagree as to how the libel law should be applied and what the precedents in libel law do and do not allow.

            For me, the Zimmerman case, as regards the libel statute is not clear cut.

            While the NBC edit may have been done with the intent to deliberately portray a falsehood as to what Zimmerman relayed to the dispatcher, it is not clear enough to me that it was. There is a surprising amount of sloppiness on a daily basis that seeps into news productions that are cranked out under time and space constraints.

            I agree that the NBC edits added to false Crump/Julison narrative that had taken hold in so much of the MSM.

            Nelson’s ruling does not mean that everyone involved in a criminal incident immediately becomes a “public figure”.

            • I think you are “intellectualising”… rationalising. There is no “wiggle room” nor reasonable interpretation. This was a deliberate defamation clear, plain simple. As clear as it could possibly be with original and edited versions available.
              I repeat.. if this is not defamation (deserving of punitive damages being awarded) then nothing is.
              If you can twist logic to define GZ as a “public figure” then EVERYBODY can be defined that way.

              • In the context of there already being a “lynch mob” and real death threats… I would say CRIMINAL charges are also in order. IANAL but there are likely charges covering incitement, conspiracy to deliberately cause violence, perhaps murder etc etc etc.

              • The weakness in Judge Nelson’s decision is her determination in effect that the NBC edit carried the same gist as the entirety of Zimmerman’s responses to the NEN dispatcher.

                I think her interpretation on that point is wrong. Zimmerman, imo, was clearly supplementing his previous answer to the dispatcher’s question with new and more precise information. His earlier responses indicated no racial profiling and his subsequent amplification deserves the same assessment. Accordingly, Judge Nelson’s ruling that this incident did not meet the requirements of the Massey v. New Yorker test as ruled by the Supreme Court is incorrect.

                What an appellate court may think is anybody’s guess. A lot depends on who is on the panel.

            • “While the NBC edit may have been done with the intent to deliberately portray a falsehood as to what Zimmerman relayed to the dispatcher, it is not clear enough to me that it was.”

              NBC’s refusal to air a retraction/correction on the Today Show needs to be taken into consideration, too, though.

              Even supposing they didn’t originally intend to falsely portray GZ’s statements, they did intentionally choose to let the falsehood hang in the air because they they didn’t want to damage their own credibility.

              And to this day there are still throngs of people out there who believe it is the gospel truth that GZ racially profiled Martin and called him a ‘c–n’ because they heard it on the Today Show.

  8. Waving Hello Everyone! Just got back home today and while I was gone, I got my computer fixed.. and was told NO MORE CLICKING/CHANGING if you don’t know what your doing or well that was the nice version 😉 Love my brother haha. Hope all is super well for everyone. Been missing you ALL! Off to catch up… Oh little birdy from Ireland said hello and would talk to us on Tues July 13! So excited for her. Hope she got some rest and had lots of fun! Cant wait to hear about it! Hugs to all… off to see whats been happening! Mimi

  9. Great advise not just on twitter either, in life. But lol especially on twitter

      • The 33 year old ‘patient’ admittedly was the one who initiated contact with the doctor outside of his practice and asked him out on a date… not the other way around. They continued dating throughout 2008 and 2009.

        Just thought it needed to be clarified, since this is being discussed in the context of Jahi, that he wasn’t crawling on top of comatose and/or underaged patients and having his way with them.

        Granted, it was an extramarital affair ~and~ doctor/patient fraternization is frowned upon… but nonetheless, it was a consensual ongoing relationship between two walking, talking, breathing, intelligent adults.

        And I’m guessing that lots of the folks condemning this real life doctor-patient affair were glued to their tv sets during the whole Izzie and Denny doctor-patient story arc on Grey’s Anatomy 😉

        • Thank you for clarifying! My stupid computer started doing an update and I thought I had posted more of the story. 😦

          I read another article that said that this coming out, was possibly reason for this was brought to light about where she was. Could be not sure. I did see also that news of where supposedly Jahi is at came a few days after she got her honorary diploma.

          AGAIN, thanks.

        • Again the clarification was needed RE Jahi, but what this Dr did was wrong. And although she was walking, talking and breathing, it is also a fact that she had some brain injury issues as well as other. And treating her in a rehab facility for mild traumatic brain injury and had sex inside exam rooms. I would be very upset if this lady was a friend or family member. And I still stand by my Sick Somebeaches in this world…

        • AG: Neurologist had sex with brain-injured patient

          Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/new_jersey/AG_Neurologist_had_sex_with_brain-injured_patient.html#jmGvO2VCPByIedvc.99
          Alex Wigglesworth, Philly.com
          Last updated: Friday, June 13, 2014, 4:45 PM

          The New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners has stripped a neurologist of his license for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a patient after diagnosing her with a mild traumatic brain injury.

          Dr. Jonathan L. Fellus had sex with the 33-year-old woman while she was under his treatment at a cognitive rehabilitation program in West Orange, prosecutors said in a news release.

          Fellus was, at the time, director of brain injury services at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, records indicate.

          “The facts clearly show that Dr. Fellus engaged in a relationship with this patient, even though he knew or should have known she was suffering a diagnosed cognitive disorder and was physically debilitated by injuries she suffered in a car accident,” Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman said in a statement.

          The patient suffered episodes of seizures and fainting following the February 2008 crash and was referred to Fellus that August, according to officials.

          Shortly after their first consultation, the patient and Fellus allegedly began a relationship that eventually grew to include sexual conduct inside the rehab center’s examination rooms, prosecutors said.

          All the while, the patient continued to suffer symptoms. Fellus diagnosed her with a mild traumatic brain injury, while a psychologist at the center believed she was also suffering from neurocognitive dysfunction and post-concussive syndrome, prosecutors said.

          The relationship allegedly continued until Fellus terminated contact with the woman the following March.

          The facility contacted the state Board of Medical Examiners as soon as Fellus’ conduct was confirmed, officials said. He resigned from the center in 2011 after being placed on administrative leave.

          Fellus’ most recent office of record is private practice Advanced NeuroCare LLC in Flanders, prosecutors said. He is also listed as chief medical officer of the International Brain Research Foundation, a nonprofit that supports clinical research for the treatment of brain injuries and dysfunction.

          The state board revoked Fellus’ license Wednesday after determining in a hearing that his conduct constituted gross malpractice and professional misconduct.

          The board also ordered that Fellus pay a $10,000 penalty and nearly $35,000 in costs to the state. He is prohibited from treating new patients and required to transfer current patients to new physicians within 30 days.

          Fellus is allowed to reapply for a medical license in three years, pending the completion of psychotherapy and board-approved personal ethics courses.

    • Interesting comment from the Mercury News article.

      Guest • 20 days ago
      It’s interesting that even the National Right to Life organization is urging “caution” regarding this latest development. They also said:
      “But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The bodies of young people who are brain dead sometimes last far longer than those of adults. The key question is whether she has demonstrable brain function.”
      Attorney Dolan also made sure to qualify his “eyewitness” testimony that he has seen Jahi responding to her mother by admitting he is not a doctor and can’t verify that these movements are intentional as the family claims. I find it interesting that all of this is coming out on the heels of the revelation that one of Jahi’s consulting doctors had his license to practice medicine revoked.

  10. OH my Gosh!

    Months after she was taken out of Children’s Hospital Oakland in a dispute over life support, KPIX 5 learned Wednesday that Jahi McMath is in a Catholic children’s hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Jahi is in the pediatric ICU of Saint Peter’s University Hospital System.

    Family attorney Christopher Dolan would not confirm it. But he insists that the girl’s condition has substantially improved. So much so that he says the family might consider moving her to another facility.

    “Whether or not this facility thinks it’s the right facility for continued long-term care … I would say that may be a discussion that I could see potentially happening. Because of Jahi’s improvement, she may need a lower level of care,” Dolan said.

  11. Here we go again:

    Judge won’t allow Wafer’s defense to present incriminating text evidence obtained from Renisha McBride’s cell phone at trial. She states that it is ‘unfairly’ prejudicial.

    Apparently, McBride has also had several run-ins with the police… judge also won’t allow those records in?!

    Proof of rampant crime in the neighborhood… also denied.



        • http://abcnews.go.com/ThisWeek/video/sunday-spotlight-rachel-jeantels-transformation-24542530

          “And it was during a break in testimony that Rod Vereen, a Miami attorney, decided to act. He coached her [Rachel Jeantel] that night…”

          It’s pretty ballsy of them to keep publicly admitting 1) that they violated a court order, 2) that he coached the key witness in a murder trial, and 3) that she lied on the stand when Don West pointedly asked her if anyone had spoken with her about her demeanor the day before.

          The statute of limitation for perjury / suborning perjury in Florida is three years…

          • Interesting… Vereen on the Steve Malzberg show from last year tap dancing around the question of whether he talked to Rachel between days one and two of her testimony while she was still under oath and under court order not to speak with attorneys.

            He’s asked @ 4:45 mark and again @ 5:48 mark in the interview

            • Nivico, you have provided a good example of lawyerspeak side-stepping at its best.

              West had a very difficult task in doing the cross-examination of Rachel.

              To TM supporters it looked like he was way too tough on her. In reality, he actually held back a lot.

              You can be sure that the “coaching” Rachel received between her appearances on day 1 and day 2 vexed him, but to delve further on that point would have distracted from his deliberately low-key calibrated approach and only served to contribute to the already overheated atmospherics of the situation.

              • I don’t think Don West expected an honest answer…

                …and he didn’t get one. Rachel lied through her teeth on the stand.

                He was just playing Captain Obvious ;)~

                I seem to recall, too, that dear Judge Nelson immediately tried to cut him off when he started to question Rachel about her obvious-to-everyone change in demeanor.

  12. Remembering where we all were last year. Thankful for the outcome, hate that the race baiters tried to make this something it wasn’t. They caused more hate and divide in this country than many things added together with their agenda. Wishing George and his Family all the best.

  13. Wow!! Time flies. Seems like just a few days ago I was telling you guys I was going on a 2 week vacation and now it’s over but I’m happy to tell you I arrived safely back home in Canada yesterday!

    I hope everything is awesome in your world. I had a wonderful vacation and it will rank among the top vacations for quite some time. I spent a week in Ireland visiting family and I met a few new people. Then we went to Scotland for a week. There I met some really great people who I hope to keep in contact with. I’ve asked them not to contact me through twitter, LOL. I got 2 pampered days in Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel. It was heavenly. We hired a guide and he drove us all throughout Scotland and we toured castles, food and scotch manufacturers. I enjoyed my tour to the Glenfiddich Distillery but learned I don’t care for Scotch. My travel buddies drank my share of the samples. I did manage to hold my own on the samples provided at the Walker Shortbread Manufacturer though! Overall it was an amazing experience and I’m sad it’s over so fast.

    We arrived back in Canada just after the noon hour yesterday. I arrived home to a houseful of people, drink and food to watch the World Cup. That was a great surprise. Congrats to Germany on their win. That was a great goal! After the game, I was able to share my adventures with family and friends.

    Now I’m headed to work to see what awaits me at the office. I’ll try to catch up on what’s been posted online the past couple weeks later today. I did check emails a few times during my vacation. My apologies to Gina who had two comments to Hooson waiting for moderation on the blog. Gina, if you use the same name and email address when you post here you won’t need your comments moderated. The blog prompts me for approval of newcomer’s first comments and then all comments after will automatically post. I hope you have found an audience for your book. I know you worked hard on it.

    Have a terrific day friends. Talk soon. ♥

  14. Hello, EveryOne: I have missed all of you but have had a series of medical issues and now can barely write an intelligent post.

    I am just trying to catch up and there seems to be a lot of things I need to read up on. I will leave the discussion to those who are up to speed and read as I am able to. Thanks for everyone’s contributions here and their continued support.

    • ♥ Jordan ♥

      I was so hoping your absence from the blog meant you were out and about enjoying various sights and sounds.

      I’m so sorry to read about your ongoing medical issues. Sit back and relax. The commentators here will do the driving. We’ve been talking with Traybots for quite some time so we have some experience deciphering unintelligent posts. 🙂 Do your best and we’ll figure it out.

      Be well and thanks so much for keeping in touch.

      • Annette:

        I try to read some everyday but simply cannot stay up to speed as I used to. My mind is not able to stay focused as it once was and then I find myself writing ridiculous posts asking stupid questions so I delete them to avoid looking liking like a fool. The more I learn, the less I realize that I know and the more there is to learn, so it is best for me to look, read and try to stay informed without being judgmental.

        I keep looking here….and elsewhere… for summaries about what has happened and turn to those here I respect for the best opinions. (That’s all of you.) The glue that holds us together is that we are of “like minds,” in so many ways.

        Questions.. if you have the time..

        Why did George’s suit get thrown out? What is he doing now? Is MOM still involved in the case? What happened to Angela Corey, the prosecutors, etc. and the legal actions against them? Will any of the “bad guys” ever face consequences? Do they all get to walk free? And the biggest question of all: Has anything meaningful been done to improve racial harmony?

        I suspect your responses will sicken me and maybe that is why my interest is somewhat limited but I invested a lot of time on these issues and would like to have closure, if there is any such thing that makes sense.


        I am blocked out of RT. Can you help me? I was hoping to get some more insight there at your place.

        You and Annette both have great “blogs” for the most up to date info but the CTH is still also at the top……… These are my three favorite places for news that interests me, including political views and a prayer forum at CTH for people of faith.


        I suspect that most of us at these blogs are believers and are now looking to God, more than ever, to get our country out of this mess (That includes Canada, Annette, and Australia, Aussie, along with the rest of this world.)

        Have we ever faced such a world crisis for which there seems no reasonable solution? When I look at a list of all of the regions of world conflict, it is downright frightening. It has NEVER seemed so “scary” to me in my 67 years here on the planet.

        I do not expect that present day “politicians” will figure this out. Even if they did, I have grave doubts they will do the right thing for all of mankind. I honestly believe that ONLY GOD can help us now. We simply must turn back to HIM.

        I live by this creed: We are all here to help one another, not change others to our way of thinking.

        So how do we help one another in a manner that God approves? Is there one MAN among us, here or elsewhere, who can lead the way to change and who might that be? I pray that someone will arise who can help Deliver us from such hate and evil that now exists globally. Was Man always so wicked?

        I have made my Peace with God. If I wake up “dead,” I know I will find myself in His Loving Presence and will suffer no more emotionally or physically…. and I hope you all have done the same. I pray that God will bless everyone of my friends here and the other two blogs who have grown so dear to me. You have inspired me every day that I visit here with you.

        The man running our country and his “comrades” have sent me into deeper, worrisome, prayer than ever. Could they possibly have an ulterior motive that will be peaceful and beneficial to everyone? IDK. If so, I am having a difficult time seeing it but I pray fervently that they will find for an answer that will bring about world peace.

        Forgive my rant but I needed to speak to all of you today.. I trust I have offended no one. My heart is good.

        Thanks again for everyone’s contributions. I love you all.

        • O’Mara was always just a sort of “placeholder” where the civil suit was concerned, and he was replaced by some other Florida lawyer as the local lawyer a month or three or four ago, but as always it’s the Beasley firm out of Philadelphia, who are a very Big Deal when it comes to civil suits, that’s really running the show.

          Out old buddy, Judge Nelson, basically said that even before NBC aired their “re-arranged” version of the recording of Zimmerman’s non-911 call, Zimmerman qualified as a “public figure”, because various flimsy reasons, and as such doesn’t enjoy the same protection from getting kicked around by the press that John Q. Nobody would, therefore he doesn’t have grounds to sue.

          Beasley, et al, are going to appeal the ruling to Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeals.

          I’m pretty that court is already well aware of Nelson.

        • Waving!! Hoping your doing better. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. It makes my heart smile knowing you have made Peace with God, I think its something we should all do. It truly is a comforting feeling. I respect others views on beliefs and keep them in my heartfelt prayers. Never feel your posts are foolish. Those here that know one another understand. Or try to help. They have all been kind to me 😉 Just pop in and say hello so we know your out there and don’t have to worry so much. Hugs Dear One, may your days be brighter and filled with Calmness.

    • “… and now can barely write an intelligent post. ”

      So things are back like they always were?

      I kid, I kid.

      Good to see you back, hope you and your docs can get everything straightened out.


  16. OH. MY.GOSH!!! What is wrong with people?

    Casey Kasem’s widow has taken his body out of the country, says eldest daughter

    EXCLUSIVE: Kerri Kasem said the temporary restraining order that a judge granted her forbidding movement or burial of the remains was too late. ‘She’s just spiteful, malicious and vindictive,’ the daughter said of her stepmom.

    BY Nancy Dillon /


    Published: Friday, July 18, 2014, 2:38 PM

    / Updated: Friday, July 18, 2014, 5:55 PM

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/casey-kasem-burial-halted-judge-bitter-family-feud-article-1.1872163#ixzz37rhs03sx

  17. I have been reading book by Elizabeth Smart. God Bless this young Lady! I don’t know if I would have had the strength and courage she had and has shown. I pray she has a wonderful life filled with so much good. Same with others, like the Ladies found last year after so many years held captive and enduring so much pain and torture. Jacey Dugard, Breaks my heart. I pray this never happens to anyone in my real life. And that it stops in real life of others.

  18. Gina McGill
    Inform, Protect, and Nurture
    July 16, 2014
    Backing up What I Say – $500.00 Offer

    Many still claim Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Yet, they do not address/dispute the facts in my book. Well folks, either it was self-defense or Zimmerman committed murder. I say it was murder- murder in the first degree, and I present facts in my book to support my opinion. These facts were not given to the jurors or else they would have found Zimmerman guilty of murder. The great thing about facts is that you can verify them for yourself and thus determine if I told you the truth! I offer the first person $500.00 and THREE free ebooks whom can prove Zimmerman told the truth when he explained how Trayvon Martin ended up circling his car. The first person to post the proof on this post will win the $500.00 and three ebooks.

    • Kinda misses the point about a Judicial System and proof and all.

      It is the PROSECUTION who assert what events took place. The BURDEN is on State to prove beyond reasonable doubt. Defendant need say…. NOTHING… “no comment” or “stuffed if I can remember” will do.
      EVEN IF a defendant offers a version ridiculously untrue it does NOT automatically make any other version true.. as in what the State might claim, and certainly not any of the Multiple, unsubstantiated, speculation from Traybot Worriers.
      WTF is the point about car circling anyway? Hardly THE critical point in the case.

      And besides all that…….. there is NO POINT in continuing to bang on about the GZ case. generally let alone piddling details.

      Hoodies down, Depends up!

      George has been acquitted.

      It WAS SELF DEFENCE…. Judge Nelson signed a chit saying so when she signed the acquittal.

      GZ case is OVER

    • ROFL,

      “Many still claim Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Yet, they do not address/dispute the facts in my book”

      Wow 3 ebooks will give away! To same person? Sounds almost as goofy as the stuff she has posted from about what’s in her book. Why would you want to download 3 more of the same freaking book that you ummm had to download to read, in the first place?

      ROFL. And whatever she is trying to address/dispute, lol she overslept, everyone been there done that long long time ago.

  19. The racists who support Marissa Alexander are frantically blaming racism for Marissa’s second SYG bid being denied while simultaneously ignoring the actual reason it was denied which is the court of appeals already affirmed that the facts of Marissa’s case do not support self defense immunity

    Free Marissa Now shared a link.
    about an hour ago
    Marissa Alexander has been denied a new Stand Your Ground hearing. Yet again, Florida refuses to free this survivor of domestic violence, fails to support women’s right to self defense, and continues to support anti-black racism in the judicial system. Marissa needs your voices and support more than ever! Standing Our Ground Week of Action is still on! July 25-Aug 1: LET’S TAKE ACTION! http://www.freemarissanow.org/standing-our-ground-week.html

  20. I keep thinking about how GZ was expelled from his college halfway through the last class he needed to complete his associate’s degree…

    While I will concede that it was in the interest of the safety for all that he not return to campus, why did they not make some other arrangements for him to finish the class online rather than expel him altogether and deny him the degree he had spent years working towards?

  21. Just saw they are still at it in the Ben Kruidbos case. Good for Ben!

    66 — 7/22/2014
    67 — 7/22/2014
    68 — 7/23/2014
    69 — 7/23/2014
    70 — 7/29/2014
    7/30/2014 NOTICE OF HEARING (AMENDED) – AUGUST 11, 2014 AT 11:00AM IN RM

  22. Michael Dunn has Pretrial Hearing this coming up Monday, Aug 4
    613 — 7/7/2014
    7/7/2014 PRETRIAL 08/04/2014 9:00 AM – 305 3RD FLOOR, 501 W ADAMS ST JACKSONVILLE FL 32202
    614 — 7/7/2014
    7/7/2014 HOM-TBS @ 9A.M.
    615 — 7/7/2014
    7/7/2014 HOM-TBS @ 9A.M. 8/25/14 HOM(TBS) 9/8/14 HOM(TBS) 9/22/14 JS (9/29/14 WEEK 2)
    616 — 7/29/2014
    617 — 7/29/2014

  23. Hello, Everyone:

    Sorry I have not stopped in and posted in a while but I am lucky, I guess, to be making this post. I have been in and out of the hospital… more in than out. I realize now that there are some doctors who are quacks, and I have had more than my share of them. I was released the last time …. November 4th… when I was in terrible shape after telling everyone I was not ready to leave.

    I got worse at home.. with pain that does not have a number. Only a full time caregiver (soon to be my wife) along with nurses and therapists coming to see me at home have kept me going but their visits are now limited. Nurses know more than the doctors but they have little to no authority to do things that need to be done. Money has become a huge issue but I have people trying to work on a solution.

    How on earth can anyone believe that Obamacare is a good thing in any way? I had thought that I had good coverage but recently, to my detriment, lots of things have changed, particularly, the costs of hospitalization. That is why I was released early from my last visit. It’s only the sick who have run out of money who are affected….those who need help the most. Even the VA seems to have abandoned me and have given up on finding solutions. Things are much worse than what you read. They took my pension and now they want $59,000 they claim they overpaid me so they will be confiscating fifteen percent of my Social Security benefits.

    I am not suicidal but I can easily understand how people reach that point. Many nights I pray that God will not let me wake up again if I have to live like this, but I do wake up and have to believe that God would not give me more than I can handle so I struggle and make it through yet another day of pain.

    At any rate, I thought it would be good for me to try to get back into our community. Forgive me if some of my posts make no sense but I now also have a touch of dementia and often lose my ability to continue with logical thoughts. I had a great Thanksgiving and hope everyone else did, too.

    Today is the first day in months that I have been able to type but writing is still a struggle. I tried to log in to some of the protected sites but my PW no longer works, Annette.

    • Hello our Sweet FRIEND!!!!
      It makes my heart hurt to hear of your troubles! I keep you in my prayers and am so THANKFUL that you have someone there who Loves you and has your best of needs at heart! She is a very special Lady and she surely knows how special you are! I pray for you comfort sweet friend. You have had more than your share of pain and heart break this year. On this Thanksgiving Dayafter… I am so Thankful that you popped in and let us know whats been going on!!! You can appeal that 15% and they will take less. I had a neighbor do that. Hugs and don’t be a stranger.. we understand… just pop in and say Hi and let us know how you are! Much love and CONGRATS to your new endeavor with Mrs. “Jordan” ♥ Mimi

  24. Annette: Will you please send a current PW to me at my knology.net email address? I cannot log in to the protected posts. Thank you.

    • I don’t have that email address. I’ve sent it to your yahoo email. If you can’t access that anymore, you can email me at nettles@bell.net and I’ll reply.

      I haven’t got time this morning to reply to your questions in an earlier post. I’ll do that later tonight.

      Have a terrific day.

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