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Goodbye Friend.

Jordan Friends, I learned today that our fellow participant on this blog, Jordan2222 passed away February 10th of this year. His real name was Wayne. I enjoyed conversing with him. I even had the privileged to talk to him on the phone one day. He was curious what I sounded like with a rebuilt tongue. My deepest condolences go out to his friends and family. Thanks for sharing some time with me Wayne. I hope you got to see your mom again. Rest in peace. ox  Obituary


26 thoughts on “Goodbye Friend.

  1. Thank you Nettles, for sharing with us! Bawling my eyes over this sad news! But he has been thru so much these last few years. No more pain for him. Breaks my heart! He was such a sweet soul. I truly learned a lot from him. He was well traveled. We missed out on our steak dinner date Wayne, but I promise if I ever get to FL I will go to Bern’s Steakhouse in your Honor!!! Wish I could have sat and listened to him for an evening! So thankful that he had someone that he loved and loved him back. I pray they were able to be married if that was still in the plans. Rest in Loving Peace Dear Friend! As always HUGS JORDAN, ♥ Mimi!!!!

  2. So sad to hear of Wayne’s passing. He was a dear person, kind and considerate in his words on the blog. Always enjoyed hearing his stories of his travels and the things he had done in his life. God rest his soul. He will be missed.

  3. Nice to have a picture to put with the name. I feared all his recurring ailments would lead to this.

    We bumped heads once or twice but mostly got along and I enjoyed our exchanges.

    Wish I could have met him in person.

    My condolences to his family and loved ones.

  4. For those who read here, you’ll know that Wayne (Jordan) was dealing with dementia in his last years. It appears his funeral was Valentine’s Day and he died February 10th. He was 68 years old.

    His mother died of Alzheimer’s Disease on May 20, 2014.

    Wayne wrote of her on his facebook page

    I lost the greatest Mom ever on the morning of May 20th. She fought until the very end, but finally realized it was time to let go to be with the Lord.. She was 85. She and my Dad would have celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary, June 2nd, the day before my Dad’s 90th birthday. That is quite a testimony to the love they had for each other. I NEVER saw them fight… nor even raise their voices to each other. There were six children; we respected them, and they also respected us.
    My sister, Joyce, and brother, Dale, kept vigil right beside her throughout the night, knowing she did not want to die alone. Her Alzheimer’s had lasted for 2 and 1/2 years.
    I am so grateful to have a sister like Joyce who took care of her 24/7 for that entire time period. My sister, Lisa, proved that having Down’s Syndrome is not a handicap in caring for a loving Mother. She helped Joyce immensely. LOVE can be defined by their relationship.
    Every single night throughout that time, the three of them sang “You are my sunshine,” so it was fitting and appropriate that Joyce and Lisa sang it at her funeral. Joyce delivered a powerful, emotional tribute to honor our Momma. She spoke of their struggles with the disease in humorous form. Still, there were no dry eyes in that church.
    I took a train up there and back which gave me ample time to reflect on my Mom and our past and begin my grieving process.
    Please support research on this dreaded disease.

    Wayne was such a sweet man. He would get upset and quiet whenever there was a conflict going on. There is no way, his gentle spirit could have tolerated twitter and he knew it. He stayed off there for that very reason.

    His technical questions drove some insane and to frustration. Annette, he’d write, why won’t yahoo send me notifications when you post a new thread? Nettles, I don’t like the way your blog is displaying on my screen. How do I fix it?

    Wayne found himself in a mess of trouble with the treehouse administrators when he suggested Jello333 should be made an administrator. He got assigned his own thread for that if memory serves me right.

    I believe it was Jello333 who found his avatar for him to use when people were encouraged to get a regular one rather than the general assigned ones. Jello333 noted Jordan was a thinker and he was right.

    Wayne (Jordan) didn’t jump in with an opinion until he first read what the conflict between commenters. He wanted to know different perspectives first, think on it, and then weigh in….or not.

    Wayne emailed me when another commenter got the wrong impression of him. He wanted to ensure the lady that he meant her no harm but didn’t want to burden the thread down with his drama.

    Wayne had two English Springer Spaniels and he loved them dearly. They were male dogs and he wrote they looked out for each other. I’m sure they are missing him terribly.


    In Wayne’s name, I made a donation to the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation I encourage you to do so too.

    I’m so grateful to have had an opportunity to connect with Wayne. I trust he is no longer in pain, scared or confused. I trust he is with his mom again.

    My deepest condolences to Wayne’s family for their loss.

  5. Oh, wow. Thanks for sharing this, Nettles.

    RIP, Jordan.

    I hope his dogs were able to go to someone in his life, who will remind them of him.

  6. I made a donation too, Nettles, what an awesome idea.
    And have to laugh, because, you can almost see or hear him reading his posts, on the issues of Yahoo or whatever. Very concerned and thought out comments always. His 2222222’s came from when CTH went to where you had to sign on thru WP, iirc lol he pulled some hair out over that. May he rest in Peace.

    IIRC, didn’t he OWN some newspaper companies?

  7. I am sorry to hear that Wayne has passed. He was a good man and we were lucky to get to know him here. He was a man full of wisdom and compassion.

    I haven’t heard from anyone here or about the issue that got us together for a long time. I just checked google ad learned that George is now free from threat of federal charges, his parents law suite against R. Barr has not gone well, and the police were called in January when George threw a wine bottle at his girlfriend. I hope angels flew Wayne (Jordan) to paradise, I hope George’s parents can be restored and enjoy their retirement, and I hope George can heal from his trauma and anger and make the news only for positive accomplishments.

  8. Hoping Everyone is doing Great. Sending best wishes to all the kiddos no matter the age as they begin the new school year. Keep your eyes open for little one…..

    Annette, hope your doing Great too.
    Always, Mimi

    • Hey Mimi!

      I’m doing GREAT. I am about to undertake a major renovation on the house. Taking down a wall between the kitchen and living room and making one large room. Getting rid of carpet and tile and replacing with hardwood floors. I’m so excited to see it when it’s complete.

      Those kids going back to school are a pain in the butt. A school bus has a habit of trapping me in my driveway as I try to leave for work every morning. My neighbour has a bad habit of not having her kid at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus. She prefers to come out of the house (maybe) after the bus blocks me in.

      If that is the worst of my problems, I guess I’m doing alright.

      I trust you are doing great?! Thanks for keeping in touch Mimi. Enjoy the fall, it’s my favorite season!

      – Annette

      • Oh I am soo excited for you and your new project. I feel your pain on the school bus issue. Same issues here, and its not even cold… I love Fall and Spring … Fall being most fav 😉 I am doing Great. Keep in touch and enjoy~~

        • I didn’t get your message. My local police got my account suspended to deal with a threat. After disabling my account, it would be deleted after 30 days. When suspended, twitter keeps the records forever. I doubt anything will come of it, but the cop wanted the chance to take action.

          Twitter is a cesspool and sadly, its most of my former friends who make it so. I don’t miss it.

          • totally understand. I just wanted you to know it was ME lol not one of the idiots. After I sent it. Glad to know your doing good. I havent check my email in ages lol scared to now 😉

          • praying for coreshift, whatever the issue is…

            coreshift ‏@coreshift 6h6 hours ago
            So, the cable company sent me a letter saying minimum to pay to avoid disconnect is $69.63. They aren’t getting it.

            coreshift ‏@coreshift Sep 10
            Turns out my cable disconnect warning means “not immediate”. It’s scheduled to be disconnected on the 13th.

            coreshift ‏@coreshift Sep 4
            Walmart eGift cards just saved me for a few days. You can pay for them w/ PayPal & print them out to use at a Walmart store. Food is good.

            coreshift ‏@coreshift Sep 4
            (Being within walking distance of a Walmart super store is also good)

            coreshift ‏@coreshift Sep 4
            There used to be ppl that would intentionally leave their wifi open so others could use it. Those days are long gone I guess.
            oreshift ‏@coreshift Sep 2
            Just got a final notice for my internet cable bill. It’s probably going to be shut down tomorrow or the next day.

            coreshift ‏@coreshift Sep 2
            I won’t b back online. I’m leaving this acct up in case there’s something of use. Keep up the good fight. Don’t let the hate filled PoS win.

            coreshift ‏@coreshift Aug 30
            Well, this year has completely sucked. Looks like this month is going to end in peak suckiness.

  9. I know it’s much belated, but I just now learned of his passing, and I can’t come by this knowledge without sharing my feelings of grief.

    Like many others, I only knew Wayne as “Jordan2222″… and as a seeker of truth and beacon of honesty. We “met” in the Huffington Post comment sections that followed the articles about the George Zimmerman case, and became comrades-in-arms who allied to “push back” against the disinformation and invective that was so common there. Somehow, we both migrated to the TreeHouse, and I followed here, to Nettles’ blog.

    No, we never met “In Real Life”, nor did we ever speak on the phone… but I feel a loss, even now -many months past our final exchanges- and it hurts.

    Goodbye, my friend. RIP

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