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Open Forum


Leaving off-topic comments on the last post saying good-bye to Wayne doesn’t feel right, so I’ll post this thread for anyone who wants to reach out and stay in touch.

“Worrying about tomorrow takes the strength out of today.”


8 thoughts on “Open Forum

  1. Nettles, it is me, Aussie. I have not seen you posting anything for a very long time.

    I have been missing Wayne and his comments. He was a good friend to all of us.

    In the meantime, just so that you know, I have had my own health crisis and I waiting to have my gallbladder removed. I am doing ok at the moment because of a stent that was inserted.

    • Aussie! Great to hear from you. I’m sending positive thoughts your way. May your health issues become a thing of the past and may your future be full of happiness and love. Thanks so much for staying in touch. ♥

      • I wish I could say that the issues are a thing of the past. I need what could end up being a major operation involving my gall bladder and liver. At this point in time I still do not know the cause of my visit to emergency and the admission to hospital. It is a waiting game. Other than that I am doing very well at the moment.
        So good to hear from you too 🙂

  2. Hello all! Hadn’t checked here in ages and am glad I finally did. Enjoyed seeing the video of George describing how he felt after DOJ got their thumb off him and he could feel free again. Annette hope your remodeling is completed and you’re loving it. And I’m so glad to see the reason your twitter acct was suspended. Couldn’t imagine what happened. Hope the police have been able to find the person who threatened you & kicked his fanny. Glad to see Mimi still seems perky as ever 😉 Praying Aussie is feeling better & health problems have been resolved. In short LOL, hoping everyone is doing well! I miss the good times we enjoyed together. We were a diverse group, but a bunch of good folks IMO. Sending good wishes to all.

    • Hi Winsome!

      My renovation is still ongoing but should be complete in the next 2 weeks. I love the work they did and I’m looking forward to having my home back from the construction crew.

      I’m not sure what the threat was about. I didn’t see it. I was contacted by police and since that initial contact have heard nothing. If I need to know anything, I’m sure they will give me a heads up. It was comforting to know the police are on top of things.

      Thanks for staying in touch Winsome. Talk again soon. ox

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