July 27, 2013

Don+West+Lorna+Truett+Zimmerman+Trial+Enters+hCitxZZCpMpxThe team stood to hear the reading of the verdict.  Notice in George’s left hand he is holding onto something.  Once the verdict is read, he puts it in his right hand and passes it back to Don West and Don puts it in his pants pocket.  Whatever that was for luck, keep it close Don.  It’s magic!.


July 26, 2013

thank youThank you is extended to the defense team for the job they did in getting George Zimmerman acquitted of both murder 2 and manslaughter.

We can Monday morning quaterback all we like, everything that they did and all the strategy did result in an acquittal. So a huge thank you to Mr. O’Mara, Mr. West and Ms. Truett.

I spent some time yesterday trying to learn more about the support team that GZ’s lawyers had. I’m not sure why but whenever I read a criticism about the defense team, I always thought to the young people in the office working their asses off and getting criticized for their efforts indirectly. They didn’t deserve it then and they deserve our thanks now.

The two males we saw in the courtroom were Mike Panella and Josh Martell (dark hair). They were both listed as law clerks and very proudly added to their resumes assisting with the draft of a granted Writ during trial. Hilary Padin (paralegal), Rebecca West (intern), Channa Lloyd (intern) and Brandy Dixon (Legal intern) were all seen at the back table handing the lawyers what they needed when they needed it. Shawn Vincent was amazing in responding to my email inquiries and was the spokesperson for Mr. O’Mara. Shawn got criticized lots about what got posted on the website and how timely it was or wasn’t. He worked his ass off and I got responses back from him after midnight sometimes.

The defense witnesses in the case appeared prepared and knew what they were there to testify to. Juxtaposed against the state witnesses, you saw the difference in the legal teams support people. The defense was head and shoulders above the state in getting their witnesses ready for the courtroom and the public eye.

For those of you who missed it, an article written last November about Michael’s desire to join the team was posted online. It’s here: http://www.law.ufl.edu/flalaw/2012/11/3l-works-with-zimmerman-defense-team/ He gets it and he was on the team for the right reason. I’m so glad he pushed to become a part of the team.

As we witnessed in the George Zimmerman case, sometimes the only thing between an innocent client and the abusive power of the government is his legal counsel.

I am very grateful as are a number of people who believed in George Zimmerman’s innocence. Thank you so much for your time and effort to get the just result.

I was willing George to look behind him after the verdict was read and say thank you to you guys who were standing there waiting to get your chance to say congratulations.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I’m certain you all have bright futures in front of you. Look to what the state did and vow to eradicate the behavior from the justice system. Best of luck going forward and thanks again!

The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 37.2: Perjury and Malicious Prosecution

The abuse of power demonstrated by the state of Florida against the Zimmermans continue with the prosecution of Shellie Zimmerman for perjury.

We’ll be here for you Shellie and we expect the same result George saw in his trial. In the end, the law will prevail and the crooked prosecutors will not.

Stately McDaniel Manor

The perjury prosecution of Shellie Zimmerman is a mirror image of the prosecution of George Zimmerman.  In both cases, there was insufficient evidence to bring a charge, to say nothing of sustaining it.  In both cases arrogant and overzealous prosecutors filed affidavits that failed to address the essential elements of the charges, and that failed to provide any evidence even approaching the establishment of probable cause.  And in both cases, the prosecutors appeared to care nothing for the actual language of the statutes under which they brought charges; they seem to believe that whatever they think the statutes ought to say is what matters rather than what the legislature wrote.  In the George Zimmerman prosecution, they were proved wrong.  If justice holds in Florida, they’ll be proved wrong in the Shellie Zimmerman prosecution as well.

MOTIVE: Consider that the special prosecutors did not have to file this charge.  The local…

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