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Kendrick Johnson

During the Christmas break, janitors stored 3 types of gym mats in the lower left corner (south-west) of the old gym.  The mats were neatly rolled, bound and stored vertically. At the back, against the wall were 4 blue cheerleading mats, in front of those 12 yellow wrestling mats and 5 red gym mats that students used to take jump shots with.  Here’s a wide shot of the mats.

kendrick wide shot of mats

Students returned to school on January 9th from Christmas break.  On January 11, 2013 at approximately 10:30 am, students playing on top of gym mats saw a pair of socked feet near the top of one of the blue cheerleading mats.  Police were on site at the school and entered the old gym about 3 minutes after it was reported (10:35 am).  Kendrick’s mom was in the school’s admin. office at that time and overheard on a counsellor’s too loud cell phone that a body had been found in the gym.

In an attempt to get Kendrick out of the mat, the coach climbed on top of the mats and tried to lift Kendrick out.  He couldn’t and asked another student to help him move away the mats so they could lower the one Kendrick was in.  Once he lowered the one Kendrick was in, Kendrick and a basketball shoe tumbled out near the wall.  See page 6 of 56. The student and coach knew immediately it was too late to help Kendrick.  The look of him and the smell of him told them they were too late.  The coach then ordered everyone out of the gym.  Kendrick is in the blue cheerleading mat on its side here.  Look closely and you can see his socked feet. Here is a shot of the aftermath.  You’ll also note on page 6 of 56, the first two officers who arrived wrote they had to move 3 mats out of the way to get to the south of the mat Kendrick was in.  They noted he had come out of the end of the mat up to his rib cage.

kendrick in mat

In this article, the reporters who have seen all of the video confirm, you can see the students who first alerted to Kendrick in the mat, the coach goes over and the pulling down of the mats was on the video-tape recently released.  Here is a closer shot of Kendrick inside the mat after the coach and students pulled it down.

kendrick in mat1

At a slightly different angle, in this picture you can see further into the mat and notice the pair of shoes that Kendrick is believed to have been wearing when he fell into the mat.

mat shot

This video demonstrates how hard it is to hear someone call for help from within one of these mats as well as how difficult it would be to tip it over even if it wasn’t surrounded by other mats.

In this picture, Kendrick is wearing his black and white Adidas basketball shoes
vikings pic

When the coach pulled down the mat, Kendrick and one of his basketball shoes tumbled out the mat near the wall. They knew he was dead by the look of him and by the smell. The shoe that was in cheerleading mat near his head is pictured here:  Note the laces are soaked in blood and the stitching on the shoe near the laces have turned red from blood.
bloody shoe

At the other end of the cheerleading mat, the pair of shoes he wore in school and not for basketball were found near his feet (orange, gray & white Nikes)
mat shot

The other basketball shoe was found on the floor in front of the yellow wrestling mats. Here is a wide shot of the mats. The cheerleading mats (blue) were at the back, in front of those were the wrestling mats and in front of those red gym mats. All together there were about 21 mats in this corner.
mats wide shot

It’s a bit tough to see, but in front of the 3rd yellow mat, you can see the other baseketball shoe Kendrick wore.
Other Shoe

Here is a close up of the one basketball shoe that was outside of the mats.

close up of other shoe

From this angle, note there is a gray hoodie on the floor behind the yellow wrestling mat.

gym mats w gray hoodie

Kendrick’s family initially told investigators that the hoodie did not belong to Kendrick.  The family and their representatives have floated a theory that they see what may be blood on the cuff sleeve of the hoodie.  It’s widely reported, the police did not collect this item in their evidence collection but the source data has it listed as evidence #4.  Kenneth Johnson, asked to see evidence #4 when picking up his son’s personal property on June 10, 2013 after the police closed their investigation.  Mr. Johnson told police that the hoodie is his son’s and he’ll be in touch.  See page 2 of 4. Here’s a close up of the hoodie.

gray hoodie

hollister-logoDon’t think the red mark you see on the hoodie is blood.  That is part of the Hollister logo.  The family alleges marks on the cuff sleeves may be blood.

As recently as last week, I saw Anderson Cooper of AC360 on CNN tell viewers that blood found on the wall in the gym was not tested.  This is another false report.  This blood splatter was found 50 feet away from where Kendrick was found.  It’s on the south wall between the bleachers, according to the crime lab report.  I do know the bleachers are low to the ground.  On page 6 of 6 the investigators report that the blood on the wall was not a DNA match of Kendrick Johnson.  So this was tested.  To learn who the blood belongs to, 3,000 students would have to be tested and for all anyone knows, it could belong to a visiting team member of an opposing basketball player or guest.  Unless there is a tie in to Kendrick in the mats, who’s blood that is may have to remain a mystery.  It doesn’t look like it was a recent splatter.  In fact, parts of it look faded.

blood splatter

Kendrick was video-taped entering the gym at 1:09 pm on January 10th.  Note the red mats have been pulled from the front pile of mats and reading student’s statements we learned were used by some to make jump-shots.  Also note the height of the bleachers on the far (south) wall.  From this angle, the mats that house Kendrick’s basketball shoes are in the far left-hand (south-west) corner.


Here are links to all the police source data released so far.
Jan ’13 Incident Reports
Crime Lab Report
Mar ’13 Incident Reports
Apr ’13 incident Reports
May ’13 Incident Reports
June ’13 Incident Reports
Call Logs
DA Subpoenas
Family Attorney Correspondence (including independent autopsy)
Clearer copy of independent autopsy
GBI Coroner’s Report
GBI Medical Examiner’s Report (Autopsy)
Property Evidence Forms
Search Warrants

The family lawyer asked the local NAACP and the SCLC to investigate the matter.  Leigh Touchton was their lead investigator and concluded that this was exactly as the Sheriff’s department concluded, a horrible accident of reaching for a basketball shoe and falling into a cheerleading mat some 20 hours before he was found.  On this blog, a radio interview can be heard of Leigh Touchton’s findings.  I highly suggest you find a half hour and listen to it.  Ms. Touchton became quite concerned that the family and their lawyer were spreading untruths and as a result, she resigned from the local NAACP.  Rev. Rose of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) agrees and supports Ms. Touchton’s findings.  He has offered $10,000 to anyone who can bring forth information of foul play in this case.  He thinks his money is safe because there was no foul play.  Rev. Rose helped the family raise $5,000 to find answers and in his quest to learn the truth has come to believe there is too many people who would have needed to conspire and put their careers at risk to have lied.  Here is an interview of Rev. Rose and his thoughts today.


If you had time to listen to Leigh Touchton’s radio interview above, you know the Coroner in the state of Georgia gets licensed by taking a weekend course.  His/Her duty is to learn to tell if a body is deceased, arrange transport and call for an autopsy if the death is suspicious.

V.P. at Re-Newsit, did a blog post about the Coroner in Georgia.  While a big deal has been made about his not being called at 10:30 a.m. when the body was discovered, Sheriff Prines explains here why he delayed in calling the Coroner.  The Coroner cannot walk through the scene to rule a person deceased and no one can touch or move a body until a Coroner has made that determination.  If Sheriff Prine had of called the Coroner at 10:35 am, then he would have sat and waited until 4:00 pm before investigators had processed the area leading up to the body.  The Coroner was called at 3:45pm advising a body needed to be assessed as dead and he made his way to the scene.  The Coroner has no medical training and this particular Coroner, Bill Watson, has shown lack of knowledge in medical issues and quite frankly grammar and spelling.  In his death investigation report   you’ll note, Mr. Watson writes he pronounced Johnson on January 10th at 4:35pm.  I think he meant the 11th.

Mr. Watson also mixed up the medical terms viscera (internal organs) and vitrious (eye fluid) when telling what got used up during Johnson’s autopsy.  Sherry Lang, spokesperson for the GBI, told Crimesider

that Watson’s  “accounting of the conversation with Mr. Bryan is inaccurate and incorrect.” She said Bryan was talking about “vitrious,” fluid of the eye, and not “viscera,” internal organs.

While the Sheriff’s office has been accused of a rush to judgement, the Valdosta Lowndes Crime Laboratory Report, dated January 25th indicates investigators processed the scene as a possible crime scene.  They were called at 10:48 a.m. on January 11th, just 16 minutes after the first officers entered the gym.  The first criminologist arrived at 11:08 a.m.

Much has been made of a pair of shoes found in the gym with red matter on them.  On page 3 of 5 of the crime lab report, we learned the crime lab tested the shoes for blood and learned the test was negative.  These shoes were found on the other side of the gym, the north wall by the bleachers.  These are the shoes that tested negative for blood: shoes orange and black

Global Grind posted an article of mysterious things in the case and used the test results from this shoe but you’ll note in their report, they used the picture of the basketball Adidas shoe that was confirmed to be in blood. Here is a screen cap of the blog post posted on Nov. 7, 2013. grind

We learn that crime scene tape was set-up and 9 officers from the local Sheriff’s department were involved in processing the scene, 3 criminalists from the crime laboratory and six Georgia Bureau of Investigations (State) investigators were on scene throughout the day.

The yellow folder that Kendrick was seen carrying in the hallway at 12:59 pm was found near the mats along with a blue physical science textbook.

Bill Watson arrived at 4:00 p.m.

“Johnson’s body was positioned lying approximately on his left side sticking out of the rolled-up mat from his head to approximately his abdominal area. The remaining of his body from approximately the abdominal area to his feet was inside the rolled-up mat.  Johnson’s head was on the concrete floor in a pool of blood.  Johnson’s body was removed from the mat so Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson could continue his examination.  Johnson was wearing a white in color undershirt, an orange in color tee shirt, a white in color tee shirt, a belt, blue in color jeans, black in color shorts, boxer underwear and white in color socks. There was one (1) pair of white, grey and orange in color NIKE shoes inside of the mat (Crime scene Item # 8), which were not on his feet. The NIKE shoes were documented with photographs. Johnson’s body was placed into the supine position so that his body could be examined by Lowndes County Corner Bill Watson. During his examination Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson unfastened Johnson’s belt and jeans.  Johnson’s body was documented with additional photographs.”

At 4:10 p.m. the crime lab report goes on to say that two criminologists placed Johnson’s body

“on a sterile white sheet to conduct an additional cursory examination for documentation.  It appeared that rigor and livor mortis had already set in, which was consistent with the position of the way the body was found. Johnson’s right arm was in a position that appeared to cover his face and body with his left arm was along his body with his forearm bent back towards his head. Johnson’s fingers were loosely curled up on both hands.  One black wire with white ear phones was hooked  round Johnson’s left hand middle and index finger. There appeared that rigor mortis had set in because of the stiffness of his body. Levity was present on his head ,arms and chest area. Johnson’s face was swollen and had blood exiting from his eyes, nose, and mouth.  There was visible dried blood on Johnson’s arms,  chest, and face- the smell of Johnson’s body appeared that it was starting to decompose. Johnson’s eyes were swollen, fixed, and  dilated. Blood was visible in the eyes with signs of petechia. There appeared to be no signs of blunt force trauma on Johnson’s face or body. There appeared to be no visible signs of wounds to Johnson’s body. There were visible signs of skin slippage on Johnson’s abdomen  area, face, and arm. Johnson’s body was documented with additional detailed photographs.”

Medical Examiner

At the request of Bill Watson, Coroner, an autopsy was performed by Dr. Maryanne Gaffney-Kraft on January 14, 2013.  Dr. Gaffney-Kraft is board certified in forensic, anatomical and clinical pathology.  She found that Kendrick died as a result of accidental positional asphyxia.

In June 2013, the family exhumed KJ’s body and bought an independent pathologist from Florida to conduct a second autopsy.  Dr. William Anderson found a non-accidental blow to the right-side of KJ’s neck caused his death.

This is not the first time Dr. Anderson has contradicted a finding and surprisingly, he found the same cause of death.  Adam Floyd, reporter for the Valdosta Daily times wrote

“Anderson has previously contradicted an official finding with a similar conclusion. According to a 2004 Orlando Sentinel article, Anderson, a former pathologist with the Orange-Osceola morgue in Florida, joined two other colleagues questioning the official cause of a 1998 death of a Rollins College student.

The chief medical examiner at the time ruled the death as a result of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. Anderson reviewed the records and concluded that the death was due to “blunt-force trauma to the neck,” according to the Orlando Sentinel.

“At the time of the article, all three pathologists were no longer with the morgue. Anderson resigned his position in a dispute over work related issues, a second pathologist was fired, and the third retired after the State Medical Examiner’s Commission ordered him to stop performing autopsies due to repeated errors, according to the Sentinel.”

U.S. Attorney Michael Moore has opened an investigation to review what has been done in this case.  We await the results of his investigation.


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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t touch on the motion activated cameras and Crumps claims videos were doctored. Also false claims about his fingernails. I guess there’s just way too much to cover in this case.



    • Of course if they did not cut his nails to check for DNA that would also be called a cover-up. They would say that the nails were not even checked for to see if he was attacked.

    • Good point. Here is a blog from CCTV that explains how motion detection cameras work – http://www.thecctvblog.com/motion-detection-explained/ Basically, the camera starts recording once a change in pixels is detected.

      As to the time-stamp issue, it was reported that the time stamp seen on some stills came from the original version of the video being played on the security software. Copies of the video will not show a time stamp.

      There were 4 motion detected cameras in the gym. The one focussed towards the gym mats corner appears to have been hit with a ball. All of the video from that camera is blurry. I’ve heard 2 experts say it would take a huge amount of man hours to blur the video if it had originally been a clear copy. It’s unlikely the video is tampered with.

      Reporters had wrote though, in spite of the blurry image, the video does capture the students finding Kendrick and alerting the coach and what he and the students did next. Police officers entered the gym 3 minutes later. I’ve read the moment that Kendrick went to the mats wasn’t captured as the movement was out of range of the cameras. Had others been in the gym in the line sight or walked away from there, one could expect the camera to have recorded a blurry figure or figures leaving the area.

  2. Excellent Blog Annette…I have a question about the identification of the body. I have read accounts where the father saw the body, and in fact smelled it, and also notes that it was the grandfather who identified the body.

    • Both accounts are correct. On January 11th, Kenneth Johnson was away at work, I think he drives truck. So his grandfather was shown a photograph and identified him. At this family meeting at the school his mother and sister confirmed the Nike shoes were his and the Adidas shoes were “probably” his. See page 20 of 56 http://www.11alive.com/assetpool/documents/131030051629_Jan%20'13%20Incident%20Reports.pdf

      Two days later, Kenneth Johnson, his father, asked to see the body. On January 13th, he was granted this request. Read V.P. Blog about the Coroner, http://www.re-newsit.com/2013/11/coroner-slams-investigation-into.html she describes what Kenneth said about smelling the body and noting that his fingernails were short. Mr. Johnson said KJ kept his fingernails long but pictures of him giving the finger seem to discount that.

      It’s unlikely that if the body was in a warm environment that his father could have gotten that close to smell him.

      Kendrick was sent for autopsy the next day (Jan 14th) and was released to the family at its conclusion.

      • As an aside Kendrick’s missing clothing was released with the body after the autopsy. Crump’s been touting that as a sign of a cover up along with the fingernails and missing organs. Maybe the ME screwed up by releasing the clothing and not bagging it as evidence. Anyways, talk to the funeral home about where it is..Hrmm, just had a thought. Wouldn’t a funeral home return a body’s personal effects, including clothing, to the family? Page 2.


        • Still catching up, so excuse if in docs, which I will read after catching up here. But in the paragraph Nettles blog article on the sweatshirt/hoodie. I wonder what the “personal effects” family received when case was closed? Could they have released the clothing to the family and documented that sent with body? Ok, have to read links, just wanted to comment before lost my thought.

    • She truly has. When she announced it I expected just a short blurb about the case and a few links. I was in shock when I started reading the post and saw how much effort was put into it.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Nettles, you’ve done a fantastic job of accumulating information and documents here. Thank you for all your effort and hard work! People should read the info here instead of listening to Crump’s accusations.

  3. Reblogged this on Justice For All and commented:
    I had been working on a write-up about this case but my friend Nettles has done a marvelous job putting things together with the information available.

    As with the Zimmerman- Trayvon Martin case evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the authorities is alleged but there’s nothing concrete that would not require a mass conspiracy on the part of multiple government agencies. We are supposed to believe that this is so, contrary to evidence , because it happened in the South and the victim was black.

  4. The Amazing Annette — not to be confused with Carnac the Magnificent 🙂 Thanks for your fact-filled blog.
    Recently, a school CCTV tape of what clearly appeared to be KJ alone was aired on MSM, walking into the gym towards the mats lasting for 12 seconds and then darkness. A quick search of this footage is now absent conspicuously, after Mr Ben Crump announced that the family had not sanctioned the release of the school surveillance tapes, in an interview.
    Anyone know whether the cameras would be both overhead lighting-activated as well a motion-sensored?

    • Hey Facebook Buddy! Welcome to the blog. As far as I know, they are motioned-sensored only. I haven’t been able to find a copy of the video. Only read what some of the reporters say they are seeing.

    • Welcome! I feel pretty sure that was just motion sensored. I say this because, it for light sensored, it would IMHO would defeted purpose and made a lot of video with chance of nothing on it, especially if a lighted venue yet no one present. I say this because of ours we use at our deer lease. Some motion activated, are inferred to capture if the lights are out. Also, since they are digital in format, the time stamp will be on the tape, whether shown on visual of tape or not. I was told this when we bought my new camera from a camera store. Whether you choose to show date on picture or not, it as well as time is in the digital data format which is created for each frame.

  5. Happy to be here! CNN aired that short clip of the 12 seconds last week, but it has mysteriously disappeared since then.
    Thanks for your blog and the info on the surveillance tape sensors.

  6. Something I absolutely do not understand is why anyone is putting any credence into the second autopsy report. That report apparently states that the cause of death was a “non-accidental blunt-force trauma to the neck”. There may or may have not been evidence of trauma to the neck, but stating that this trauma was non-accidental and was the cause of death are wildly speculative.

    Outside of the “Vulcan death grip”, I don’t understand how trauma to the neck could cause death unless some vital structure such as the carotid artery, trachea, or spinal cord was damaged. I am a physician, and a blow to the neck is simply incapable of killing someone unless it damages a vital structure. Until that little bit is explained to me, I am simply not buying the second autopsy report.

  7. The is the bruising is easily explainable since it is on the same side his arm was found in. His right arm was under him and the force from his weight pressing against that area for an extended period of time would cause does capillaries to burst, pool and show a bruise similar to a blunt force hit. Combined with him lifting himself and falling back down trying to get out and there you have it blunt force trauma to the right mandible.

    I feel bad for the family, but the story is implausible at best that someone did this to their son. Anyone that has any experience with those mats knows that they are hard to roll up, trying to do so with a body inside requires more than one person, same as trying to stuff someone in there. At some point if they are honest with themselves they will have to come to terms with that.

  8. I got an email from Harry Houck congratulating me (and us) on this thread. Mr. Houck is a retired New York Detective First Grade. He advises me he is doing an investigation into the Johnson case for CNN.

    Mr. Houck posted this video to his youtube channel a few minutes ago:

    Mr. Houck wonders about how the shoes got into the mat and I realized I didn’t post my theory on it. So I’d like to do that and I’d love to hear what your theory is after reviewing what is known so far.

    Kendrick’s sister was asked about the Nike shoes (the ones by his feet) and the Adidas shoes (basketball shoes). She told investigators that the Nike shoes were definitely Kendrick’s and the Adidas shoes were “probably” his.

    I theorize that Kendrick as was reported stored his basketball shoes on a regular basis in the cheerleading mats. These mats were usually horizontal in the gym, not vertical.

    I think the Janitors gathered all the mats up and stored them vertically in the south-west corner of gym over the Christmas break and Kendrick’s shoes were in the mats when they did that. On the second day back after the break, we see Kendrick enter the gym and run towards the vertically stacked mats. I think he was going to find his basketball shoes for the game that night. Kendrick heads straight for the mats because he knows where his basketball shoes are. No one threw them in there playing a trick on him.

    There are only 4 blue mats so finding his mat wouldn’t have been too difficult. Unfortunately, the one with the shoes in them was behind another 2 cheerleading mats in front of it. As one shoe was found on the floor in front of wrestling mats, I think Kendrick was successful in fishing one shoe out. Perhaps one shoe was piled on top of the other shoe and those extra inches in getting the second shoe out proved too much and he inadvertently fell in.

    The Nike shoes found by his feet, could have been him taking them off using the opposite foot and trying to kick them out of the mat to alert others he was in there. If that was the plan, sadly it didn’t work and he lost the ability to kick them out once they fell further into the mat.

    What is your theory?

    • I think Kendrick’s sister could identify his Nike shoes because he wore them home. Here is a screen grab from the video of Kendrick entering the gym.

      Kendrick with yellow folder in gym

      Note he is carrying the yellow folder that is found by the mats, according to the evidence log, and it appears he’s got on white shoes (his Nike shoes) that were found by his feet inside the mat.

      map of gym Here is a map to orientate you with the gym.

    • Yes, as we have discussed on twitter, I too think this is what happened. Look at his socks, how the toes on both feet, the socks are stretched I guess might be the word. Do a lil test, try to pull your shoes off and see if it doesn’t pull on your socks. And most likely, IMHO, when the mat was layed over by the coach, they tumbled over to the position in the photo. They are resting on his butt area. Also, as a side. My son in law, volunteers at a local school with the wrestling team. They all roll up these mats when done with class or events, not janitors, because it is part of their equipment. And not only are they heavy, they are awkward to maneuver. I agree, I think he got the one out, an maybe threw it out and went back to get the other. Also, he had taken off the hoodie/sweatshirt too, either after getting first one out or for sure prior to getting stuck in the mat. And people saying about him being 19 in across and mat 14 in. I am curious where this measurement is from (again haven’t finished all reports, just the 56 page one) But, anyway, the mat is rolled up, making it not a fixed structure, and would expand as he inched in and eventually got stuck. Which I think, it gave just enough give to let him slip further down and then retracted, even if he had moved about, the other mats held it up and that too, could be one of the reasons he was kicking off his shoes, maybe trying to get the mat to fall to side.

    • Why would he store his basketball shoes inside a rolled up mat?

      Did he not have a locker?

      If there was a risk of them being stolen, that seems like a poor hiding place, especially if someone else knew about it.

      But at least “the mats were horizontal when he put the shoes in and then the janitors tipped them upright” explains how they got inside the mat in the first place, and eliminates the “somebody threw his shoes in there on purpose” possibility.

      • It seems it was a common practice. No he did not have a locker, his family confirmed that in the 56 pg docs I read. IIRC the locker cost $10, and I also read that KJ and another student shared their shoes.

        • I guess it was a matter of priorities, because I think that snarled-hair hairstyle must have cost some money. I think it’s a shame the school doesn’t provide free lockers for the athletes – ours did. I guess schools don’t have the money anymore.

          • I know when my girls were in school, we had to pay for a “lock”, couldn’t provide your own. Which made sense, in case they needed to get into it. I have a big problem with kids not having lockers provided. Seeing some kids, some YOUNG with backpacks carrying books. Having someone with severe back issues in my family, it really hits the proverbial nerve. I know one of my nephew’s school provides them with a home set of books. Which works out good, cant say I forgot my book when have homework lol

      • According to the students, it was common practice for some to leave the shoes in the mats. It doesn’t appear getting them stolen was a concern. If you needed a pair, you could use them and put them back.

        Kendrick’s one shoe was likely out in plain view after he retrieved and threw it. Kids played basketball that night from 3:30 to 6pm and a girls color guard practiced from 6pm to 8pm and no one took his shoe. It was just left there.

        It looks to me like the shoe outside of the mat, may have landed on top of a vertical wrestling mat. When it was tipped over, it fell to it final resting spot. The kids playing on the mats would have seen it as well.

      • In January’s incidents report look at page 26 and page 37. Page 26 explains he shared his shoes with someone else. Page 37 explains the practice of several students throwing their shoes over the mats in the corner and then retrieving them when it was time for basketball. http://www.11alive.com/assetpool/documents/131030051629_Jan%20'13%20Incident%20Reports.pdf

        In April’s incident report look at page 22 which confirms that Kendrick did not have a locker. http://www.11alive.com/assetpool/documents/131030051628_Apr%20'13%20Incident%20Reports.pdf

        Kendrick’s mom did expect him to be at a basketball game the night of January 10th. When he was not home by 11pm she got concerned and went to the school looking for him. She reported him missing at 12:30 am on Jan. 11th and was at the school at 8am when Sgt. Mike Adams was investigating Kendrick’s disappearance.

        Kendrick’s mother and sister were present in the school office when they got word at 10:31 am that a body had been found in the old gym. Kendrick’s mom called his grandfather and he joined them at the school.

        Because police were investigating his disappearance, two officers were at the school when the body was found and entered the gym as frightened students were exiting it.

        Using photographs of the two pair of shoes and of Kendrick, Kendrick’s sister identified his shoes and his grandfather identified him. Kendrick’s dad was away at work out of town and was not present.

        So the family was at the scene as well. Not in the gym but at the school. I highly doubt this was a cover-up for anyone.

          • I have to agree. An unfortunate freak accident. But what a glorious opportunity for a Protest, March, Rally or a Looting at the local Walgreen’s store- all in the name of
            “Justice” *wink*
            don’t forget to buy your
            “who killed KJ tee shirt” available on Ma Ma Jackies FB page!!

    • Maybe he’s not supposed to tell that he’s doing this work for CNN – after all, they may choose to not publicize his findings if he doesn’t come up with the “right” answers. Like how pharmaceutical companies don’t publish the studies they commission that don’t show what they want.

      (sorry Hoosan, I admire how you have faith in everyone, but I no longer trust the media lol)

    • I lost my comment! Grrr! Basically, I think it’s so cool that this detective found your blog, Nettles! But now that I’ve listened to his video, I’m extra glad – maybe the extra eyes looking at the evidence will help – because I feel like he made some irresponsible suppositions that could get people hurt in this BGI atmosphere. For instance, he seemed to give credence to his own idea that some kids may have pushed him in for fun. People may come up with names and start hurting those kids. He also suggested the kid who wouldn’t cooperate may know something – and I’ve already read that the white boy who was a senior in 2011 and had the fight with KJ (the one the father has blamed for the death 2 years later) wouldn’t talk to the police. Local people know who that is, and Roseanne or Spike whoever may find out and tweet his address. This isn’t a local NY case, this is a 2013 case, just like TM, where lots of evidence is online and lots of people are discussing it all over the country – and the BGI is involved and, as usual, pushing untruths, which some people prefer to facts (the BGI susceptible, I’ll call them lol). Anyway, I understand he wants to mention possible scenarios, but (IMO) he should be careful about publicly leaning towards anything that has no evidence yet….

    • There are two alternatives. The KJ kicked the shoes off himself or the coach pulled them off in an attempt to get a better grip since he said he tried to pull him out.

      While Watson is screaming about the crime scene being compromised, he is right in a way. The coach is the one that moved the body by trying to lift him out then when that didn’t work, he turned the mat sideways allowing KJ to “tumble out.” It was nothing to do with LE, IMO.

      • If those are the actions that the coroner is concerned about he should be clear on that because both actions can be easily explained and do not constitute a conspiracy. Those are the actions of a reasonable person in the hopes that they would be able to help KJ, if that was still possible.

          • I guess you are right, what a world that would be; Where government officials actually are responsible for what they say and do. I mean it will be the end of the world. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria! LOL!

  9. ROFLMBO! Ole Leatherhead has updated his beg at end of his latest article since he posted it on Sunday. Can almost hear him stomping his feet and shaking his feet. It only shows me how he thinks someone owes him something for what? Just a place to bitch and talk racist smack. Stuff he promotes. Last month, during the gov shutdown, he claims his SS was lowered, and made sound like was due to the shutdown, which is a flat lie. Low life, in my opinion, no decent attorney would post stuff like this in my opinion, Kinda sounds like a bully, or one in the making.

    Revised Beg, on Nov 9 2013 article on KJ
    This is our 752nd post. We have put a lot of heart and soul into this website and we get thousands of views each day. We are closing in on 2 million views and 200,000 comments. Yet, scarcely anyone donates any money and it is increasingly difficult to justify the time and effort when only about a dozen people donate a few hundred dollars each month. We do not expect to get rich doing this, but it would be nice to pay our bills.

    Please make a donation today, if you have not already done so.

    If everyone contributed $5, we would not be reduced to begging.

    We seriously need your help to maintain this website.

    Thank you,


  10. Well, it is very evident, after reading the Coroner Report, he is the one with a burr in his saddle. He states under description of circumstances ~sounds more of a rant than anything professional. As does in filling out all the wrong dates, except for the very top of page. I would hope someone investigates him….

    • Are we sure that the date of death i is incorrect or that in his estimation that KJ had died the previous day based on the rigor the last time they were seen and other factors we may not know.

      • I don’t know, but just reading the answers on the form he completed, to me very evident he was a very unhappy camper in the whole situation. I read all the links, and it seems form what I read, they did do a pretty through investigation. IF it is a cover up, as others have said, th

      • I dunno, but to me seems very much he was pissed or possible doesn’t get along with the folks that were working the scene. Reading the answers in on the form, is what I am talking about. Which, in my opinion is very unprofessional, as this is a serious matter.

        • I think he was being curt, but does forms do not give much room to elaborate. It may be that he wants to convey his limited involvement fully. He saw the dark clouds were gathering.

        • It is protocol to call the Coroner immediately. I read Mr. Watson heard there was a possible death at the school and wondered why he hadn’t been called. Getting the call at 4pm did appear to tick him off.

          The Sheriff says he was being mindful of Mr. Watson’s time but now it does give Mr. Crump an opening to shout cover-up.

          Mr. Watson would have us all believe that he and only he would have blown a whistle on covering up a murder in that town. All of the students at the school, its officials, local and state law enforcement and the medical examiner all are in on the plot but had he been called immediately, he would have exposed them. Yeah, right!

          • That is what I don’t understand myself, why he wasn’t called immediately. I know my from various things the coroner is called immed here. I had a friend, who we grew up with, she passed away in the hosp, ICU, but had not been in hosp 24 hrs and was brain dead, family made decision to remove life support. But because she had not been in as patient over 24 hrs, they had to leave the equipment as was after unplugging, until coroner got there. And I know in some cases, like my sis in law who passed in Jan, she had a ton of medical issues, and they released her for funeral home to pick up and didn’t come out. But I had another sister in law (another brother, yes its been hard) wife passed in 2006, because of her age and she passed at hm, coroner had to take her to crime lab for autopsy. I think its pretty much standard here. I just cant get over how unprof it looks to me his answers, because he would have had access to this, and imho would show him not doing his job getting them.

          • There was a case here, yrs ago and the poor family, still gets no answers. Olivia Jane Ward. Janie Ward. Cover up big time.

  11. Also, Nettles, where you say that the Mother heard the news from the overloud phone call. I read that on a blog, but didn’t anywhere else (possible missed it) so I am on fence on that one. Didn’t sister go to a guys house and start fight or something. I didn’t read in the reports I read last night of the mother hearing that. Also, you can bet the farm, IF I had been in the office, checking on my child and supposedly heard a person was found dead in the gym, LOL IT WOULD BE IN SOMETHING BECAUSE I WOULD BE ALL OVER IT! Scared to death, the worst. Maybe my tired eyes missed it….

    • I got the information from one of the incident reports. I’ll have to look through it again, but I recall reading a statement from one of the officers who was in the office with Kendrick’s mother and sister when it came over his phone a body had been found in the old gym.

    • This case and all the questions to ME and coroners sure reminds me of Natshas Boykins case. But, then again Angela Corey had her paws in Boykins case and muddied the waters!

    • Mimi, I’ve just been asking myself the same darn question! Dragging in the plants, moving some around, covering the little darlings… I swear I’m going to let them all die every year and then I can’t do it LOL Getting a hard freeze here tonight also 🙂

      • Lol, I feel normal then 🙂 And I just realized my Christmas Cactus is in FULL Bloom lol. I thought I had killed it! I do think its early so I think I messed up its bio clock lol

      • LOL! You are so right! I need to remember to be more Thankful, so I wont fuss (much 😉 ) about now having to rake all the fallen leaves, from the 10 huge oak trees on my small city lot. They did provide much needed and appreciated shade during those terrible hot days 🙂 . Love Arkansas having 4 diff seasons. Shoot, sometimes within same week. Back up to 70s in day or two. Hope all is good with you and yours lol!

          • ha ha you wouldn’t know it by my yard! There is about as much minerals in it as my concrete drive. Oh and one year my dtr was going to rake up the acorns for the squirrls lol well she left them, next spring, had a mini forest! Those cute lil acorns scare me now, since I hurt my knee. LOL guess I am just a fuss huh

        • Cheer up! After the “freeze” last night we are expecting near 80 over the weekend. You should be enjoying that a day or two after us. I have a good size Spanish Red Oak that stays green until around January. Then in less than a week, it is naked as a jaybird and I have 30 bags of leaves to rake up!

          For uni…compost my butt. Leaves = Pain in the Arse

          • LOL that’s my girl tell Uni lol! Yep suppose to be around the 70s with rain chances, and lol chances of storms on Sunday. And your right what yall get we usually get next day or so. All good… Love this time of year, at least we can breath huh. Old Farmers Almanac says we are suppose to have a wet and more snow than normal. Fine with me as long as don’t lose power. Lol had beautiful snow last year on Christmas afternoon. Then I lost power for a week. Still, wasn’t as bad as the ice storms usually get.

      • And, your right it is better. You can put on enough clothing or coverings to keep warm, but cant take off enough to cool off 🙂

  12. This is beyond dangerous and irresponsible…..Chevene King has alread named five “suspects” involved in Kendrick’s ” murder”

    “Someone removed them, probably to set the stage for the shoe retrieval story,” says Beau Webster, the private investigator who works for the Johnson family and has previously identified the five suspects in his murder. While Webster will not speak publicly about their identity until they are charged, Chevene King, Jr. already has.

    Read more at EBONY http://www.ebony.com/news-views/exclusive-did-a-fight-lead-to-kendrick-johnsons-murder-304#ixzz2kVAc7lQP
    Follow us: @EbonyMag on Twitter | EbonyMag on Facebookhttp://www.ebony.com/news-views/exclusive-did-a-fight-lead-to-kendrick-johnsons-murder-304#.UoMRnVx0Rnm

  13. Pretty much everyone who I know offline who is at least aware of this says it appears to be an accident.
    It is unanimous it is a freak accident, and the police should have done a better investigation so there would be no apperance of a cover up or murder.
    It appears all these families begin a movement by accusations against the police departments. I think initally this is where the attention of the case gains steam because many people do not trust the police regardless of color but mostly it occurs in the black community. However, the black community refuses to accept the disproportion in their races crime rates. So they have the power within their own community to fix the problem. So really this is not a black vs. white issue. This is a black noncriminal vs. black criminal issue.
    They again refuse to accept it and any time the issue is raised white people are called racist or we have no buisness discussing a black issue yet force us into another civil rights war every time! They run around in circles and while they do they at the same time misinterpret what justice is.

  14. Not sure if anyone mentioned this here. So much too keep up with.
    The funeral home that handled Kendricks body is being investigated for stuffing the remains with newspaper. GA. Secretary of State is conducting the investigation. Stuffing a body with newspaper is not proper burial protocol. The Funeral Home so far is defending its actions saying:
    “It has been suggested that the material used by Mr. Harrington was neither proper, respectable or in conformity with burial protocol,” the statement reads. “For those who have drawn such conclusions, it is apparent they have not taken an opportunity to review the means and manner in which decomposed bodies must be prepared for burial.”

    • Despite some media reports that only two entities had custody of Kendrick’s body after his death, Crimesider has confirmed at least four entities – the Valdosta-Lowndes Regional Crime Laboratory, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), a third-party transport company, and the Harrington Funeral Home – handled the teen’s body……………
      Crimesider contacted four experts in an effort to understand the “means and manner” in which decomposed bodies are prepared for burial, all of whom said it is not common for newspaper to be used during embalming.

      Among them, Sharon Gee, Vice-President of the American Society of Embalmers (ASE), said that stuffing a body with newspaper is “not common practice at all.” She said she has never heard of newspaper being used for that purpose.

      Melissa Johnson Williams, Executive Director of the ASE, told Crimesider, “Generally speaking, we try and use cotton [to stuff the body if needed].” She said “it would not be standard practice” to stuff a body cavity with newspaper.


      • You would think if newspaper was used prior to the Funeral Home receiving it that the Director would have notified someone, even the parents at least, about both the newspaper and the missing organs. The bread crumbs lead to the Funeral Home or at least the first place to investigate.

  15. The Times has explained the time stamp issue with the recently released videos of Kenrick Johnsons walk and activity of students in the gym. Their investigation reveals there are no discrepencies in the videos, although it is still difficult to piece together due to internal clocks which are set up on different cameras in different parts of the school. There also is no 10 minute gap. He actually entered the gym @ 1:28 and not 1:09.
    It is explained here:

  16. I hope the BGI keeps making this case a priority, because this one is just downright idiotic,

    Not that any intelligent people are ever on the BGI’s side to begin with, but in terms of conspiracies, this one is even worse that usual for their pathetic standards. No motive, no theory. Nothing, Except whining about RACIST police investigators and hoping somehow for a financial payout.

    Truly pathetic.

    It’s a damn shame the kid died in an accident, but yelling RACISM isn’t the solution. How many times do these fools have to cry wolf?

  17. This is a really hard story read and an excellent blog. I have one question that I can’t seem to find the answer for. Where did the photo of Kendrick’s face come from? Is it part of an autopsy report or from the family?

    • Thanks Art. The police took the picture of Kendrick on the day he was found and showed it to Kendrick’s grandfather to make an positive identification. His grandfather along with his mom and sibling were in the school while the investigation went on. Kendrick’s dad was out of town at work. I recall reading it was Kendrick’s hair that helped the grandfather identify him from the photo.

      The family has made that photo public and used it to convince the public something was amiss but both medical examiners do agree, Kendrick was not beaten. He looks that way from being upside down for an extended period of time.

  18. Hello, your`s is one of the better, more informative sites I`ve found in this convoluted case. I`m late to the party but I do come bearing a gift.

    I was confused by the photo the Johnson family has been claiming to show a beaten and murdered Kendrick.

    Was the photo taken at the 2nd autopsy, the first autopsy or a crime scene photo and what photo did Kendrick`s grandfather identify as being Kendrick?


    The photo on the left is consistant with the kendrick Johnson case number, taken at the ‘crime’ scene and probably the one identified by Kendrick`s grandfather.

    The photo on the right was probably around the time of the first autopsy (maybe taken by his father when he went to the morgue to identify his son?).

    • Hi!

      Welcome to the thread.

      Your suspicions about the two photos match mine. The black and white photo was publicized by his parents and I recall seeing them wear T-shirts with the photo on it. I really felt bad for Kendrick when I saw that. Would he want to world to see him like that? His parents think it serves a purpose. I think they violated this boy’s privacy in death. But they are his parents after all.

    • “Just got the best news ever supenos are out on the Kendrick Johnson case its going b4 the grand jury…”

      This has to be a joke. Waiting to see what media reports. If anything.

    • “Justice for Kendrick Johnson shared Jackie Luvinmeesummee Johnson’s status.
      10 hours ago
      Lawd I just found out subpoenas are being sent out for my babies case its going b4 the grand jury .Lord I thank ya its not in vain…kj death is not in vain crying tears of joy I hear the chains falling — with Jackie Luvinmeesummee KJ Johnson and Kenneth Kj Johnson Sr.”


  19. Freak accident, my ass. So the CCTV just conveniently cuts out Kendrick as he enters the gym? And the other angle is blurred to hell that it defeats the purpose of having a security surveillance system to begin with. How some of you can sit there and type what you have with a straight face is beyond me. This case stinks to high heaven.

    I think the key to this case lies with the two black kids who follow him into the gym. One of them quite clearly responds when he spies Kendrick and walks back to his pal. Then the two of them greet the white kid in the t-shirt. Possible diversion? Kendrick also looks back at them as he enters the gym? Did he suspect something and that’s why he was running across the gym? Hopefully the truth is uncovered so that closure can be brought to his grieving family and that justice can be mete out to his killers and those involved in covering it up.

    • Both Bell kids have air tight alibis and have been cleared of any wrongdoing. One of them was not even in town until the day after kendricks death and the other brother was accounted for clear across campus. There is zero possibility the Bells were involved and there is ZERO evidence Kendricks death was anything but an accident.

    • Apparently whoever wrote that article didn’t do any research at all.

      You’ll get answers to most of the fact related questions by reading the incident reports. But that article is almost pure propaganda and red herrings. Much of it coming from lies by the Kendrick family and their lawyers. If after reading the report you have some specific questions I’ll be glad to help out.

      As far as #9 goes, one of the Bell brothers was away at a wrestling event from the 9th-11th. The other was on the other side of the school in class. Both have rock solid alibis with many witnesses to their whereabouts.

      • Actually, Nettles did an excellent job summarizing with links embedded. She also has links to all the reports. You should start by reading the blog post and clicking on the links.

  20. VERY INFORMATIONAL!!! Update from http://www.re-newsit.com/2014/04/kendrick-johnson-devil-went-down-to.html


    Re-Newsit: All of the above would naturally have seen KJ’s body, it was their job to be there. The other students were not invited into the gym for a viewing…they had discovered his body. As far as Jackie arriving early to look for her missing son…this is not why Jackie went to the school that morning…or at least it was not the only reason.

    Jackie and Kenyetta, with a small boy in tow, arrived at the high school at approximately 8:45 on January 11, 2013, to ask about Kenyetta’s latest High School graduation scores. The counselor, Dana Hutchinson, gave Kenyetta and Jackie the scores and information Kenyetta needed in order to pass the test.

    From a written and signed statement by a school guidance counselor, Dana Hutchinson [13-01-1520] dated January 11, 2013, can be found in the case file:

    “I left them (Mrs. J, Kenyetta and boy) in my office and went to Mrs. Gaston’s classroom to get some study materials for Kenyetta. -10 minutes later approx. I went back to my office and explained all of the paperwork Mrs. Gason gave me to Kenyetta and Mrs. J. -Kenyetta got up and walked out of my office. -Mrs. Johnson asked me if report cards went out on Thursday and if I would print Kendrick’s for her. -She then said he did not come home that night. I printed the report card and gave it to her. -She asked me if he was listed as a Junior yet and I told her no. He would need to pass all of his classes this semester to reach Jr. status. -I told her I would check Infinite Campus to see if he was in school on Thursday. -I pulled his attendance up for Thursday, and I told her he was marked absent for 4th block.

    The counselor then proceeded to call in a student and several of KJ’s teachers to confirm which classes he had been present in on Thursday, the 10th. All said he was present except his 4th block instructor; he told Mrs. Johnson KJ had not attended his 4th block weight training class. Mrs. Hutchinson then called a Deputy Adams and told him KJ had not come home the night before.

    Dana Hutchinson’s statement cont.:
    “Mrs. Johnson got a text from someone, or a call and asked me if I knewthere was an ambulance and fie trucks on campus. I did not know, no one had said anything to me.”

    The statement goes on to explain how Jackie Johnson asked for several students to be called out of class in order that she might ask them if they’d seen KJ. The counselor called in several students, the first being the young man that was assaulted later the next day by Jackie’s relatives, including Kenyetta Johnson. The young man was asked if he had been to the ball game the night before…he said he had not. The counselor asked him if he wanted to tell this to Mrs. Johnson and he said “no”. The counselor relayed to Jackie that the young man had not been to the game. Other students were asked if they’d seen Kendrick since 3rd block on Thursday and all said they had not seen him.

    While waiting for one of the students the counselor was called out by the school social worker and into another office. The social worker told Mrs. Hutchinson and the other counselors that a body had been found in the gym, but the Sheriff had not confirmed. Dana, in her statement, said that she and the other counselors did not see the need in telling anyone until the administrator confirmed the information. After speaking to the last student about Kendrick, Jackie asked why the school was on lock-down and said she needed someone to come and get the little boy and that person could not get back on campus. Mrs. Hutchinson said she would see what she could do. Jackie left the office with Mrs. Hutchinson and said she would go outside and meet the person to pick up the little boy.

    This was at 10:41, according to the affidavit. My question is, where did Kenyetta go when she left the office in a huff (my words and reading between the lines)

  21. My comment on the CNN article:

    “If anyone from Lowndes County Board of Education is reading this: FIGHT IT! Don’t settle! Don’t let them extort money that should be spent on education. Take it to court and expose them, their lies and their greed. This has been done too many times by Crump and others and people need to start making a stand.”


  22. I don’t think the Johnsons can win with the bullying and racial argument, but, ironically, they probably would have had a legitimate claim against the school simply by citing the rolled up mats as a safety hazard. Crump has probably cost them the payoff they deserved.

  23. [1.] Of all the camera’s in the school, only the 4 in the gym are missing time. Of those 4, the only one that shows the area where Kendrick died – is blurry. Coincidence?
    [2.] Upon autopsy, Kendrick was found with a pair of ‘ear buds’ – with the wire broken. The broken part is never questioned, nor is it questioned whether or not these were actually Kendrick’s. He was clutching them in his hand when found. Whose were they? Where is the other part that broke off?
    [3.] Kendrick supposedly died upside down, with the left side of his head against the concrete. Yet – the students claimed they found him because they saw his socks sticking out of the mat. If his feet were sticking out, don’t you think a young, strong, 17 year old would be able to “hook” them onto the mat and pull himself free by shimmying backwards (the foam would make for good leverage)? With arms extended, Kendrick would have been a full 2 feet longer than that mat. But we’re supposed to believe that, as many times as he (and others) have apparently done this same thing, this time he couldn’t free himself?
    [4.] Why were his shoes laying next to his legs in the mat? Who put them there?
    [5.] If the basketball shoe was at the bottom of the mat, why wasn’t Kendrick’s blood all over it (as opposed to it being over the blood)?
    [6.] When the mat was unrolled, a visual exam showed the “lividity” on his left side, but when asked about the bruise on the right side of his face – it was dismissed as “lividity” as well. Doesn’t work that way. Why was it dismissed?
    [7.] Kendrick was found less than 24 hours after he died – yet the students claimed they could “smell” him. In a controlled environment, that isn’t very likely. Not impossible, just not likely.
    [8.] Kendrick was found on 1/11 but his autopsy wasn’t done until 1/15. In that period of time, his body should have been in nearly identical condition to when it was discovered because it should have been in the freezer. However, the autopsy notes tell of a body in advanced stages of decomposition – the “bloat” stage (also used as the excuse for destroying his organs, “too badly decomposed”). How can that be?
    [9.] He had injuries to his hands. If the mat was “too tight” for him to move, he couldn’t have gotten them while in there – they had to have come before – immediately before his body wound up in that mat. Why wasn’t that questioned further? Was there a fist fight that cause someone else to bleed on that wall just before Kendrick was killed?
    [10.] “Positional Asphyxia”. In Kendrick’s case, due to the fact he shimmied in that mat, it’s highly unlikely it was due to “compression” or “constriction”, which leaves airway obstruction. For that to be the case, his neck would show signs of “hyper-extension” – which is NOT noted in the autopsy report. On the contrary, the report states no hemorrhage, no “strapping” – nothing. Also, nowhere have I read that being upside down for as short a period of time as he would have had to be (given the state of his body when found) is lethal.
    There are many more inconsistencies and unexplained things about this case, but the above mentioned are, in my opinion, critical. Individual pieces of evidence point to negligence or oversight, perhaps – but put together – they point to murder or manslaughter. He was dead when he went into that mat.

  24. I could have written this out better but it’s hard to take this crap seriously.

    1] No camera was missing time. They are motion activated. No motion = no images. Regardless of a camera being blurry, it was still able to capture images. None suggest anyone was in the gym with KJ.

    2] Where did you get this from?

    3] AFAIK nobody saw his socks sticking out of the mat. A student was on top of the mats and saw him inside one. Nothing was poking out AFAIK. Watch this video.

    4] Many possibilities. Including he kicked them off to get attention or they got pulled off as he struggled to get out.

    5] His blood wasn’t on the shoe because his blood didn’t drip on the shoe. Why would it have to?

    6] .No it didn’t.

    7] Dead people get stinky pretty fast. But people also combine their senses when determining what they are experiencing. Stinky vomit and blood, probably urine, feces and nasty looking body, not moving, etc. What are you even suggesting with this? That he wasn’t actually dead when he was found?

    8] WTF?

    9] Ya think he mighta scraped himself up a bit on the concrete while trying to get free?

    10] Oh, God. Playing pathologist, are you? This is just complete BS.

  25. Piggybacking on Core’s answers:
    1. Core answered 2. They were Kendrick’s ear buds…he used his phone as an ipod, it was not functional as a cell phone. *3. The students that found him clearly stated they saw socks INSIDE the mat when they climbed up on top of them. Only one person said “sticking UP”, not “out”. 4. His shoes may have fallen inside the mat when he fell in, not a question anyone can answer definitively. 5. The shoe came out of the mat with Kendrick, that doesn’t mean it was beneath his head, it could have been in the mat with him until the mat was pulled down and his head and upper torso fell out. 6. Lividity….he was upside down, not sideways. 7. You consider inside a mat that is between 20 other mats a controlled environment? The temperature inside the mat would have been unbearable in a very short period of time. 8. The autopsy was done on the morning of 1/14. Freezer? His body was in advanced stages of decomp when they found him. Read up on what happens to organs after death, especially when the body is upside down. 9. Two superficial abrasions to his hands (core answered perfectly). 10. Please research positional asphyxia, I had a great article, but I’ve misplaced it. Many cases to draw from…I’ll look for it.
    *www.re-newsit.com Kendrick Johnson tab
    Do you have any idea how the murder would have taken place? A timeline of events that fit the evidence and what was seen on ALL the other over 300 cameras in and around the school?

  26. I saw a video that suggests that Kendrick was followed suspiciously into the Gym by 3 other children (One white, Two Black…Sorry, I don’t know any names) but from the video that Brandon powers is showing, the two black children never entered into the gym, they were still outside the gym when the hallway camera (18 seconds later after Kendrick enters) captures the child with the green top and other child carrying the book bag passes by them to go into the gym… Then, if we look at the video of Kendrick running toward the mats (I’ll assume to get his gym shoes for weight training) we clearly see the white child isn’t following him, the white child continues to where ever he was going. That settles that but… All I still have a question… If the cameras are motion censored (programmed to pick up motion) then why doesn’t it pick up all these theories I’ve read above or for that matter, the truth of what really happen to him?… Do we believe Kendrick stop moving, because these pick up movement cameras would suggest that everyone is moving but Kendrick… …Why aren’t we able to see Kendrick as he climbs 2 the top of the mats to look for his shoes?? (Even on a blurry camera… that’s still movement)… Why aren’t we able to see him “Finding” his first shoe and tossing it??(Movement)… As we can see, there were other children walking through the gym to change class that the camera picks up, and btw.. Nobody remembers seeing Kendrick. The black boy “Supposedly” on top of the mats?? No, kid (and we saw that there were some in there) said “Oh, yeah, I passed him on top of the mats as I was going to class or yeah, I saw him looking for his shoe??…(Nobody noticed him huh?) Also, how soon after he got up there are we assuming he “fell” in… 18 seconds before or after the next set of children show up on the camera??… Oh, let me guess (Long enough for ALL the other kids to have disappeared into their various classes, when he himself had a class to be at as well?) and if it was so many children who hid their shoes in the mats… Why weren’t all the shoes there on this day??… Lastly… Why were they able to see the kids on top of the mats as they discovered Kendrick’s body, and also the coach as he was trying to help but… no footage of Kendrick when he was moving up there over there or what have you…?? Maybe the camera wasn’t working for his movements but started back moving for theirs… Look, I don’t pretend to know what happen, all I’m saying is… hummmm… So?… Does anyone mind enlightening me??

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