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July 8, 2013


We all owe the nine people sequestered in the jury roles of the George Zimmerman trial a huge thank you for the sacrifice they and their families are making in corralling the jury from the media and news about this case so that they can reach a fair and impartial verdict.

They have given up their July 4th celebrations and traditions this year and spent the weekend locked away from their daily lives to help the justice system do its job.

I can’t help but shake my head at the state of Florida and the Judge in this case as they work to subvert the justice system and protect those who are abusing the power given them.

I look forward to the defense presenting their case to the jury on why this is indeed self-defense.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


142 thoughts on “July 8, 2013

  1. Someone over at CTH asked who spends that much time on the telephone in a single day, and it got me to remembering a friend of the family who became addicted to ephedrine when it was still legal (and later began using meth). You couldn’t keep that boy off of the telephone, it was constant and it was annoying!

    So I started looking around the web for info about the signs and symptoms of meth use/addiction and found the following info:

    “Incessant talking” is a sign of meth addiction…

    …as is stealing

    …paranoia about being watched

    …angry outbursts, violence

    …and taking things apart and putting them back together.

    Hmmmm, taking things apart, you don’t say. What was that Sybrina and Tracy mentioned in the Esquire article again:

    “One time he took a dirt bike apart and started to put it back together. … Sybrina remembers the time he dismembered her radio. Put that back together, too.”



    His cousin tweeted this pic taken the night before with the caption “high #af” …high #af on what, though? He doesn’t look high on weed, no telltale squinty eyes and goofy grin. He has a blank distant expression, lights are on nobody’s home kinda high.


    Here’s a phrase that should sound familiar:

    “They can become very dangerous to people around them or to themselves.”



    DNA analyst Gorgone remarked that Trayvon’s clothing had a “very pungent odor” and many of us just assumed it was from the manner in which they were packaged wet, but there is another possibility:

    “Meth addicts will have a harsh smell to them and they will often sweat a lot. This odor will remind you of cat urine.”


    • if you mean methamphetamine, then I agree 1000 per cent. They become angry and paranoid and they can become dangerous to themselves and others.

      • That phrase jumped out at me because it has been hinted at over at the CTH that eerily similar phrasing has been used to describe TM… a danger to himself and others.

        • I can talk from the pov of experience. NOT my own experience but experience with others who have used methamphetamines.

          My experience in that regard also taught me that its use can also lead to the onset of schizophrenia or other related mental illness.

            • I suspect that they do not lose their teeth until they are long time users.

              I am not saying that Trayvon used Meth long term. What if it was a first time? Serious but rhetorical question.

              My only remark is what I know about how it affects someone. The people I knew had not lost their teeth!!

  2. I really don’t know how the prosecution got this far based on the evidence they presented. There is NO WAY that they thought this was a winnable case. I gotta think that tremendous pressure was placed on the investigators to come up with that probable cause affidavit.

    Just remember that every dollar the state spends prosecuting George is a dollar thatis NOT being spent investigating or prosecuting someone who truly may be guilty. This is such a huge waste of taxpayer money it makes me sick.

    • Another thing is that they have 4 prosecutors down in Sanford, so the how many criminals are getting sweetheart deals up in Jax, since the prosecutor’s office is shorthanded. Criminals that should be in jail might be set free or will not go to trial because of the shortage.

    • I really don’t know how the prosecution got this far based on the evidence they presented.

      Isn’t it obvious? They got this far because they have a complicit trial court judge.

      Nelson is just as corrupt as the rest of them.

  3. Stopping in to say Hello dear friends. I think today I am going divert my thoughts back to trial. I have caught up with most of it. I notice GZ seemed much more relaxed towards the end of last week.

    • pinecone – I assume Robert Sr. & Robert Jr. will be called BUT if BDLR pulls that bull chit and claims “he might re-call them,” they aren’t likely to be allowed in.

      MOM said in an interview last week, “there were several people that would identify GZ’s voice.” Although I have no doubt that the voice was GZ’s & imo common sense defies it could have been TM’s, the jury might throw out both mothers opinions.

  4. I read the State has said Glady’s “is subject to recall.” I missed that somehow, if that’s the case, Glady’s is not likely to be allowed in to support her son. Another sorry game BDLR is playing imo, but the Defense can do the same w/Crump, they can keep his sorry butt out & call him last.

    I assume the State means it MIGHT CALL Glady’s during their “rebuttal” since they have rested their case. imo, Tracy too will be called then.

    • I always has suspected thet the defense would call Crumpster last. Lol. They should call both Rachel and Crump last.

  5. Bill Sheaffer said they expect to see the “timeline expert today & it’s high tech.” Bill Sheaffer described “it would likely include animated re-enactments.”

  6. 23 -26 witnesses to be called by the Defense. IF adverse information comes in about TM, Racheal/Diamond/DD.

    Sheaffer too says “the timeline expert may be the dagger to the heart of Racheal’s testimony.”

    • I think he was told that after being denied access to courthouse. i.e. he couldn’t videotape the officer that told him. (I think) > WordPress.com >

    • He can’t sell that for ill-will and hatred. The anger is just not heard. It sounds like frustration to me. He wants to go grocery shopping not take care of a potential burglar, prowler or trespasser.

      • that’s my point, how many people do you think are listening to this punk and describing him with the terms f… a….
        Hardly uncommon words these days, or with young people like GZ.

        George’s co-worker handled Guy, she made the prosecution look as obnoxious as they are.

    • From the state’s motion to block …. “The witness admitted that the exhibit was created only using items provided by defense counsel and that he had “no idea” whether there might be additional evidence, statements, or items bearing on the accuracy of the depiction; nor did the witness make any such inquiry”

      The irony here is thick… Mantei pretty much just described Bao’s testimony to a tee.

  7. Just imagine what a humbling experience it would be to have all your friends trotted out on a national stage to vouch their friendship (sorry – I mean to identify your voice from a recording) and then be subjected to cross-examination. Good for them.

  8. I clearly expect every relative, play cousin, Godmother, Godfather, long lost aunt r uncle etc. of TM’s will be called in the States Rebuttal case to swear it was TM screaming.

    The thing that is disorganized imo with Judge N is the evidence in this case. Chief Judge Perry had ALL the evidence that would be used by either side labeled/numbered BEFORE the trial started so time wasn’t wasted with State or Defense arguing if something is admissable.

    • boricuafuafudd – I think she went outside to make a list of all those that the State would call in rebuttal to claim it was TM.

      I continue to hear how heartfelt Sybrina was when claiming it was TM! YUKE!

      • The media has monetary interest in the case, they have to dress up this pig of case, to maintain interest and ratings. That is why no matter how bad things get for the prosecution you will have someone say how well it went. Like the Martin’$ is all about the Benjamin$.

  9. I just had to post this cause it shows the level of the hypocrisy of the BGI/GZ Trial/and Black on Black violence.

    If 70 people were shot and 12 killed all in one location you would think you would hear about it on the news. Wait !!! 70 people WERE shot and 12 WERE killed ALL IN ONE LOCATION —- C H I C A G O !!


    And what fills the news is a person who is crucified for saying the N-word 30 years ago while Black music industry makes billions off rappers that use the N-word over and over again on CD’s and then are given AWARDS on TV for doing so. Go figure.

  10. This has the potential to be a hot mess if Tracy takes the stand next to explain himself on cross by the State after the Defense gets through with him. I fully expect Tracy to put on an academy award winning performance for the jury at the defenses expense. I hope they don’t call him.

  11. Will George Zimmerman walk? Growing belief Trayvon shooter will escape jail over killing teen as ‘prosecution case crumbles’

    Experts say prosecutors failed to prove murder ‘beyond reasonable doubt’

    Ex Sentencing Commission economist: ‘It should never have gone to court’

    Speculation mounts as defence begin their presentation to court


  12. MOM should have asked about REACH. I have been a fight fan for years and the tale of the tape is important. REACH would have been one reason George was compromised underneath Trayvon, and why Trayvon was able to bang away with George having no way to stop it. My guess is that Trayvon had at least a 3 inch advantage on reach with is considerable in a fight. Picture the cartoon where the one person with long arms stands and holds off the other shorter person swing away and nothing is happening.

  13. Bill Sheaffer said the person removed from the Courtroom was a reporter because of his cell phone, I assume it rang.

    Sheaffer also said the “State made a major screw up, (paraphrasing,) that BDLR should have objected to the testimony of Singleton/Serino because their testimony was hearsay.” Law Professors agree, the law is clear on hear say, BDLR didn’t object to their testimony.

    The Defense will have the opportunity to Rebutt the Rebuttal of the State, some limitations apply.

  14. Kathi Belich, WFTV @KBelichWFTV

    Martin: After listening to the tape about 20 times, I knew it was #TrayvonMartin’s voice. It wasn’t directed toward anyone.

    WHY did it take Tracy 20 X’s listening to the audio to decide it was TM.

    WILL Crump be called out for telling MEDIA, “Tracy recognized TM’s voice from the cleaned up version of the audio.”

    Another L I A R!

  15. Loved it!!!!

    Did you instruct your attorney to lie?

    If looks could kill… Tracy was staring daggers through O’Mara.

    • Sounds like the defense had to call Tracy or risk the testimony of Serino and Singleton being thrown out. Because they called Martin the motion to strike their testimony is taken care of and it stands.

    • I’m glad the defense is making it very clear to the jurors that the Martin parents have a slew of lawyers. DD talked about the Martin family attorney’s all attending the state deposition of her, at Sybrinas house. Then today the defense brings up Crump again with Tracy. Hopefully the jurors will realize that it is the state prosecutors that have brought charges against GZ for the shooting. Why does the family have the need for a team of lawyers, is what I would be asking myself. I hope the HOA settlement can come in somehow.

  16. Richard Hornsby ‏@RichardHornsby

    As I’ve previously tweeted, Toxicology is admissible to corroborate #GeorgeZimmerman’s observations.


    Although some think it’s unimportant as Pot supposedly doesn’t make someone aggressive, imo, it says more than TM used pot & he looked “suspicious” to GZ. It goes to what else TM did to break the law, what kind of person TM was, THEN the tats on his body the jury will view.

    Tats + pot use = Will the jury ask themselves WHAT kind of young man TM actually was?

    Judge Nelson had NO CHOICE but to grant this, it could have been “reversible error” had GZ been convicted.

    • Nettles – are they on a break? I lost my feed & can’t find another one, I thought MOM was getting ready to argue for the animation.

      Another good day for the Defense imo, EVEN IF Tracy lied, we knew he was a liar anyway. imo.

      • They are on break while the animation guy get there. At that point they are suppose to work out their issues and call the judge. Yes, Tracy lied on the stand, he tried to play it off, as if he did not say what he said. The threw Crump under the bus, by denying Crump’s statement that he had heard a clean up version of the tape.

        • The guy who did George Zimmerman’s voice stress test also heard Tracy say no the the question “Is that your son yelling”

          You may recall, the defense found out by accident about him although Bernie knew for a few weeks. He never said anything at his deposition so the defense motion to depose him again in the matter. It was granted.

          • I don’t think he will be called though, it seems that they are going somewhere else with this. I think that the Judge is not allowing it, and impeding it but they are trying to expose the scheme.

        • Thanks friends, I’ve got Click Orlando on now.

          I guess the Defense Experts will testify if the blood had been taken from TM’s outer extremities INSTEAD of the chest cavity, the finding may have been a higher level of THC.

          I wonder what the Dragon lady says in the evening to her team when Court has ended for the day, I bet she isn’t pleasant.

            • Guy disrespected her when she ruled to allow the toxicology report in. He grabbed his binder, rolled his head and stomped off in apparent disgust at her ruling. She ignored him entirely.

      • Yes. They are waiting for the animation guy to make it to the courthouse. He was a half hour away. When he gets there, they will discuss the animation video, which Mr. O’Mara said it is not a bunch of stills, can’t be called animation anymore. Still the State isn’t happy.

  17. Is Shoemaker’s testimony about the animation correlate with possibly showing Dr. Vincent Di M.’s trajectory, etc.? imo, that seems an important use of the possible animation OR have I misunderstood entirely. I understand what Dr. Vincent Di M will be testifying about, but not in relation to Shoemaker. An animation would help the jury tremendously BUT I realize Judge N & the State aren’t concerned with that.

    • Your understanding is the same as mine. I believe Mr. Shoemaker is the “timeline expert” who used witness statements and expert opinions to create an animated timeline of the event.

      In talking with Dr. Vincent DiMaio 2 days ago, Mr. Shoemaker made an adjustment to his animation that has caused all this stress for the state. They are redeposing him about it and will need to talk with DiMaio again as well. It sounds like they just took DiMaio’s deposition on Saturday. If that is the case perhaps something he said there tweaked something in his opinion afterward and he notified Mr. Shoemaker to make an adjustment.

      I heard great things about this animation and that it was going to show Rachel to be out to lunch on what she said happened after Trayvon ran and the phone hung up.

      Mr. O’Mara made it sound like the animation got changed so much that it may end up playing as a bunch of still-shots to the jury.

  18. George Zimmerman: Of marijuana and martial arts

    There was a fascinating conversation about the toxicology report on CNN. Martin Savidge said Judge Debra Nelson’s toxicology ruling “clouds perhaps the perception of the victim.”

    CNN’s Sunny Hostin highlighted that part of Zimmerman’s observations were correct that Trayvon seemed to be on drugs, and that could help the defense. Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon’s fatal shooting.

    Jose Baez, also on CNN, said the ruling could open a Pandora’s box about Trayvon’s marijuana use and the teen’s suspension. But Baez said that society has accepted marijuana as a nonlethal drug and predicted that defense wouldn’t go overboard on the issue.

    WESH-Channel 2’s Bob Kealing described the jury as riveted by Tracy’s Martin’s testimony and said the jurors were “pretty much all business.”

    Gym owner Adam Pollock may have helped Zimmerman by describing the defendant as soft, fat and not an accomplished athlete in any way, shape or form. In other words, Zimmerman was inept at martial arts.

    WKMG’s Calderon said “the big takeaway was Zimmerman had .5 ability coming in and 1.5 was ability after a year of training.”

    WOFL’s Diana Tennis said the testimony Monday “went a long way in humanizing him [Zimmerman] in some pretty creative and emotional ways by the defense.”

    The role of Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the Martin family, was a source of discussion on WESH. “It’s one thing to bring in an attorney to counsel you,” legal analyst Richard Hornsby said. But it’s another thing when the attorney is counseling other witnesses and running a parallel investigation of a homicide, and that raises a question of bias, Hornsby said.

    “What role did Mr. Crump play? Did he influence the way these people testified?” Hornsby asked.


  19. nomorebsplease – the whistleblowers won’t testify during the trial. They will testify against BDLR on the Sanctions the Defense filed on MOTIONS on which is to take place after the trial ends.

    • IANAL but the sanctions hearing already took place before Nelson. She said that she would rule on any possible sanctions after the trial ended. I don’t see why she would hold a sanctions hearing after trial. It is my opinion that the whistleblowers will come in to play when George files charges against the state for prosecutorial misconduct. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whistleblowers haven’t already filed complaints against Corey and BDLR with the Fla. Bar. I doubt they would be willing to go as far as they did, with one currently employed by Corey but put on leave, yet not file complaints with the bar. IMO it won’t be left to Nelson to decide on proper sanctions. IMO I’m not sure that Nelson herself won’t be sanctioned by the bar.

      • pinecone – Baez was to face more sanctions AFTER KC’s trial ended, but since Baez won the case, nothing happened with the sanctions after the trial. Bill Sheaffer was talking about it this week saying that IF the Defense wins the case for GZ, the sanctions will go away. Just speculating but I guess the rational would be that the Defense wasn’t harmed if they won their case. IANAL either, but that’s the only reason I can think of for sanctions to go away.

        BUT you bring up a good point, the whistleblowers can be used for other litigation that MOM/West may file.

        I read a cased last week on Jonathan Turley’s BLOG in which a DA fabricated evidence, filed fraudulent evidence, lied to get a conviction & the Bar ONLY took his license to practice for 6 months. ANYONE that has been harmed by Corey or BDLR can file a complaint with the Fla. Bar, it doesn’t take an attorney to do that, even layman with grievances can do so.

        Baez had 3 or 4 complaints filed during KC’s case alone, 1 complaint from a sitting judge & nothing happened to him, he was cleared. imo, it may give the accused a black eye on their resume, but it appears to be just another political connection. I want to see something happen, something needs to be done..

        • With all due respect Art Trat, I don’t give a crap what happened with the KA case, or Baez. OK. For myself personally, I don’t care what Bill Shaffer has to say either, or the many many talking heads, lawyers or otherwise. OK. I consider what Hornsby, or so many others, has to say as just one “opinion” out of many. Please try to understand that I don’t put as much value as you do with talking heads.

          As far as I understand it, the Fla. Bar gives much more credence to those that are among the jurisprudence community than any one off the street. If the Fla. Bar gets enough complaints from those actually involved in the legal process they take that seriously.

          Please do not take my comment as criticism, or argumentative, it is my own opinion as someone who doesn’t follow high profile cases mostly ever, and doesn’t take any talking media legal heads opinions as the last word, or even an important word. I think many may agree that this case is as diffent as any other, and maybe even moreso. Each judge is an individual who rules in their own personal manner. Each jury decides in their own personal manner. Each defense attorney, or prosecutor handles each of their cases in a different manner. That is all that I am saying. Every case has it’s own intricasies and details, and personalities. See where I am coming from?

          • With all due respect pinecone, you may not care about KC’s case but it is consistently talked about in this case BECAUSE ALL the legal analyst that commented on that case are commenting on this case, there are many comparisons that are the same in this case. Many have predicted everything Judge N would do & they have been consistently correct. Just as sanctions were to be ruled on after KC’s case, they will be decided in this case. I didn’t understand UNTIL this week when Bill Sheaffer explained if the Defense wins, the sanctions go away. I could never understand why Baez wasn’t penalized for sanctions but there was a legal reason.

            You may not care what any of the legal analyst from the Fla. have to say, BUT many people do, including me & that’s WHY they are consistently quoted in interviews, articles, etc.. The legal analyst practice law there, know the differences in Fla. Law, and many of the same things in KC’s case, such as sanctions have happened in this case.

            I guess I have followed so many high profile cases in Fla.,( it has an unusual amount of high profile cases compared to most States,) & I haven’t seen the Fla. Bar do one thing to an attorney, yet. There are plenty of complaints filed, but nothing ever materializes. If a sitting Judge wasn’t successful with a complaint to the Fla. Bar against Baez, I don’t know how much success others will have. Crump has had numerous complaints filed against him, yet nothing ever happens.

            Since you haven’t watched or followed high profile cases in Fla. or followed high profile cases anywhere, I see where you are coming from on that point. I don’t see that personalities have anything to do with the law, the law is what the law is.

  20. LOL the vile Trent Sawyer aka State of the Internet has removed all of his YouTube videos. This coming after his twitter account was suspended and he was denied entry into the courtroom today. Haha!

    • Did he remove his youtube videos, or were they removed because he is a black activist and agitator? Seems to me that there are some that are trying to stop the agitation, and removing this creep hopefully is only the start.

      • He removed his own videos. He’s clearly frustrated he wasn’t allowed in the courtroom today. He says on twitter that he’s done with this case. I think it’s more than just being denied entry though. I think he’s frustrated that the state’s case wasn’t stronger and he’s trying to backpedal before the acquittal.

  21. Can someone please explain to me why, after the last more than a year Sundance Cracker has been posting about the BGI, the BGI, the BGI, can now with a straight face say that it isn’t about race, but it is about corruption. Haven’t we all here already determined that it is about corruption? Hasn’t O’Mara been flamed because he wasn’t willing to go after the BGI? Ha, the defense isn’t going after the entire MDSPD so the knives have to come out. That O’Mara didna do what I tole him, he bad and corrupt.

    • I think that they are both related, the BGI feeds on the corruption, a sort of tit for tat. IOW if you do this then I will do that. The issue that SD always misses is that exposing corruption is not just saying these people are corrupt. For example, saying that the MSPD fudged their reports, and here is the evidence, here are FOIA that prove it.

      Except that they are at most using their discretion as officers to help kids by giving them a second, third, fourth chance. And guess what there are many people that support those efforts. You might ask but they are falsying legal records, to which they would answer, no I am not taking the most extreme view of the what happened.

      What I am getting at, why are some people expecting MOM to become a martyr to charges he can’t prove, did the Mayor, Bonaparte and the Scheme Team conspired to railroad GZ, perhaps but in order to be illegal a quid pro quo has to be establish, does anyone think that they are going to implicate themselves? All they have to say is they thought they were doing the right thing for to obtain justice, that they did not know that it would be abused, or they could just say that in their opinion GZ was guilty and that the tapes would prove it or disprove it, see no corruption just local officials doing their best for their community. After all, they were attempting to tamp down the wrong rhetoric.

      So MOM goes on a National TV show and makes claims that he can’t legally back up, he get sued, disbarred and GZ still gets convicted. That really did any good. It’s not enough to have what appears to be circumstancial evidence of corruption, it has to be irrefutable otherwise it is useless. This case is perfect proof of that, BDLR played footsie with the evidence and was caught, he said he forgot, they now have the information so not harm done, and the judge agreed. Would another judge be less understanding quite possibly but with no permanent harm all he would get in some sanctions.

      That is not to say that I don’t believe that some people conspired to get GZ charged, at the very least they allowed it to happen. Are they wrong for doing so, of course. Can I say that they were malicious in their motives, to do so? No, I am pretty sure that some thought that their actions were justified. The same way some people right now, even though they know that GZ was defending himself at the time of the shot, still believe that GZ is responsible or at the very least contributed to the incident. Are all of them bad people, of course not, some might be misguided, some are just against guns, some think that GZ got out of his car makes hims responsible, some are just racist and can not get over the fact that a non-black shot another black and will not go to jail. But whatever the reason or reasons they feel the way they do, it does not automatically make them bad people, the same way that because GZ was justified in defending himself makes me a good person.

      I read in one blog one comment that stood out, basically the comment was that William Kunstler was always fighting for causes, it worked well for him but not so much for his clients. Considering what we know and specially what we don’t know MOM has done a damn good job, the issues that are concerning some people will not be solved by this case, but this case has shown and illustrated to those that are paying attention at least how the system can be hijacked by other for their benefit at any cost. It has also illustrated how easily we can be divided by others, and manipulated. If anything that is something worth remembering.

  22. Mr. O’Mara allows himself to be mounted today in court to give the jurors a great visual and then tonight does an awesome job on Piers Morgan. Thank you so much Mr. O’Mara for your work today.

    Thanks as always to Coreshift for recording the interview.

  23. I think in closing arguments, O’Mara needs to harken back to John Guy’s opening statement where he said that Zimmerman didn’t kill Trayvon because he needed to, but instead he did it because he WANTED to. Does anybody really believe that at this point? The state keeps trying to turn ‘fucking punks’ and ‘assholes’ into ill will and hatred. Certainly the jurors won’t believe that George wanted to invite Trayvon out to dinner when he said those words (to borrow an argument from Bernie), but that’s a far cry from arguing that George WANTED to kill Trayvon. But Guy said that in his opening because that’s what second degree murder is all about. You have to WANT to kill. That’s what malice really means, and surely nobody believes that of Zimmerman at this point.

    So I think O’Mara should make this argument, because by highlighting what Guy said you can show that even the state accepts the premise that malice means you WANT to kill. And surely just saying ‘fucking punks’ comes nowhere near that.

      • Unbelievable, yet true.

        I just returned from a family time, we did a couple of shopping errands and burgers, so we had a few hours of hanging out. We must have used f…. punks and assholes a dozen times in our jokes, applying the phrases to just about anything we could.

        Time to take back those phrases from the likes of BDLR, Crump, Jackson and Corey, a bunch of azzholes IMHO.

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