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July 12, 2013




Mr. O’Mara forget about the rest of us and what we think.  Concentrate on those jurors and what is going to convince them that George acted in self-defense.

Here are the Jury Instructions.

I agreed with George’s decision not to put the THC before the jury.  It’s not needed, the argument over the affects it may have had on Trayvon wouldn’t have been helpful and the jurors could have seen George as smearing the deceased.  That you could of used it and chose not to, shows class in my opinion and fits with who I think George Zimmerman is.

I trust at the end of your presentation today, the jurors will have no doubt, Trayvon was the aggressor, the timeline shows why Rachel’s account doesn’t add up and dispels the theory that George chased Trayvon down.

Best of luck today!

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


150 thoughts on “July 12, 2013

    • I haven’t finished watching the second half of the prosecution’s closing yet, but…

      The clubhouse videos… you clearly see a flashlight beam in the East Pool footage.

      Prosecution made a point of asking each of the responding officers what kind of flashlights they had, how many flashlights they had, searchlight in patrol car, and asked where they shone these lights.

      CST Smith, however, mentions that she and several officers searched the scene with flashlights… prosecution noticeably did not ask her where they searched or shone their lights as they did the other officers on the scene.

      The whole bit about the cameras being off by 18 minutes, too… I don’t trust this claim. Computer times do not ‘drift’ as was claimed.

      So my guess is the state plans to trot out the biggest Traybot meme of all, George was out NW patrolling and not on his way to Target.

      • may even throw in the whole “he didn’t have his wallet on him’ Traybot talking point

        or the ‘he may have received a call from a neighbor who saw a prowler’ because he was NW captain & contact

      • “The whole bit about the cameras being off by 18 minutes, too… I don’t trust this claim. Computer times do not ‘drift’ as was claimed.”

        If this claim was never ‘authenticated’ I’d argue that it should be excluded just like info from TM’s phone.

        And, no, a guy just getting up on the stand and claiming as much is not authentication… iirc, he never stated how he came to that conclusion and the state never asked. *please correct me if I’m wrong on this Encyclopedia Nettles 🙂

      • If they try to pull that one, then that will show exactly how silly their argument is, because my understanding is that George had a small flashlight and the beam of those flashlights is not all that great.

        The footage from the clubhouse has almost nothing in it and I did see some of it a long time ago. It wa a big fat nothing worth of blobs.

        There might have been car lights but flashlight? I do not think so.

        On top of that NW do not patrol and that is most definitely the case in my country. NW is all about keeping an eye out for anything that might be suspicious. It has never involved patrols, and that is a meme that needs to be dispelled!! My understanding happens to be that George never did a “patrol”. Yes he was the NW block captain, but that does not mean as much as any of the Traybots are claiming.

    • Nettles, unless this supposed “rabbit out of the hat” evidence was shown to the jury during the Trial, I do not believe Guy or anyone else can show the jury anything new. The animation the defense will show is NOT evidence. It will be a visual consistent with GZ’s version of how things happened, just like BLDR gave a verbal presentation of how the State felt things happened along with theatrics. BDLR closing was filled with mis-statements of trial testimony and at no time was he able to explain how GZ got his injuries. And one more thing. John Guy is a total fk up. Throughout the trial he has been totally ineffective. BDLR even reamed him after one of Guy’s epic fails. Guy is an attorney who thinks he’s all that, but he’s as flat as a piece of paper. When Guy is up there you want to say “everyone go back to your homes … nothing to see here”. Everything he says and does seems awkward. He’s no natural. Manti is much more dangerous than Guy. Guy is awful and the worst member of the team. In fact, if I was in charge of the State’s Attorney’s Office in Florida, I would get rid of him immediately.

  1. being posted around the web by trayvon worshipping maniacs: AN URGENT CALL TO ACTION. IF ZIMMERMAN WALKS, THE DAY AFTER THE VERDICT WE ARE CALLING FOR A DAY OF ABSENCE, A TOTAL NATIONAL BLACKOUT. Call in sick and tired. Call in angry. Call in crazy. But CALL IN. Boycott transit. Boycott non-black businesses. Wear black armbands in solidarity — especially if you feel you have to go to work for fear of losing your job, or if you are essential personnel. The exception: The film “Fruitvale Station,” about the murder of Oscar Grant by a BART cop. If it is playing in your town, go see it. Discuss it. In addition to the film being a learning/politicizing tool, our attendance also will demonstrate black economic power. SPREAD THE WORD. FYI: The photo is an Akoben (war horn), an Adinkra symbol. Meaning: a call to arms/urgent action and preparedness for action or battle. Shorthand: “Ride or die.” Who’s WITH me? #trayvonmartin

  2. I’m not sure i agree that the THC should not have been exposed. Some on the jury may wonder why TM would attack GZ for no apparent reason since he has been portrayed as an innocent and normal teen rather than the troubled person he was. But you may be right. I may not be giving the jury enough credit. I was just SO offended at the way BDLR maligned George’s character today and I could tell that it deeply affected George. He actually showed some emotion and shook his head, no, at times during the closing.

  3. I find it ironic a certain site will take MOM’s words and make assumptions about MOM’s state of mind and his agenda. Isn’t that what the state has done to George?

    • I wear my grandfather’s HS ring, which was worn by my father, on his right hand, until he died. It was given to me as I knealt next to him, after he took his last breath. It is a constant reminder of how I was raised (in Christ), my father’s love, and a great comfort.

      • Love it. I wear my HS ring, 32 yrs after my graduation, because of My Daddy, I really didnt care for one, but he almost cried saying, thats one of the things you go all thru school to get. He only was able to go to 8th grade and yet is a very smart man. It is a very precious and semtimental memory I honor daily. Just as you. Thank You for sharing!

      • cboldt – when my only sibling died of a negligent death, my dad wore her high school ring on his pinkie finger until he died & I buried him with it on. Like you, it brought my dad comfort as he felt he carried something important of my sisters with him even though she was always in his heart.

        When MOM was made fun of for a pinkie ring, I thought some are so quick to judge others, how shallow.

    • He heard George on the phone, saw the light from flashlight, decided to sneak back, wait for George to get off the phone.

  4. uuuuuh, I think the way MOM is talking about Rachel makes her more credible and doesn’t reflect her true contempt for Zimmerman.

  5. I bet Guy has pooped his shorts by now, the BURDEN of PROOF has been put back on the STATE so the jury clearly understands it is their burden, NOT the defenses.

    Whether Guy understands or not he needs to explain w/facts, not speculation remains to be seen. I hope he is TOO ashamed to scream profanities & yell again for his performance. I hope the ENTIRE team for the State understands how MOM has dismantled their speculation & REMINDED the jury, GZ gets the benefit, NOT the State.

    From BDLR’s expressions, he’s pissed! It’s never too late for BDLR to act an a$$.

  6. a friend just texted me who lives in area, saying that Click Orlando was banned from courthouse. Dont know why tho (I dont)

  7. LOL she’s STILL delusional. Will be in denial right up to the acquittal.

  8. After final closing, it would be great if the jury went back to deliberate and 15 minutes later came back with a not guilty verdict.

  9. George Zimmerman trial: Where’s WKMG-Channel 6’s Tony Pipitone?

    WKMG was banned from the building, said Rachel Cosgrove, deputy courthouse public information officer.

    The reason?

    “The WKMG helicopter followed and possibly filmed jurors from the courthouse to their destination yesterday. Their courtroom credentials have been revoked while this matter is under review,” said Michelle Kennedy, court services administrator/PIO.


  10. Will there be surrebuttal from the Defense? I hope so.

    NO BODY believes GZ shot “TM because he WANTED to!” Outrageous, insulting, & a LIE imo.

    Guy has been deflated before he started, at times he tries the lay preacher delivery, but then he yelled. LOL!

  11. Ken Dolls close sounds like the essay you wrote in school when you didn’t read the book… All BS with no facts.

    • The State must prove the George Zimmerman INTENTIONALLY committed an act or acts that caused the death of Trayvon Martin.

      I think the only impression the State has made on the jurors as far as proving intent are the epithets Zimmerman uttered during his NEN.

    • Only if you’re devoid of critical thinking and don’t know the difference between evidence and pure conjecture.

  12. Bill Sheaffer stated “Guy should have given the entire closing argument.”

    imo, I was unimpressed w/Guy. He was still light on the facts, he is still speculating too much.

    I HOPE BDLR sucked up the negative press locally & nationally on his performance yesterday.

  13. Ethics violation:

    “would mister stay puff, mister softy over there”


    (d) engage in conduct in connection with the practice of law that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, including to knowingly, or through callous indifference, disparage, humiliate, or discriminate against litigants, jurors, witnesses, court personnel, or other lawyers on any basis, including, but not limited to, on account of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, employment, or physical characteristic;

  14. Zimmerman Lawyers Were Once Supporters Of Judge Who Has Knocked Them About Florida Courtroom

    Nelson, who was admitted to the Florida bar in 1979, earns around $142,000 as a Circuit Court judge (likely far less than what she would make in private practice). In a financial disclosure form filed last year with Florida’s Department of State, Nelson–seen above in her official court portrait–reported that her net worth was nearly $574,000.


    I was surprised to see that Judge N makes less than Corey & BDLR, bth make about $ 150,000.00 per yr. plus benefits.

  15. Yep on Myfoxorlando, they show live and there is some KIDS, one looks abt less that 5 yrs old SMH

    • mimi – did you remember who Jim Litchenstien was from KC’s case? I thought I saw him in the court room when the camera panned over his way one day. I wonder if he is working on producing something for this case?

      • Yes, I remb him and he was in the courtroom towards the latter part of trial. I follow him on twitter. He was in FL for the latest on KC case and I think he just decided to hang over for GZ trial. He is a hoot on twitter. Not sure if he is going to do anything on this. I will post if I see him say anything. He moved to CA from Chicago not long after the KC trial. He still does all the stuff dealing with her.

  16. WFTV compared Jose Baez’s closing & MOM’s closing. MOM used at least 2 of the same techniques which became popular w/Defense Attorney’s after KC was found not guilty. The techniques were no doubt successful.

    MOM used the same technique of going through each witness w/their photo & paraphrasing their testimony as Baez did all of the witness pictures in that case.

    MOM used the VERY same visual aid on Burden of Proof as Baez/Mason used in Court except Mason’s was a bit larger, but they had 12 jurors since it was a capitol case as opposed to only 6 jurors in this case.

    imo, the techniques are effective, I would assume the jury appreciated them as well.

    Sheaffer again stated: “HAD the State NOT used the self serving statements of GZ, the re-enactment, Hannity video, etc., this case would look differently.”

    No doubt IF the State hadn’t screwed up, GZ would have likely been forced to take the stand as there would have been no one to tell his entire story as he told it in the re-enactment & on Hannity, there would have only been bits & pieces by some that testified as to GZ’s statements, but Osterman told most of his story. The Defenses job would have been much harder than it was.

    23% predict guilty
    76% not guilty
    1 % doesn’t know

  17. Nettles, what was that statement GZ made about seeing a car pulling away or something when he first spotted TM, and how that was part of his suspicions? I can’t quite remember it.

    • George recalled a car backing up that he had to go around as he saw TM in Frank’s front lawn. I’d have to look at the transcripts again, but he told one of the officers that within 72 hours of the event.

      All of GZ statements to police came within 3 days of the event.

  18. I can’t believe it’s taking the jury this long when the State showed no proof of M2 or Manslaughter. It’s not a positive sign to me.

      • I hope so as well…. thankfully B67 (I think) is in there, so maybe the worse thing that could happened would be a hung jury.

      • nomorebsplease – didn’t MOM ask the identities of the jurors be protected after the verdict?

        Does anyone remember if Judge N decided how long? If a juror wanted to speak out they would be free to do so, but if they decide “not guilty,” & they choose to speak out, they may put themselves at risk it would seem.

  19. One of the things that would strike me as a juror is where exactly was Trayvon living. The jury sees his natural parents in the court room every day Tracy and Sybrina. Yet it has been brought before them that Trayvon was in Sanford and staying in his father’s girlfriens apartment. Do they think that Tracy and Sybrina were still married and together, but Tracy was cheating on Sybrina? The jurors know nothing about Alicia at all.

  20. I have been a very vocal advocate for George’s choice of attorney’s. So much so that I have been testy at times with the slamming of his choice. George’s choice of what attorney would represent him was his alone to make. We were all on pins and needles the other day when we thought he may insist on testifying on the stand. Chip Bennett posted the other day that he was so disgusted that O’Mara said in a presser that he didn’t want to disrespect the Martin family. OK. When I read the presser O’Mara did today, after the jury was in deliberations, I was so damn disgusted, wanted to puke, and felt that I had all been raped by Mark O’Mara. His presser was the most disgusting thing I think I have ever read in my life, bar none. I do believe that O’Mara did what he could to defend his client in the beat way he could against a defense hostile judge. But to say that he has respect for Nelson is a stretch I can’t accept. In actuality, it wasn’t O’Mara that got beaten about the head from Nelson, it was West. O’Mara hung West out to dry. Can’t believe I’m saying this but, that is how I see it. Hopefully West will represent GZ in the future, on his own.

    • No need to alienate the Judge. She is the judge in George’s case against NBC.

      He took her on when he needed to. Going to the higher court about Crump’s deposition. It’s critical to be effective, and not burn bridges George is going to need.

    • Fake for sure, I watched it before some fool doctored it, the voice and volume are not right, and yeah it is seems he is talking about schedule and time matters.

      • The reason I pointed it out is because the toxicology/marijuana “issue” was mentioned in Sundance’s latest “bash O’Mara and everyone that doesn’t agree with him” blog post. For someone that talks about truth and “intellectual honesty” he sure does lie and misrepresent things a lot.

    • Yes, it’s doctored. On AJ’s version, the sound cuts out. See the 1:29:50 minute.

      When Dr. Di Maio testified and they decided they weren’t going to ask about the marijuana, the Judge sought George’s acknowledgement of that. He told her he was aware and he agreed with the pared down testimony of the expert. See 1:55:15 mark.

      George has the last word on his defense, as it should be.

  21. There is massive irony in George not being able to present trevons text messages because he could have been speaking in code yet the very same court revoked George’s bond for having the audacity to speak in code

  22. Team O’Mara/West/Truett did a great job with this trial, given all the challenges thrown at the team.

    If the jury follows the law, it will be an acquittal. If they follow their emotions, then there is nothing this team could have done to change it. Emotions aren’t on George’s side.

    I feel really good about this. With the help of Robert Hirschhorn, George got a jury who promised to follow the law. I predict an acquittal.

  23. When the jurors asked to stop at 6pm I thought that was a good sign. Perhaps they already have a verdict and wanted to sleep on it. Had there been work to do to arrive at a consensus this push ahead jury would have stayed until as late as the Judge would have allowed them to. I’m hoping to hear there is a verdict tomorrow.

    • They also support freeing Jahar (Boston bomber), Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and #UniteBlue. I’m not a democrat or liberal, but I would think true democrats and liberals would be cringing that these people (nutjobs) claim to be on the same side as them. It’s like having a rabid racist professing to be a republican or a conservative.

  24. Piers Morgan is a shock jock intent on dumbing down his audience. Best to avoid him and not encourage the media conglomerates.

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